Do Sperrys Run Big or Small [Fit That Talks to Your Feet]

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For your office formal party, you might decide to wear the classic Sperry boat shoes with your cropped khaki for a casual touch.

But as a new member of Sperrys world, it’s a common concern whether they run small or big.


In this write-out, I will disclose how these super comfy sneakers fit and what size you should buy to get the fit that talks to your feet.

So, to know the ropes, stay put.

Do Sperrys Shoes Run Big or Small?

Yes, Sperrys shoes run 1 or 2 US sizes big, especially in men’s. To get a precise fitting, it’s ideal to measure your feet’s size. How big your sneakers will be, depends on the style, as boat shoes tend to be larger compared to other models because of the leather material.

If you purchase a synthetic-made upper, your pairs will be the same, so buy your exact size.

So now the question arises, Do Sperrys Fit Big or Small?

Well, frankly speaking, Sperrys boat shoes, made with suede upper, run big. So, buy half or full-size smaller to have a snug fit. Leather tends to stretch overuse, that’s why a smaller size will be your proper fit. Luckily, if you have wide feet, your exact size will do just fine.

With Sperrys canvas shoes, they run small. So if you are into canvas boat shoes, buy half a size larger to get a snug fit.

To know whether you have to size up or down, check the Sperrys men’s and women’s sizing chart for a clear idea about this classic footwear.


If you love boat shoes, you can compare Sperrys Top-Siders with Sebaco Dockside and choose the best pair for you.

Are Sperrys Sneakers True to Size?

Along with Sperrys most popular boat shoes, they offer sneakers in different styles. These sneakers tend to run a bit narrow. But according to some buyers, they were a perfect fit. So you must measure your feet before purchasing any sneakers.

I have super narrow feet, therefore when I got my Sperry Women’s Shorefront LTT Sneaker in 8.5, they were a bit loose, the fit was perfect when I exchanged to size 8.


If you are on your feet for the most time even at work, Sperry Men’s Striper Ii CVO Nautical Sneaker is the best pair for you.

These washable 100% Nubuck sneakers are true to size, so without thinking too much, order your actual size.

You can change the full-length contoured footbed and won’t have any issue walking in these lightweight shoes as they are easy to slip on.

Do Sperrys Duck Boots Run Big or Small?

Sperrys Duck Boots run true to size. And if you have small feet, with thick woolen socks you will be able to enjoy the snug fit you want from any boots. For your toes’ free movement, these boots come with a roomy foot box.

I own Sperry Women’s Saltwater Core Boots and before getting them, I was a bit optimistic. So I checked Amazon’s review, and this comment got me hooked.

“I bought a 10 which is my normal size for boots and athletic shoes and they fit perfectly. I have worn them with a semi thick sock with my leggings without issue. If you plan to wear it with thick wool socks, I would definitely go up a size”

This review proves how perfectly these boots fit, “I’m usually an 8.5 but every 8.5 I order I size up, these are perfection in sizing. Get them, don’t hesitate.”

There are various designs that are equally stylish and fit true to size. My sister-in-law recently got the cute and comfy, Sperry Women’s Saltwater Rain Boots.

She is a fan of leopard prints, so it was a bolt from the blue situation for her. And she knew how loose her duck boots needed to be. And as they fit her perfectly, she was over the moon.

This all-weather boot has a rubber duck shell that saves your legs from moisture. The rawhide barrel lacing with rust-proof eyelets and the zipper is the added bonus. And many people think that Sperrys are waterproof, but that’s not entirely true, you can say they are water friendly.

How Do Sperrys Fit Compared To Nike?

Compared to the famous sneaker brand Nike, Sperrys appears 1 or 2 sizes bigger in Men’s section, in the meanwhile, Women’s shoes are only half a larger. If you are a US 9 for Nike shoes, get a 7 for your Sperrys.

Similarly, for your girl, 0.5 sizes smaller shoes. For instance, if she is a 6.5, buy her a 6 Sperrys. It will fit her like a glove, with or without socks.

The fun and convenient part is, this sizing scheme is exactly the same with other brands like Keds and Vans, one of the most comfortable sneakers out there.


Do You Size Down in Sperrys?

If you are into leather Sperrys buy a half-size down, as they stretch. In the case of synthetic materials, stay true to size; they won’t change their shape.

Are Sperrys Supposed to Be Tight?

Sperrys shoes are not too tight or not too loose. They are snug enough to fit you in a way that you can wiggle your toes comfortably.

Do Sperrys Shrink When They Get Wet?

No, when Sperrys shoes get wet, they expand in size and shrink after drying. These two reactions will result in a unique, tailor-made feel.

Parting Thoughts

Whether you need to go up or down with your Sperrys sneakers depends on the style you are going for. Boat shoes tend to run big, conversely, Duck boots are true to size.

Your feet measurement is also very important as the same pair will fit differently for tiny narrow and wide feet.

This is everything about the elegant Sperrys footwear, for any additional queries, comment below.

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