Are Hoka Shoes Good for Flat Feet? [Experts Suggestions]

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Did your Podiatrist recommend Hoka for your flat feet?

Well, they can suggest it because shoes from this legendary brand have well functionality, including heel support and thick cushion for excellent propulsion of the foot.


But being a health-conscious person, you must know whether Hoka will be capable enough to support your flat foot in the long term or not.

Without further ado, let’s see what experts are saying!

Are Hoka Shoes Good for Flat Feet?

Among the huge user-friendly collections of Hoka, a particular category is ‘orthopaedic’. Shoes belonging to this range act as the best friend for flat feet. Moreover, these selective styles are endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance for improving foot health.

Hoka is mostly popular for its running editions. They build superior quality shoes for road race and trail run. Along with this, Hoka manufacture well-featured walking, training, hiking, and gym shoes for years.

However, all of them are not ideal for flat feet. Only the pairs which are packed with extra padding and tons of support are eligible for flat feet. Those sets deliver a smooth walking experience and alleviate the pain caused by minimal to no arch.

Let me remind you that arch support is not the only requirement of lower arch owners.

Rather, the foamy insole and the wider toe box are another demand. Fortunately, Hoka fulfills these needs and constantly holds their customers’ satisfaction.

Do Hoka Shoes Provide Good Arch Support?

Yes, some Hoka shoes provide sufficient arch support at the flat arch area. Their built-in arch structure, interior cushions, and heel stabilization help to maintain good posture. Furthermore, this level of support heals weakened foot muscles, i.e., get back the collapsed arches to their normal shape.

Just like compression socks are helpful for diabetic Neuropathy, arch-supportive shoes are for flat feet. And Hoka is able to ensure the support.

That’s why Orthopaedic Surgeons also recommend Hoka One One shoes. Because it can cure fallen arches as well as overpronation which is resulted from the gait and weight you put on the foot.

A query must be pondered in your mind, that is how much support the shoes offer.

Well, the support level varies on the models. For instance, the lightweight Hoka Bondi 7 allocates optimal support. But medial arch support is delivered by the Arahi 6.

To know about more arch-aiding Hokas jump to the next segment and stay tuned!

What Hokas are the Best for Flat Feet?

Clifton, Bondi, Arahi, Rincon are the best-selling Hoka styles for miles of running. Apart from this, Torrent, Speedgoat, Challenger ATR, etc. are the most familiar for long trails.

Thus, it is tough to capture the top pieces for flat feet among this huge collection and model variations. Still, I left no stone unturned to pick the finest ones for flat feet.

Here are the classy Hokas for low-arched feet:

1. Arahi 6


Price: $140

Weight: 7.60 oz

Heel-To-Toe Drop: 5.00 mm

There was dissent regarding whether it gives moderate or utmost support. Actually, the latest design of Hoka gives medium support. It features J-Frame™ technology, which prevents overpronation and reduces the pain caused by flat feet without over-fixing the gait. The early stage meta rocker unit promotes walking in the ideal gait pattern. You will get ample interior space with wide toes.

Additionally, it offers maximum cushioning and top-notch stability to regular users and daily runners.

2. Clifton 8


Price: $111.99 – $140

Weight: 7.20 oz

Heel-To-Toe Drop: 5.00 mm

This style is designed for men and women both. A pair of authentic Clifton 8 will provide your desired support at every step. Also, it comes in regular and wide fit. Meets the purpose of walking and frequent running with the advantages of a well-ventilated mesh upper, lightweight EVA midsole, abrasion-resistant rubber outsole, and fair stability. This model has 21 color variations for enhancing the look.

If you wanna choose only one set between Clifton and Arahi, read our separate article on Clifton vs Arahi. This content will help you to compare these two editions.

3. Bondi 8


Price: $165

Weight: 8.90 oz

Heel-To-Toe Drop: 4.00 mm

It is renowned as the game changer due to the Ultralight resilient foam and Ortholite hybrid sock liner. Hoka claims this pair is designed to provide the support you want. The wearers get enough ankle protection from the padded memory collar of this shoe.

This one is also sealed by the American Podiatric Medical Association. According to the customer review, the insoles have great arch support. Hence, didn’t need to replace it with custom orthotics. And it feels like heaven for Midfoot Arthritis.

So wear them without any hesitation and enjoy a relaxing walk or run.

4. Rincon 3


Price: $125

Weight: 7.70 oz

Heel-To-Toe Drop: 5.00 mm

This relatively low-budget pair has a vented mesh upper and compression-molded EVA midsole to assure comfort. Its arch support is enough for walking and a light recreational run. But not a good suit for professional runners.

If your preferences match this foot gear, you can add this to the cart. 14 impressive color options and regular and ideal versions are available for this style.

5. Gaviota 4

Price: $170

Weight: 11.40 oz

Heel-To-Toe Drop: 5.00 mm

This expensive option is packed with the ultimate support for flat feet owners. And it comes from the J-frame midsole, which controls overpronation. The range of width fully serves flat feet people’s demand. But it is comparatively heavier than the others.


When my aunt was suffering from mid-foot instep arthritis joint pain, her doctor mentioned this pair. And within one month of usage, 90% pain just vanished without causing any side effects.

If you’re nuts about extra comfort, its plush cushioning will definitely achieve your satisfaction.

So, all the features needed for minimal or zero-arched individuals are included in the five pairs that I have mentioned above. If you still feel a lack of support, add customized insoles, i.e., orthotics. It will upgrade the support system.

But I will recommend not to buy off-the-shelf orthotics as it isn’t worth for all types of feet and could make your flat feet issue worse.

However, if your flat feet lead to unbearable agony, consult with a Podiatrist immediately and abide by his advice.

Shopping Guide for Hoka

Offline shopping is easy because you can manually check the footwear’s properties, arch structure, and fit. But this facility is absent when purchasing online.

So, I’m gonna mention some tips which will help you to shop for your preferred Hoka One One shoe.

Here is the guide for purchasing Hoka shoes:

  • Go to the official website and learn about the facilities involved in the specific foot gear.
  • Check the support and cushion level, and make sure whether it can accomplish your requirement or not.
  • See the size and width chart. If you’re a constant user of Nike and wanna compare its size with Hoka’s take help from our article Nike vs Hoka Sizing.
  • Always buy from an authentic outlet or online marketplace to get all the benefits involved in the foot gear.

Final Thoughts

Hoka is absolutely amazing to stride on long trails for long hours. Wearing this shoe, you will feel like flying forward.

But it’s unknown to many of us that Hoka is also an excellent choice for running and walking with plain feet. So, without any delay, grab your favorite ones.

If you have further queries on this topic, leave your comments below.

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