Does Converse Make Your Feet Look Huge? [2024 Update]

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There’s no denying that Converse shoes are a staple for a large portion of the youngsters. In fact, they are loved and worn by people of all ages and genders.

But, I often hear people talking about how big their feet look when they wear their pair of converse.


So, is it true? Does Converse make your feet appear wider and bigger than they actually are?

Yes, Converse does make your feet appear bigger and fatter, especially for people who have comparatively wide feet in general. However, if your feet are small in general, then Converse tends to make them look even smaller than they are. So, it mainly depends on the type of your feet.

So, why does Converse create this perception of making big feet look bigger and small feet look smaller? Keep reading till the end to find out!

Why Do Your Feet Look Big And Fat In Converse?

Converse shoes have a unique design that is brilliantly versatile and can complement almost any outfit. Just take a pair of Converse to vacation, and you’re good to go!

But it’s a problem when you don’t feel good in them – or more like, when your feet don’t look good in them.

Instead, they look fat and huge.

But why does this happen?

This happens because you have generally wider feet.

Yes, you read that right. When you have wider feet, it is likely that you get the wrong size of Converse for yourself – meaning that the size you buy, depending on the width of your feet, is a size too big for you.

As a result, your feet end up looking bulky and fat.

Now that wouldn’t normally be a problem, but the design of Converse plays a big role in why your feet look fat in them.

Converse shoes were designed in such a way that along the length of the shoe, it gets slightly narrower, and the tip of the shoe points upwards.

The upwards bending of the front of the shoes is so visible that you can even see a gap between the floor and the front section when you look at it from the side.

So, if you have wide feet, you get a pair according to the width. As a result, you are buying a size bigger than what you need.

Hence, the upper portion and the pointing tip together make your feet look really big and kinda fat.

Now, that is not generally a problem, but most people prefer smaller-looking feet to larger-looking feet. As a result, many people with wider feet do not like how their feet look in Converse shoes.

Since you now know why your feet look big and fat in Converse shoes, what can you do about it?

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What To Do When Your Feet Look Big And Fat In Converse?

Now, your feet looking big in your Converse is not really a problem to be solved because it is not a problem in the first place.

It’s because of the social norms and a stereotype of liking a specific shape or size of feet is what’s making you feel that way.

But anyway, if you have to, there are a few things you can do if your feet look fat in your Converse, and I have listed them below.

Here are the things to do when your feet look big and fat in the converse:

Change The Size Of Converse You Are Buying

If your Converse makes your feet look too big or too fat, I think you should downsize and get yourself a pair of smaller sized Converse.change-the-size-of-converse-you-are-buying

Converse shoes are larger in size than regular shoes, so they run big. Hence, if you have wide feet, when you are getting yourself a pair of Converse, instead of sizing up, go half a size or a full size down instead of sizing up or getting your actual size.

The Converse you get then is going to be perfect for your feet since they are quite spacious on the inside as they are long and roomy.

Moreover, even if they feel slightly tight, as you keep wearing them, your feet will break in the shoes, and over time the fit will be right and comfortable for you.

Remember that Converse shoes are meant to have a snug fit instead of a loose and boxy fit.

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Don’t Judge Your Feet; Instead, Ask A Friend

Your inner self-consciousness may tell you that your feet look unrealistically big or fat in your Converse when in real life they don’t look big or fat to other people.

So, sometimes it’s best to not pay heed to what the voice inside your head is telling you and instead ask a friend or family about how you look.

You may be pleasantly surprised by their reaction to how normal in size and fabulous your feet look in your Converse.

Carry yourself with the confidence that you deserve because even when your feet look fat to you, they will look completely normal to an outsider.

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Move On With A Different Style

If you simply can’t make yourself like the way your feet look in Converse, and if you if sizing down doesn’t feel comfortable for you, then I’m afraid the best option for you is to try on something else.

There are many different styles and types of shoes on the market. It’s not necessary that just because everyone else wears Converse, you have to wear them too.

If they are not working out for you, then there’s no need to stress over it. Instead, try on a different style that complements your feet better.

Now that you know what you can do if Converse makes your feet look fat, let’s find out whether they are actually good for you or not.

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Is Converse Good For Wide Feet?

Even though converse are popular for its versatility, comfort and affordability, they can be quite uncomfortable as well.

Believe it or not, not everyone finds the infamous Converse comfortable.

In fact, many people with wide feet find Converse shoes quite uncomfortable.converse-good-for-wide-feet

So, if you have wide feet and find Converse uncomfortable, are they actually good for your feet or not?

Sadly, no, Converse is not good for people with wide feet. Most of the times when you size half a size or one size down, even if the shoe fits the rest of your feet, after breaking in the Converse, the width part of the shoe will not stretch.

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Since the shoe won’t stretch as much as needed on the midfoot width area, it will keep causing discomfort – and this is not good for the feet.

This happens because the material Converse is made from is not stretchy.

So, even after you wear them for some time, chances are the material will not stretch. As a result, the converse will not mold around your feet efficiently.

Instead, you’ll face another problem, which is difficulty in putting them on or taking them off.

However, there are some Converse styles that are different from the regular ones; they are designed especially for wide feet.

So, you can try them out if you are really into Converse but struggle with the width of your feet.


Despite their widespread popularity, Converse is not for everyone. Owing to their shape and design, they tend to make wide feet look disproportionally big.

Moreover, they can also be really uncomfortable for people with wide feet in general.

However, you can still try downsizing and trying them out to see what works out the best for you.

If you want to know which shoes are the best for wide feet, comment down below, and I’ll dig up all the information you need to know in a new article.

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