Are Work Boots Business Casual? [Mystery Solved]

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I heard you’re confused about wearing work boots with your business casual attires?

Don’t worry! I’ve got your back. Being a heavy user myself, I know a thing or two.

I’ll give you all the tips and tricks regarding this issue, which will enable you to rock this particular style.are-work-boots-business-casual
So, let’s get to the point, then: Are work boots business casual?

No, work boots are not business casuals. They’re way too casual to be in this category. However, some models are similar to that of dress boots that can be used as business casuals. Apart from dress boots, Chelseas and Chukkas are considered perfect for this style.

Don’t be disappointed, it’s not the end of the world. I’ve solutions that’ll make your day. So, better keep on reading.

What Is Business Casual?

While the name sounds relatively casual and straightforward, but trust me, it’s not! It’s often been the case of a lot of confusion and humiliation for workers from time to time.

While many pull it off like a pro, others fail to implement it properly. That’s mainly due to the failings of proper knowledge and guidance. I guess improper research plays a part, too.

But, you won’t have to worry as I’ll explain exactly what it is. So, what is business casual?

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Business casual is a style that you can say is a combination of formal and casual attire. In other words, you’re in a casual dress but are formal enough to be in an office.

As seen in the past, the definition varies from place to place, so does the attire. But, the most popular business casual attires include khaki pants, slacks, short-sleeved polo shirts, shirts with collars (excluding necktie), and dress boots in particular.

But, no law says you need to wear the items mentioned above to style in business casual. Just know the gist of the style and wear whatever you want. That’s what I’d suggest.

Are Work Boots Business Casual?-Answered

Let me into you a secret;  when I first heard the word Business Casual, I thought it was doing business in a casual way. You know, relaxed meetings, presentations, etc. I had no idea that it was a style. 

Can you blame me? I mean, i was so young and naive. But, that’s all gone now! And, I know exactly what business casual is. And as a result, you’ll be benefited. Doesn’t it sond great? Just kidding! Let’s go on with the show. 

When it comes to this particular fashion, the automatic shoe of choice is the dress boots, loafers/Oxfords come next and the list goes on.

But, unfortunately work boots do not make the grade according to some well know stylists and obviously me. They’re too bulky (as they should be) and does not have that fashion factor within then.

Obviously there are exceptions! But, should they be counted? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

As for me, shoes for business casual should be casual with a formalish vibe to it. Not, an action vibe like the ones in work boots. But hey! Don’t be disheartened. If you really want to wear them for your business casual attires, then do it!.

After all, we live in a democracy. If you really want to do it, then choose wisely. The last thing you’d want is a fashion disaster infront of your colleagues.

If you ask for my advice, then I’d say a pair of Chelsea Boots or Dress boots, Monk Straps are in demand too. So, choose wisely.

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Are Boots Okay For Business Casual? are-boots-okay-for-business-casual

A big yes. Boots are perfect for business casual. You won’t believe it, but people prefer boots more than loafers or moccasins for business casual. And, dress boots are at the very top of the list, followed by chelsea boots and monk straps.

Any kind of leather work boots should be just fine. Business casual means you can wear almost any casual dress, it’s just that you’ve to be presentable.

Loafers and moccasins are considered the ultimate footwear for this style, but boots have made a coomanding place for themselves. Chukka, Chelsea, and dress boots are the top choices.

Personally, I love pairing Chelsea boots with my business casual attires. Not only they blend in effortlesslybut also they give you a sleek and stylish appearance.

Most of my colleagues really appreciate it.  As an alterative, I wear Bluchers. They’re subtle, elegant and most impotatnly safe. People will hardly notice they aren’t formals, unless looked into with hawk eyes.

I go into the office with neatly pressed khakis or gabardines, along with a pressed button-down shirt with a pair of Chelsea or Bluchers. And, a sweater from time to time depending on the outside temperature.

It’s aproven method, which won’t let you down.

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Which Work Boots Are Okay For Business Casual attires?

So, We’re here at somewhat contradictory segment of the article. Which boots are suitable for business casual? That’s an interesting question and it really got me thinking, which led to endless hours of  research.

And, gues what? There’s good news.  I did stumble across soome work boots, which will suit with business casual attires nicely.

As I mentioned earlier, there are some specific boots that are good enough for the the job. Work Boots like, Allen Edmond Higgin Mills are an excellent choice.  You can also take a look at Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boots.

The ones mentioned above are the types of work boots you can pair with your business casual attires. You can also look at some cowboy boots with a formal touch. Western boots are really trendy these days.

Roper boots are the prime example of work boots that you can wear with this style. Stockman boots can also be a good idea. In short, gofor the ones which are subtle and not over powering.

Avoid the big-bulky ones.They’re best suited at the field, not inside the office room.

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Top-5 Places That Support  Business Casual

This trending style has become so popular that people tend to wear it when they get the chance that includes me, too. But, there’s a time and place for everything right?

Keeping that in mind, I’ve made a list of the most appropriate places where you can rock in your business casual attires.


Here are the places that support business casual:

1. Agencie Business

If you work in agencies like a consultancy, then your appearance is the first thing clients will notice. The knowledge is a given. Your dress should reflect your confident consultancy. Business casuals are are very popular as you won’t  have to do grueling presentations or long meetings. An elegant business casual attire with your expert knowledge should hook your clients in a jiffy.

