Do Birkenstock Run True to Size [Guide to Get the Ideal Fit]

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Just like a sleek shade is required to embellish the summer outlook, a pair of right size and dual-strap sandals are also essential during this season. That’s why people yearn for super comfy Birkenstocks.

But when it comes to buying this footwear, the common query among buyers is regarding the size.


To get reliable information about Birks sizing, just go through this highly researched article. Here, you will find out the complete size guide and pro tips for Birks.

Barring any delay, let’s dive in!

Do Birkenstock Run True to Size?

Yes, Birkenstocks fit true to size. Its cork-latex footbed and straps easily mold to each user’s feet and offer an appropriate fitting. Before purchasing, you must take a look at the standard chart or take help from the size calculator. Otherwise, there’s enough possibility of getting unfit sandals.


Birkenstock – it is the footwear that is designed for your feet. Sounds irrational?

But actually, I’m not overrating its size and fit. Birks footbed smoothly contours with the natural shape of each wearer’s feet.

Initially, you may struggle with minor blisters because of improper adjustment. But by following the effective ways to break in Birkenstocks, you will get relieved from this issue.

And when you move with the shoes after the break-in, you will realize the actual fit. You will feel the shoe is absolutely customized according to your foot shape, with enough space at the side and forefoot to wiggle the toes. Furthermore, your toes won’t hit the edge of the shoes.

How Do I Know My Birkenstock Shoe Size?

Well, there are three ways to know your Birkenstock shoe size. Either you look into the Size Table or take help from the Size Calculator. Moreover, you can evaluate it by adding 31 to US women’s size and 33 to men’s size. But whatever you do, you must measure the length and width of both feet.

For a detailed guide about measurement, check out our separate piece on how to Measure Shoe Size.

Done with the measurement? Let’s take a look at the tables mentioned below and identify what size you should get.

Men’s Birkenstocks Size Chart:

Birkenstock US SizesUK SizesEU SizesFoot Length (inches)Foot Length (cm)

Women’s Birkenstock Sandals Size Table:

Birkenstock US SizesUK SizesEU SizesFoot Length (inches)Foot Length (cm)

Size Catalog of Kids Birkenstock Sandals:

Birkenstock US SizesUK SizesEU SizesFoot Length (inches)Foot Length (cm)

Since Birkenstock sandals are made following European standards. So size conversion is necessary. Otherwise, finding the perfect one for yourself may seem quite difficult. From the above chart, you can alter among US, EU, and UK sizes.

Determining the shoe size from the chart is not so hard. But if you wanna make this task easier, get help from the Size Calculator on Birkenstock’s official website.

Here are the steps to follow in the Size Calculator:

  • Sort out for whom you wanna find out the size, i.e. Kids or Adults.
  • Select the length-width of your left and right foot. select-the-length-width-of-your-left-and-right-foot
  • Press the Calculate Size option. calculate-size-option

That’s all. You will see the ideal size and width of your sandal.

Note: If you already know your US shoe size, summing up 31 with women’s size and 34 with men’s will denote the classic Birks sandals size.

Birkenstock Sizing Narrow vs Regular

Are you fascinated to style with the Arizona, Gizeh, or Madrid models from Birks? But you’re not quite sure whether they suit your narrow and flat foot shape.

Rest assured!

They are also good for flat feet. Moreover, both Narrow and Regular fit are available in the Birks collection. A simple way to differentiate between narrow and regular-width shoes is to notice the footbed sincerely. Regular ones have outlined footprints on the footbed, whereas the narrow sets have solid foot shapes.

When you’re buying from an outlet, correctly check the fit before paying for the expensive Birkenstock pair. Put on the shoes, step ahead, and make sure your toes do not touch the sandals’ border while walking.

For online purchasing, take help from the table that I have attached below:


However, Gizeh and Mayari styles are slightly narrower i.e., slim fit at the toe area compared to other classic varieties. But they avail regular and narrow fit options, so there’s no need to worry!

Should Birkenstocks Fit Tight or Loose?

Don’t opt for tight or loose-fitting, rather stick with snug-fitted Birkenstocks. The footwear should not be too loose that it detaches from your feet. And not too tight that leaves scratch on your feet. Rather, it should be well-fitted with sufficient space so that you can wiggle your toe.

If you choose the thong style, you must ensure proper fit. Otherwise, the thong style will set off blisters and rashes between two toes.

In addition, tight shoes with adjustable buckles and straps (Arizona, Mayari) create lesions on the skin.


Generally, Birkenstocks sandals do not have any heel straps. So when your shoes are loose, your feet will move out of the pair.

So when the question comes to your mind, Should I size up or down in Birkenstocks –

Just keep in mind that you must purchase footwear that exactly matches your feet. So that you can get an oh-so-comfy feel.


Do Birkenstocks Come in Half Sizes?

No, they do not come in half sizes. The materials aren’t stretchy, so you can choose the nearest larger one.

What size is 37 in Birkenstocks?

It denotes 24 cm foot length as well as women’s UK size 4.5 and 6-6.5 in US standard.

Are all Birkenstock unisex?

Not all, but most of them are unisex. Though Gizeh and Madrid are designed for women, substitutes for these same styles are available for men.

Do Birkenstock Clogs run true to size?

They run true to size with somewhat roomier toe boxes.

How Do Birkenstock Bostons Fit?

This closed-cap designed, and best-selling clogs are true to size and properly adapt to the feet.

Before You Go

Birkenstocks do not run big or small. They maintain standard size charts while manufacturing shoes.

The authentic size catalog has been attached to this content. Follow those charts and grab the pair which suits your feet flawlessly.

Now, it’s time to get ready with Birks and style them with blue jeans, cute jumpsuits, or denim shorts.

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