How To Dry Boots In Dryer : Most Effortless Methods [2024]

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Have you faced a situation when unwillingly you have to wear a wet and squeaky pair of boots despite drying it overnight?

Are you in search of the easiest and foolproof ways of drying your boots in a dryer?

Now the hunt is over! With my sleepless nights of researching and after a few trials and errors, I have found the best and effective ways by which you can quickly dry your boots in a dryer.

So why wait? Keep reading the entire article and discover how to dry boots in a

How To Dry Boots In Dryer?

A pair of wet boots is a big no for your feet; the damp feeling makes your feet very uncomfortable to walk, as well as it increases the growth of bacteria, leading to smelly feet.

So to dry the wet boots, many of us often use a dryer. But do you know the proper way of drying boots in the dryer? If not, then this article will be the ultimate savior to you because here I have explained all the steps following which you can quickly dry your boots in the dryer.

But before I move to the drying process, you need to ensure your boots are cleaned because most of you make the mistake of drying your dirty boots in the dryer, which ultimately ruins your boots.

So firstly, let’s see how to clean the wet boots:

  1. Remove the shoelaces and wash them separately with detergent powder.
  2. If your boot’s soles are removable, then take them out, wash them and dry them out in sunlight.
  3. Wash your boots with a liquid detergent to remove the dirt and grimes, and then wipe the excess water with a towel.

Now let’s proceed to the process of drying boots in the dryer.

Drying boots in the dryer is a pretty simple process. However, the clanking noise while your boots dry can make you go insane; for this reason, I have included some tips and tricks following which you can dry your boots without any noise.

Here are the steps following which you can dry your boots in a dryer without any banging sound:

  1. To avoid the clanging sound, tie all four bootlaces together in a double knot and hang the boots by their laces from the dryer door. Let me explain to you in detail, open the door of the dryer and hold the boots by their double knots.
  2. Pull the laces up until the boots are in the center of the dryer door. Pull the bootlaces outside and top of the door and slowly shut the dryer door.
  3. Now plug the dryer into the electrical outlet, set the temperature to a low setting, and start the dryer.
  4. Once your boots become dry, unplug the dryer, take the boots out of the machine, and untie the knots.

And you are good to wear a dry and crisp pair of boots.

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How To Dry Boots Without a Dryer?

So what will you do if you don’t have a dryer? Will you wear wet and smelly boots? No chance!

You can still dry your boots but this time not with a dryer but with some exciting and handy pieces of equipment. The cherry on top is that all these tools are very cheap and mostly present at your home.

Here are the methods following which you can dry your boots without a dryer:

Method 1: Use Newspaperuse-newspaper

Who said you could only read the newspaper, surprisingly newspaper is one of the most effective methods for drying boots.

All you need is a stack of newspapers. Scrunch a few newspaper pieces into a ball and pack the inside of the wet boots with the newspaper ball. Leave the boots out in the sun or let them sit overnight to become dry.

The paper ball will soak all the moisture and make the boots fully dry.

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Method 2: Use Towel

Take out a wet towel from your cupboard and start the drying process. Firstly, remove the boot laces and leave them in sunlight for drying.

Meanwhile, insert one side of the towel inside the boot, and with another corner, wrap the entire boot. Repeat the same with the other boot.

Now leave the boots for at least 6-8 hours in an airy place for drying. If you notice the towel becomes all wet, then take another dry towel and again wrap the boots in it.

The towel is an absorbent fabric, so it can draw out the excess moisture from the boots and make them dry.

Method 3: Use Hair Dryeruse-hair-dryer

A hairdryer is very handy and removes the moisture from the wet boots very fast.

Start the method by removing the boot’s insoles and shoestrings and leave them out in the air for drying. By taking them out, your boots will dry very quickly.

Now take your hairdryer and set it to a warm temperature. In a back and forth motion, blow the air inside the boots. Make sure you don’t hold the dryer in one place for a long time, or else you can burn the boots. Also, don’t hold the hair dryer too close to the boots.

Method 4: Use A Fan

Probably this method is the one where you don’t have to do any work; the fan itself will do its magic.

Take an S shaped hook and hang the boots to it. Place the fan in front of the boots and turn it on.

Put a towel below the boots to avoid any mess.

This process may take an entire night to dry the boots. So hang in the boots before the fan and go to sleep; the following day, you will see your boots are crisp.

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Method 5: Use Rice

Drying boots using rice sounds interesting right? You will be utterly surprised with the outcome.

Take a bucket that can hold your boots and fill it with rice.

Now place your wet boots into the rice and wait for a few hours.

After 5-6 hours, you will notice your boots are water-free because rice soaked all the moisture from them.

And you are good to wear the boots.

Things To Remember

Before you use any of the methods for drying your boots, there are some precautions that you should keep in mind. Let’s see what they are:

  • Before you put your boots in the dryer, make sure they are dryer friendly or not. Check the boots label and see if the boots are safe to dry in the machine.
  • While setting the temperature, never put the temperature too high. Extreme heat can shrink the boots and even burn them. So make sure the temperature of the dryer is set to a minimum.
  • Don’t put your boots in the dryer with the clothes. This can maximize the time it dries and also makes your clothes dirty.
  • Drying boots in a dryer expands the life of boots, so always try to dry them in a dryer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you dry boots in the clothes dryer?

Yes, you can dry boots in the clothes dryer. However, you need to follow the proper method and know the exact setting if you want to dry the boots in the clothes dryer. If you don’t follow the correct technique, you can damage your boots as well as the dryer.

Can you dry shoes in the oven?

No, you cannot dry shoes in the oven. The adhesive is used in the shoes, and excessive heat of the oven can melt them and ultimately ruin your shoes. So don’t ever dry shoes in the oven.

Will wet shoes dry overnight?

It depends on how wet your shoes are. If your shoes are slightly damp, then leaving them in an airy place overnight can make the shoes dry. However, if your shoes are all drenched in water, then you need to dry them in a dryer.


Why wear a smelly and wet pair of boots when there is a dryer which can dry your boots in seconds. Drying boots in a dryer following the correct methods and taking proper precautions not only makes your boots crisp but also increases their lifespan.

I hope this article answered all your questions. If this article was helpful to you, then please leave your valuable opinion in the comment box.

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