Do Vans Come in Wide? [Vans Sneakers for Wide Feet]

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Like hot cake after every brunch, Vans shoes go with every outfit you can think of. But does the same happen with those who have large feet?

If you have large feet, this thought will swipe through your mind.


In this write-up, I have gathered every nook and cranny of the versatile Vans sneakers, and if they have wide shoes to offer.

So, sit tight.

Do Vans Come in Wide Width?

Yes, Vans come in wide. The best part is the most popular models come in larger sizes, which is like dreams come true for many. Vans consider every portion of your foot, and the resemblance is evident in their product. So, no matter how wide, there is a pair of Vans for you.

You will get various styles of sneakers and slip-one as per your preference.

Moreover, you can customize your pair. There is a separate website named Customs Wide where you can personalize Vans according to your choice.

As a matter of fact, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, check Van’s return policy and see how long Vans takes to refund your money.

My younger sister has wider feet compared to me; she got Coutoms Flamingoes Checkerboard Authentic Wide. $90 for a custom sneaker! It’s a good deal, I say. And the pink details are eye-catching, for sure.


Now, you are thinking, are these wide shoes suitable for your feet? Don’t be anxious, the answer is coming right up.

Are Vans Good For Wide Feet?

Undoubtedly, Vans are 100% good whether you have wide feet. One of the fantastic facilities of Vans, except for wide shoe options, is their excellent features like the material, arch support, the stability of heels, and so on.

5 Reasons Why Vans  are Ideal for Large Feet:

1. Arch Support

One of the qualities you look for in a good shoe is the support it provides for your feet’s curves, and it’s a must for broad feet.

Vans sneakers have super supportive inner soles that guard your arches like a soldier. Notably, it can take the pressure your large feet put on your shoes.

The insoles of these adjustable sneakers are cushioned; thus, your huge feet stay well-rested and at ease.

2. Heel Stability

Another factor you want for your wide feet’s comfort is heel stability. The manufacturers of Vans made sure you are getting this advantage in full swing. Most of the shoes will save you from heel pain and foot ailment that comes from an unstable heel.

In the case of heel support, Vans perform better than running shoes. Quite an advantage, don’t you think?

This is another reason I got my versatile Old Skool in the first place. This unisex pair’s petite heel structure can handle extreme conditions like lifting.

3. Wide Toe Box

When you have the freedom to move your toes easily, your whole day’s experience gets better with the breathable upper.

In Vans broad shoes, your toes won’t get crushed because of body load.


You shift your weight to your toes and balls of your feet; with a spacious toe area, your leg fingers stay relaxed and comfortable even if you have wide leg features. This is why whenever I go shopping, I opt for my Vans.

4. Ankle Support

Vans are your best friend when it comes to supporting your ankle. These canvas-made shoes support your ankle like the four legs support a table.

Let’s discuss more on that.

These wide models’ low-top design ensures you have bare minimum contact with any surface. It doesn’t mean the high-top designs are any less supportive, and the insulated materials don’t make your feet sweaty, no matter how wide they are.


If you are into skateboarding or surfboarding, even with bigger feet, you will have the advantage of a supportive ankle and will be less prone to getting injured.

5. Adjustable Laces and Buckles

Vans manufacturers make sure you are comfortable in their robust and breathable sneakers. Hence, they provided adjustable shoelaces and velcro buckles with loops for wide feet.

For a person with wide feet, a new pair of Vans is hard to break in, and the modification options make it easier to attach any additional fittings.

3 Most Popular Vans Wide Sneakers

Vans have launched various models of shoes for people with large feet. Whether you are a low-top lover or a high-top, also if you are keener to snug-fitted sneakers, Vans got you covered with their various sizing.

Let’s see the most popular Vans Sneakers for wide feet:

1. Vans Authentic Shoes

Vans Authentic shoes are the perfect deck pair suitable for chubby feet.  The design doesn’t get crammed inside your shoe. Along with a variety of colors, this model provides flexibility like none.

My brother-in-law has wide feet, and by wide feet, I mean humongous. You can guess his struggle, as most shoes don’t fit him. This Christmas, I gifted him a pair of  Vans Black Authentic.

After trying Authentic, the smile on his face was priceless. He is in his early 40s, and seeing him rocking his Vans, I realized you are never too old to wear Vans.

You just need the proper model and color.

2. Vans Old Skool Sneakers

Vans old skool, with its spacious toe cap, supportive collars, and lightweight sole, makes an ideal choice for people with broad feet.

The loop and the hook closer give the wearer more space to adjust.

Old school has a padding-free design, and you can adjust your fit in this low-top shoe. So no matter how wide your feet are, these sneakers will fit you.

You can compare Vans Old Skool and Authentic to get your preferable pair.

3. Vans Platform Sneakers

Another model you can rock despite having wide feet is the Vans Platform Sneakers. This particular shoe comes in both lace-up and slip-on styles. The toe box is roomy, and you will have enough space to move your toes and ankles, no matter how huge your legs are.

Even with constant use, these platform shoes won’t hurt. This 1.5-inch Vans sneaker is comfortable and distributes your weight equally.


Limitations of Vans Sneakers for Wide Feet

With so many facilities, Vans shoes have limitations, especially for wide feet. Usually, most of the footwear from Vans is suitable for medium-width feet to small feet.

If you don’t have a broad foot, your Vans shoes will fit you just fine. But for extra big feet, these sneakers might be a bit tight—for example, the MET line.

The water-resistant MET shoes serve you in extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, mountain, sea, and so on. Vans made the MET line padded on both the inner and outer layers to achieve such strength. And this is where they need to catch up in sizing.

But the good news is, by overusing, these sneakers stretch a bit, and the adjustable shoelaces help in the process.


How Vans Slip-Ons Fit Wide Feet?

Though the Slip-On modes don’t have any laces or shoe buckles, the ankle gap and highly elastic materials ensure you can fit your wide feet without a hitch.

Do Vans Tennis Shoes Come in Wide?

Yes, tennis shoes from Vans come in wide, and the best part is they are available for both men and women in several models and colors—for instance, Era Core Classics.

Can Women With Wide Feet Wear Vans?

The unisex Van’s shoe width goes beyond gender, so women with broad feet can easily fit into these sneakers.

Are Vans Shoes Too Wide?

Vans shoes are not too broad. This company makes sneakers for narrow, medium-width, and large feet to serve all types of customers regardless of their feet structure.

Parting Thoughts

Whether you are an Old Skool fan or a Vans Platform, this company made sure you have no way to confront their customer service.

You can rock in Vans sneakers with your enormous foot and enjoy every feature an average person wants. From material to insole to different size options, Vans got you covered.

This is all about the unisex Vans wide shoes. For any queries, comment below.

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