Do Ecco Shoes Come In Wide? [Know How They Fit]

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When it comes to buying comfortable Ecco shoes, you should consider their size & fit along with other user-friendly features.

Having different opinions about its sizing, some people claim the shoes appear tight, and others claim the shoes are helpful for wide feet.


Quite a confusing standpoint, right?

So, let’s find out about Ecco shoes’ actual size and get the right fit!

Do Ecco Shoes Come in Wide Toe Boxes?

Yes, Ecco manufactures regular wide and extra wide shoes for its customers. The shoes offer roomy toe boxes but a snug fit from the heel forward to the instep. Consequently, you will get more space in these shoes than usual, and the toes won’t feel cramped inside the shoes.

Generally, toes have a natural spreading tendency at the time of walking. It’s not a big issue for people with normal feet.

But the toes of wide feet owners are more expanded than normal feet. Consequently, they need broad space for their toes.

And if your favorite pair fit tight on your toes, then there are ways to stretch them. But that’s for another day’s topic. However, being a Yeezy 350 fan, I followed the methods of Stretch Yeezy 350 that are tight on the toes. And the result was outstanding!

Ecco shoes, by the way, are always there to solve wide-fitting problems as it produces dress shoes, hybrid shoes, outdoor shoes, and golf shoes.

Moreover, you will get them all in regular and extra-width shapes. They won’t restrict your toes from naturally spreading.


The broad toe box of Echo’s is quite helpful for wide feet owners and people who suffer from hammertoes or bunions. Additionally, laces or straps come with the shoes for adequate fitting.

However, if you’re rather a Crocs user wanting to know whether men’s Crocs are wider than women’s Crocs, then read our separate article.

Ecco Models Good for Wide Feet

There are several Ecco shoe models that are considered really good for wide feet.

ECCO SOFT 7 MEN’S SHOES is a mention-worthy wide-feet kick. It comes in two colors – cognac and solid black. The black one is suitable to wear to formal and casual events. This sophisticated extra-wide pair is made with full-grain leather.

It is one of the favorites among wide feet people for micro-perforations, vamp and design of side panels, FLUIDFORM™ Comfort Technology, as well as secure wide fit.

Women’s extra-wide shoes are also available in Ecco’s collection. ECCO STREET TRAY PLUS is one of them. This shoe is unique for combining Scandanavian aesthetics. It is constructed with vegetable-tanned leather, a comfy PHORENE™ footbed, and TRAYTECH ™ outsole Technology for improved grip and stability.

Apart from the shoes that I have mentioned, there are numerous fashionable designs of wide and extra-wide shoes. To know about them, visit the official website of Ecco and order the one you like.

However, are you into Golf and looking for wide golf shoes?

If so, Ecco Golf BIOM H4 shoes are one of the best options. This brand has a wide range of golf shoes for men and women. The premium golf shoes feature 360 degrees of breathability along with E-DTS® outsole for utmost comfort and traction on all types of golf courses.

Do Ecco Shoes Run Big or Small?

For most people, Ecco shoes run a little big. These shoes are wide at the toe zone yet perfectly fit at the ankle and side portion. The brand claims to provide the wearer ‘freedom fit’ with a roomy toe box.

Here’s the size chart of Ecco shoes for men:


Can you guess what Ecco freedom fit means?

It refers that the shoes are suitable for a wide variety of feet. It creates open space near the toe, allowing you to wiggle your toes freely inside the toe room.

To have a good concept about Ecco shoe fitting, let me share my experience of using ECCO ANINE SQUARED SHOE with you.

This pair ensures a snug fit from the heel forward to the instep and sufficient room for my toes. I can adjust the fitting with the attached laces.

But there’s another important thing to know before purchasing Ecco shoes. The shoes come only in full sizes, which is a problem for half-size wearers.

If you use the half-size, then you know the pain caused by the difference in half-size shoes while trying to have a perfect fit.

However, choose size 8 or 7 if you usually wear size 7.5, depending on your toe type. But it’s better to choose half-size down as Ecco runs wide.

So, before ordering shoes online, measure your foot size and have a look at the size chart.

Here’s the size chart of Women’s Ecco shoes:


Are Ecco Shoes Good For Narrow Fit?

It’s not a good idea to style with Ecco shoes for narrow-feet owners because the structure of Ecco shoes is wide and large. It will fit loose on narrow feet and cause disturbance while walking.

Wide shoes offer more room than necessary to people who have narrow feet.

With additional and unnecessary space around the feet, narrow feet owners will feel disturbed wearing Ecco sneakers. It causes stumble and leads to unexpected injury.

Therefore, choosing Ecco shoes with narrow feet is not a good idea. These shoes’ structure and fit won’t satisfy the demand for narrow feet.

So, buy shoes that are comfortable and close-bodied.

You can rather look for Converse shoes for your everyday casual wear. And after having in-depth knowledge of how to stretch converse, these shoes will mold into your feet.

However, before picking a pair of Ecco shoes, you must know their comfort and support level. Let’s focus on that topic right now.

Do Ecco Shoes Provide Good Arch Support?

Yes, Ecco produces excellent arch and heel-supportive footwear, which will support the feet constantly with every pace. The thick layer of polyurethane in the middle and padded soles are the main factors of this outstanding arch support.

You can wear these shoes for a long time. It won’t hurt your feet. Rather, nourish them with their maximum supportive features.

The molding impulse will catch the shape of your feet and provide a custom footbed for you after a few days of regular wear.

Use the soft 7-zipped ankle boots from Ecco. It is so lightweight and able to support the feet during golfing, in everyday walks, and in formal meetings.

However, there’re multiple designs of footwear in Ecco’s closet. Most of them are easy to wear, fashionable, and able to provide a stunning outlook.

Are Ecco Shoes Worth To Buy?

Ecco has its own heritage of supplying high-quality footwear, so they are worth buying. The manufacturers are really passionate about making flawless wear for their loyal customers. So, even if the price range is a bit expensive, the shoes are worth grabbing.

Let’s take a look at the features of Ecco shoes. Then you will realize why they are worth the money.

Ecco uses specially processed leather from their tannery. The upper is made with synthetic leather and the sole consists of PU. Shoes with these materials are really comfortable to wear and durable.

Moreover, you’ll receive airflow on your feet with breathable material at the upper coating.

In 2019, the brand concentrated on DriTanTM technology, another coziness driver. It also focused on leather fabrication without water. This strategy saved 25 million liters of water each year.

Moreover, the company decided to use recycled, bio-based chemicals in making the shoes. These measures from the brand got a positive shoutout as more and more people are going towards eco-friendly products.

At first, Ecco shoes were most popular in the community of golf players due to their lightweight and good traction. The flexible rubber sole with grooves ensures good grip and prevents sliding.

Likewise Ecco, Adidas also started offering vegan-friendly Golf sneakers. See more to know about Adidas being a Vegan option for sneakerheads.

However, the rubber-made exterior sole makes the Ecco footwear shock-absorbent.

You’ll find laces or moveable straps in the shoes, which will ensure proper safety and adjustment.

Ecco will assign durability, stability, lightweight, breathability, and handsome style to your feet. If you have no issues with the high price tag, pick any pair of them.

Final Words

Ecco shoes are great for additional arch support and comfort. They are perfect for your wide and extra-wide feet.

But the size and width of these shoes aren’t ideal for narrow feet.

For any further queries regarding the Ecco shoe feature, just ask in the comment section.

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