Clove Vs Hoka [Side By Side Comparison Of Key Differences]

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While running in the countryside, you need to make sure you are wearing the best pair such as Hoka or Clove which have the most beneficial features.


But, to select one, you must know every small detail so that you buy the best-suited one.

As a runner, I will enlighten you about the differences between Clove and Hoka shoe side by side through this write-up.

So to know everything, stay put.

What Are The Differences Between Clove and Hoka Shoes?

Running shoes has many features for the betterment and performance of runners. Each brand focuses on its specialties. The same goes for Clove and Hoka shoes. The differences among them are notable and in some cases quite the opposite.

Let’s find out the differences between Hoka and Clove shoes:


The construction materials of a running shoe depend on the main feature they are focusing on. For example, Clove shoe’s main focus is breathability so, these sneakers come with lightweight mesh fabric.

These Clove shoes like Men’s Classic will keep your feet dry and cool throughout the whole day and you can easily clean them.

On the contrary, Hoka shoes’ focus point is their durability.

This brand provides RMAT midsole for ultimate cushioning and I also get enough support from my Women’s Bondi 8.


This model has the softest and lightest foam and extended heel which is super comfortable for walking and daily chores.

Style and Design

One of the most notable differences between Clove and Hoka shoes is their designs and style.

When Clove shoes have a simple and traditional running shoe appearance in different colorways, Hoka draws attention right away.

The main contrasting factor about Hoka shoes is their chunky appearance. I own a pair of Speedgoat 5 Mid GTX for hiking and running. But I also use them for my daily activities and I am fully satisfied.


Not only mine but also the other models are bright and colorful along with their unique shapes. This is what makes Hoka shoes stand out.


Both Hoka and clove shoes are made to last long. But Hoka last longer than Clove sneakers. The main reason is materials like RMAT midsole, excellent quality upper, and chunky structure.

Hoka shoes last up to 250-500 miles.

And the other hand, Clove shoes also hold enough to serve you with their super breathable and comfortable service. My aunt is a nurse and she replaces her Clove shoes every year. They normally last 8 to 12 months.


Another key difference among Clove and Hoka sneakers is the cushioning and stability they provide.

Let’s start with Hoka shoes which are designed to give the utmost cushioning and support. There are extra materials in the midsole area that absorb the shock and protect your feet at the same time.

So, you will get the right amount of cushioning whenever you wear your Hoka shoes.

Also if your plan is to get Hoka shoes for regular use, find out if Hoka shoes are good for walking.

Moreover, Clove shoes are lightweight and minimalist that’s fine because they have less cushioning than Hoka shoes. So, if you are comfortable with less cushioning, Clove shoes will give you enough support.

Size and Fit

Hoka shoes come true to size but give a snug fit. If you love snug-fitted shoes, you don’t have to change your size. But for the wide feet, you have to go half to one full size up to get your perfect fit.

Also, you will find various available size options. And Hoka shoes have sizing similarities with Nike as well.

In case you wear Nike, you will get extra benefits while selecting your size.

Similarly, Clove shoes also come with so many sizing options yet the toe box of these shoes is comparatively narrower than Hoka sneakers. Thus you need to size up to get a relaxed fit.

Again, if you have fallen arches, before getting your Hoka, find out whether Hoka shoes are good for flat feet.


Without maintenance and care, your shoes won’t last especially if you are using them for activities like running or walking.

Hoka shoes are quite easy to clean. However, the chunky details can be a bit difficult to wash. It’s better to use mild soap and a brush to clean your hookah shoes.

Also, you can take care of your Clove shoes quite easily by cleaning them properly and storing them. After every wear, clean them with a damp cloth and let them air dry.

In case your sneakers are very dirty, Clove shoes have shoe-cleaning instructions on their website.

Pros and Cons of Hoka and Clove Shoes

While Hoka shoes are mainly focused on durability and longevity, Clove shoe’s target revolves around comfort. So, both of these sneakers have several positive and downward qualities too.

Let’s find out the advantages and drawbacks of Hoka and clove shoes:

Hoka Shoes

  • »Lightweight.
  • »Provide a good platform.
  • »Good for wide feet.
  • »Durable.
  • »Slip-resistant.
  • »Various color options.
  • »Heavyweight.
  • »Expensive.
  • »Bulky fit.
  • »Narrow structure.
  • »Long drying period.

Clove Shoes

  • »Slip-resistant.
  • »Comfortable.
  • »Easy to clean.
  • »Prevents odor.
  • »Free shipping service.
  • »Breathable.
  • »Makes a squeaky sound.
  • »Narrow toe-box.
  • »Less supportive.


Hookah shoes come with beautiful bright and vibrant colors along with designs for ultimate comfort and support. Meanwhile, Clove shoes focus on a simple and classic look for healthcare workers.

You need to focus on your needs before buying any of these shoes.  if you want a durable and long-lasting chunky shoe, go for Hoka.


And if you need a simple-looking comfortable pair that will give you ultimate comfort and super breathability, Cloves will serve you better.

In case you are confused still,  buy both of them and mix and match them according to your necessity and outfit.


Why do podiatrists recommend Hoka shoes?

Podiatrists recommend Hoka shoes because of their support, shock-absorbing technology, and comfort.

Are Clove shoes good for high arches?

Yes, Clove shoes are pretty good for high arches. These shoes have enough padding in their insoles to reduce pain and foot fatigue.

Why do nurses wear Hoka?

Nurses prefer Hoka shoes because they are good for plantar facilities, bad back,  and also provide enough support for busy Hospital days.

Parting Thoughts

For your daily regular activities, you can count on Hoka and Clove shoes with your eyes closed. They have the best quality and features possible and will serve you quite a long time according to your maintenance.

Either way, you will be satisfied with your sneakers’ service.

I have given you all the necessary information about Clove and Hoka shoes to make your decision easier.

For more additional queries, comment below.

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