Do Doc Martens Have Arch Support [How Much Support Is Ideal]

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If there is any footwear that can work both as a regular shoe and a medicated pair, Doc Martens are the best of both worlds.


And when you can wear one particular boot for most of your outings, you need to know if they also give you specific services like arch support.

In this context, I will elaborate on whether you can count on DM boots for supporting your fallen or high arch.

So, let me enlighten you.

Do Doc Martens Have Arch Support?

Yes, Doc Martens have arch support. These versatile boots are designed to provide a comfy base for those who can’t tolerate raised arches. DM also keeps you from developing any sort of foot problems like plantar fasciitis.

The anatomical design of Dr. Martens is ideal for every kind of arches and heels.

They are springy and flexible enough to prevent any callused foot arches. I have been wearing DM boots for years. Though I don’t have any kind of foot injuries or issues, my Sinclair Floral Mash Up Floral Leather Boot is a lifesaver for those long work days.


One thing to remember, Doc Martens won’t be a good catch for those with high arches. But even this problem can be solved with a custom-made insole.

And it’s highly recommended by my aunt.

She recently got a pair of Adrian Smooth Leather Tassel Loafers, with custom orthotics she is over the moon, as it was very comfy. The amazing fact, these loafers go with most of her outfits.


She even found out how to break in her Doc Martens overnight to enjoy her shoes earlier.

Are Dr. Martens Good For High Arches?

Unfortunately, Dr. Martens are not the ideal pair if you have high arches. But a few models like the Chelsea Boot models provide more support than the regular laced-styled ones.

If you get the fur-lined ones, you will face the same issue as well. To relieve arch pain, you can wear thick socks as a temporary solution.

My older brother wears a 2976 Waxed Full Grain Leather Chelsea Boot, in spite of his high arches, he is much more comfortable in his DM shoes.

But one thing you must keep in mind, there are many dupes of Doc Martens, so be cautious whether your DM is real or not.

Is Dr. Martens Suitable For Orthotics?

Yes, DM is highly suitable for orthotics. From the beginning, these boots are designed to solve the high arch problem. And orthotics support the foot along with reducing inflammation.

With orthotics installed in your shoes, you can ease your fallen arches and overpronation issues.

Even for custom orthopedics, Dr. Martens is an excellent choice.

Your ankle will not slip from your shoes and as you can change or even add insoles, you won’t have to think twice about your arch support.

When I decided to attach orthotics in my Sinclair Floral Mash Up Floral Leather Boot for added comfort, I checked if Doc Martens can stretch to insert a new insole.

Are Dr. Martens Good For Fallen Arches?

Yes, Doc Martens is an ideal pair for fallen arches. If you have flat feet, these boots will mold according to your foot shape. Thanks to their soft, cushiony insoles. It will prevent your fallen arches from slipping inside your shoes when you walk.

Another fact, DM shoes include a Skeletal Support Module to help with your heel and arch.

Even if you have flat feet, Doc Martens will have your back, just as they did with my friend. From his childhood, he had to wear medicated shoes and sandals like Birkenstocks.

So, you can understand how happy he was when he got to wear a pair of classy, stylish boots despite his foot condition.

To get a vegan boot for your troubled feet, you must know the differences between regular and vegan Doc Martens.

Final Thoughts

Shoes are to protect your feet and also keep them healthy. Doc Martens does the exact same along with providing arch support for any situation possible.

Whether you are getting them for your office, style purpose, or daily use, you will have proper support and cushion beneath your feet.

I hope all your confusion is gone. For additional queries, comment below.

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