2. Education sector

If you’re a professor or an assistant (to a professor), you’ll need to spend long hours in office like environments. Hence, this style is quite suited to these kind of places. Students really appreciate a teacher with a good dressing sense.

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3. Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is a tough place. You need to survive on the basis of your fashion sense and creativity. Therefore, business casual with a touch of your creativity will really make a difference and will be highly appreciated.

Your combination can even get a big break! As people are always looking for something new. Just keep tabs with the upcoming trends.

4. Tech Industry

Business casual is a booming trend in this industry. Gone are those days where engineers or tech experts would solely focus on the job. Dress sense matters now!

Did you notice Steve Jobs (May He Rest In Peace) or Mark Zuckerbrg? That’s right!

5. Finance Industry

Finance officers coming to the office in executive suits is a dying breede. Business casual is the new sherrif in town. Need I to say more?

Top 5 Shoes For Business Casual

The footwear can make or break your entire getup. Therefore, it’s highly important you get your shoes/boots right. Since I’m here, you won’t have toworry. I’ve made a list of the best footwear that’ll complement your business casula attires perfectly.


Here are the top five shoes for business casual:


If I’m not wrong, it all began with loafers. They’re fromal combined with casual, perfect for this specific style. I still remember the time when people went crazy over this footwear, and rightfully so! They made a huge impact.

Combine a pair of brown/black loafers with neatly pressed button down shirt and a chino. There’re other combinations butthis one will be evergreen.

Dress Boots

Dress Boots have made quite a name for themselves haven’t they? This versatile footwear is dynamic enough to go with anything, including business casual. I’ve got three pairs of these beaties.

Chelsea Boots

My personal favorite! I just came from an event wearing a pair of Chelseas before sitting down to write fro you. Such is my love for these stylish footwear. They’ve the effectiveness to complement nearly any outfit.

They’re simple yet sophisticated. Want to know the style I put on for that event? Business casual. Need I to say more?

If you don’t have a pair, get one now! You’ll thank me later.


While chukkas make a perfect partener for business casual, not all of them are upto the mark. There’re casual ones, while there are the dressier ones. I’d prefer the later.

Chukka boots made from leather or suede complement business casual attires immaculately. Try to pick neutral colors like brown, tan or black (foolproof).

As for the soles, avoid the chunky ones. Slim rubber or leather soles should be just right.

Oxford Shoes/Boots

There’s a widespread belief that oxford shoes are tailor-made for formal dress. However, I’d beg to differ! You just have to know how to dress up properly. It’s all about implementation, my friend.

While there’re no such beliefs regarding the boots, but they’re so good. A neatly pressed chino with a button down shirt backed up by an over coat with the footwear being Oxford boots will kill.

They’re so good that’s why I couldn’t help but mention the both of them.

What To Wear For Business Casual

When the theme is business casual there’re certain things you need to keep in mind. You wouldn’t want to be the black sheep now, would you?

Just so you don’t mess it up or you’re looking for ideas, I’ve listed down the dresses you can/should wear for business casual. Don’t worry ladies, I didn’t forget you. Wink

 Here’s what men should wear for business casual:

To start things off, you’ll need good quality chinos or slacks with nearly pressed button down shirts. As for the footwear, you can go with dress shoes or boots. This is considered the funadamentals for men.

Other things include cotton or woolen pants (pressed), sweaters, long sleeve shirts (neatly ironed), leather shoes/boots, and belts ( brown or black). Also, keep a good selection of ties.

As for winter you can go with trucker jackets, gray coats with black turtle necks, short ankle pants paired with brown boots. Stylish long coats really make a difference, people take notice.

Now that we’re done with the men, it’s time for all you lovely ladies out there.

 Here’s what women should wear for business casual:

For starters, go with good quality blouse, dress slacks with closed-toe shoes. You can also wear a combination of classy twinset, skirts and hosiery. You can add a nice coat if you want.

Sandals or peep-toe shoes (not all places). Flip flops? Avoid them maybe?

Conservative-length skirts is a good choice too. Nice khakis and twill pants should have a place in your wardrobe, along with professional sheath silhouette.

As for colder temperatures, you can go with cotton, corduroy pants. Sweaters, cardigans, elegant long coats, and ankle length boots. You can add woolen bean hats if you want.

Make sure the colors are solid, and the combinations are spot on.

Things You Should Avoid

When it comes business casual outfits people often get it wrong. And, some of the outfit people put on are nothing but horrendous. Fashion disaster will be an understatement.

Yeah, I know you love your favorite old T-shirt but that’s a big no no. You need keep in mind the “business” part of this style and avoid certain clothes. Yeah, your favorite ripped jeans too.

Remember, it’s all about being casual in a presentable way. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to walk into your office in a T-shirt with big ambiguous logos and your feet covered in funky sneakers, would you?

As for the ladies, skip anything that’s too tight, short, and flowing. Also, avoid anything that’s low cut.

Dear men, don’t forget to shave or go without a belt. It’s a humble request. Forget the flip flops, too. And most importantly, your cloths should be clean, have a nice fit and be well pressed.

Parting Thoughts

In my eyes, proper work boots should not be worn with business casual attires. However, you can go with the ones that are made of leather with little sprinkle of formal.

This style is all about implementation, and there are lots of other fottwear to do the job for you. That’s all for now today. I’d really appreciate it, if you’d enlighten me with some thing different (if there’s any). And, don’t hesitate to makeany kind of queries. Takecare

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