How to Spot Fake Hey Dudes? Know Before You Buy [2024]

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Though hey dudes are well-known worldwide, they are cost-effective and stylish. They made their recognition by delivering such comfort and outlook.

The amazing fact is Hey dudes launched their company in 2008 and within a few years, it became one of the best choices in the fashion world.


So it’s common for sellers to replicate their style with a low budget and down-quality materials. It’s quite challenging to spot the duplicate one. To avoid this trap, you must sketch out all the outlines of hey dudes.

Well, I’m here to lead you on the right path.

Now keep reading to learn about all possible ways to spot the fake hey dudes and shop like a pro!

How to Spot Fake Hey Dudes?

It’s not an easy process to find out the absolute one in between the real and fake hey dudes. You have to be a little conscious at times of buying.

Well, the real hey dude shoes are fabulous to wear.

Hey dudes are famous worldwide for their comforts and flexibility; along with the amenities, these stylish shoes match every casual or formal attire.

Moreover, the outlook and the materials are super-manufactured in an authentic hey dudes. Even these methods are so accurate that the replica shoes can’t copy them.

To spot the fake hey dudes, you must consider these facts:

  • Avoid discount sales for hey dudes. Discount is a major scamming trick that is used by fraud.
  • Try to purchase from the authentic website of hey dudes. There you may find the different categories of dude shoes.
  • Skip those websites which have spelling mistakes in the brand name.
  • Scan before ordering from eBay or The scammer often uses these platforms to spread the trap.
  • Check the warranty and return policy of the products you are going to order. Check out the refund policy too.

Another significant fact to spot the fake hey dudes is through review methods. You can post the link or image of your ordering dude shoes on social platforms like Reddit or Quora.

You will find all the authentic information about it within hours.

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What Are The Actual Differences Between Real And Fake Hey Dudes?

Comparing the providing features, separating the real hey dudes is a little harsh. But If you know the proper differences between fake and real pairs of hey dudes, the identification process will be super easy.

If you wear the real hey dudes once, you will feel the ultimate flex and comfort inside your shoes. Dudes are just outstanding in providing their best performance while walking.

You may find the same outlook for the fake hey dudes, but they won’t give incredible outputs like the real ones.

So before buying, it’s essential to know their actual distinctions. Let me represent all those features that split them.

Here are the features of a real hey dudes:

Quality material

The primary difference between the real and fake hey dudes starts from the material. The fake dudes are hard inside, and the included upper  breathability is not upgraded.

They will hurt your feet and may lead to blisters and soreness.

On the contrary, real dudes are soft and breathable as they are made of high-quality fabric, textile or canvas-type elements. These fabric materials are stretchy and protective, including a smooth texture.


If you notice correctly, the cushioning method will recognize the real hey dudes. The original hey dudes added memory foam cushioning, which is soft and shock-absorbing.

Also, the plain lining of real dudes will reduce the chance of ankle-paining issues. You will easily spot the fake shoes as they will not fit your feet properly.

The original ones will provide you with the ultimate comforts, whereas the fake ones will prevent your toes from moving freely.

Flexibility and Fittings

Flexibility is another elegance you will find in hey dudes.

The duplicate dudes will be unable to ensure the best durability and flexes. The midsoles of the replicas are not delicate, and they won’t bend much as they are stiff.

However, the real dudes are fragile because the light memory midsole consists of EVA foam. You can check their flexibility by bending the midsole from the center point.


On another side, the replicas won’t be bendable and rigid and lack memory foam midsoles.

Hey dudes are just outstanding in fitting in. they will be the comfy ones in your regular wardrobe, like any casual sandals where the fake dudes are tight and uncomfortable.

Both fake and real dudes have laces to make them snug and fit with feet. These laces are gentle to tie up the dudes.  You will find a rubber band inside the real dudes, which may help to find the perfect fittings and flexibility.

The replica duds must be erotic with the shape of your feet; thereby, the real dudes are appropriate with any shape and form of feet.


The genuine hey dude shoes will be super lightweight.

You will feel like wearing a pair of casual socks when you wear authentic dude shoes.

On the other hand, the fake ones will feel heavy as they were made of low-quality elements and methods. The authentic hay dudes will weigh only 5 ounces.

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Pricing and Packaging

Suppose you are finding hey dudes at $15 or $14!

Won’t it feel surprising? Whereas the real hey dudes will cost you 40-50 dollars, thereby, the fake hey dude will provide you with cheap brand new shoes at extreme discounts.

It’s a trick of cheating the customer. To avoid this issue, you must purchase from an authentic shop.

Packaging is a significant fact in identifying fake dude shoes.

The authentic hey dudes have the logo printed concentrated box and the casual packaging. Thereby the copied dudes are packaged in low-quality boxes without logos.

So be very careful before ordering or purchasing your loveable hey dudes.

Check the Official Website

Well, you know all the detailed features to justify the real and the fake ones. But you must remember another thing before buying a new pair of hey dude. Checking the authenticity of the website you’re about to buy.

In a straight line, it’s much safer to buy hey dudes from the official websites. The official websites are authentic to purchase and will save you from being scammed or cheated.

Moreover, the price range will be accurate, and the product quality will be perfect, like the provided picture on the websites.

So, do shop from the official websites of hey dudes!

Do Fake Hey Dudes have a Warranty?

No! You may not find the warranty process exists for a duplicate hey dudes.


You will get 60 days of warranty if you purchase from any authentic website or pages of hey dudes. However, they won’t extend the contract if you return the real hey dudes after purchasing.

You can return the product if you find any faults or destructive issues without paying any further charge.

All you have to do is have a valid mail address in customer service, and they will maintain the process through the company authority. Remember, the company will provide you with their actual products.

Can You Return Fake Hey Dudes?

Obviously! You must return the hey dude shoes if you get any damaged or impaired products.

Any well-established and reputed brand will provide you with the ultimate return policy. Even those companies will refund you if your product is not like the ordered one.

You can return the products within 30 days of working days and may exchange the shoes for new ones. But you have to be sure the products are not damaged or odor-free. The return policy will be easy and free of any cost.

Hey dudes will maintain the refund policy after returning the products, and you will pay back your money in 14 days unless you exchange the product.

Only for the Final category sales product won’t be returned or refunded.

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Closing Line

Fake dudes are selling on scam websites or fake websites to get you in a trap. There is only one way to escape from this.

Know every detail about the real and the fake dudes, like the material differences or how they feel when wearing. I explained all those to make the process easier for you.

Now you can shop smarter than before.

You may ask questions in the comment section if you face further trouble. Hope this article will help you to assist your goal.

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