Hoka Clifton Vs Arahi: Which One Should You Pick? [In 2024]

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Hoka One One (stylized as HOKA) athletic shoes feature maximum shock absorption and are the lightest weight, well-known as running shoes.

When you think of buying a brand-new pair of running shoes, the first name in your mind might be Hoka. The brand always gives its finest shoes to meet the ultimate satisfaction of Hoka’s prominent customers.


You may be stuck between Clifton and Arahi; which one fulfills your requirement?

Then you are on the right track to finding all your answers in detail.

After using both Hoka Clifton and Arahi for the past months, I’ll help you to choose the suitable pair according to your must-have features.

Take a deep breath and read each line to know all facts.

7 Key Differences Between Hoka Clifton & Arahi

Hoka produces various kinds of running shoes. More cushioning is needed for a harder running step, especially if you land on your heel, which puts more strain on your body.

Arahi and Clifton are the most popular shoes of the Hoka brand.

Even though these shoes all have similar characteristics, some differences appear drastically.

Hoka Clifton is best for everyday training shoes, all credit goes to their cushioning footbed and lighter weight feature. On the other hand, Hoka Arahi is famous for its maximal cushioning lineup and stability shoe.

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Let’s take a look at the differences between Hoka Clifton and Arahi:


Clifton upper is made of an updated designed nylon upper which is secure and comfortable. The new cushion foam formula of Hoka Clifton is lighter and more dynamic.

Hoka uses 100% vegan materials to make Clifton upper.

It offers you a more luxurious feel of Its flexible and airy upper. The chances of itching are reduced by the softest upper.

Hoka Clifton 8 shoes is ideal for your special feet condition, like bunion surgery or metatarsal problems. The smooth lining gives you the ultimate comfort without leaving any marks on your feet.

Contradictorily, The Hoka Arahi has a very lightweight, engineered mesh upper that’s super breathable for your feet. It offers you long laces which you can use according to your style.

But sometimes, it is annoying to manage the eyelets appropriately.

If you are worried about your width feet, then Hoka Arahi is suitable. It offers a little roomy toe box for better airy experiences.


Arahi is undoubtedly the best in all of the Hoka shoes when you talk about the stability feature. Arahi is famous as a stable running shoe.

That shoe is also firm with the EVA material, preventing overpronation and inward rolling while running on a rough surface. Arahi incorporates the J-frame technology that makes them more stable than Clifton.

Clifton is a neutral running shoe, they never claim their stability. It’s suitable for regular running purposes or exercise.

Not everyone is seeking the stability shoe Clifton is for them.

If you have started running in recent days, a neutral shoe is the best choice. It also offers balanced cushioning while you run.

After all the discussions, the Hoka Arahi is the clear winner when it comes to stability shoes.


The design of both pairs is quite similar at a glance. But if you are a shoe enthusiast, then you can see the differences.

In Arahi shoes, you can see the clear J-frame line all over the heel area. Arahi features a padded tongue and collar, which is clearly visible.

The Clifton shoes is little width from the box area. It also looks cushioning from the upper.


When you are concerned about the duration, Hoka Clifton might get you disappointed.

The Clifton sole is a little stiff after regularly using it, which is unexpected for me.

Hoka, represent another iteration of their Clifton as Arahi. Hoka Arahi is more durable than Clifton.

Arahi keeps its cushioning feature after using it for months. It feels the same as the first days, and the heel grip provides extra comfort so that you can wear it for day-long running purposes.

You can say Arahi is the updated version of Clifton, but when it comes to supportive shoes, then I suggest you pick Arahi over Clifton.

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The Clifton integrates the Eva sole for extra comfort and flexibility. It offers lower weight and a thick layer of the footbed. This model creates a sensation after arriving at the market for its cozy sole.

Some users admire that they can feel a pillow under their feet after wearing Clifton.

The midsole is suitable for short to medium-length running along with daily use.

Hoka Arahi insulates the J-frame technology, which is a signature ingredient of Hoka One One. Accompanying Arahi also provides the Eva technology; mixed up of both technologies makes a different level of comfortable midsole.

This shoe is perfect for runners who go through tough training periods.

At first, I thought the shoe was not very comfortable when the brand introduced that model as a stability shoe. But after wearing a pair of Arahi, I became a fan of theirs.

In one word, they provide a more comfortable, stable midsole than the other running shoe.


Hoka Clifton offers a thicker rubber outsole. In addition, there is also some exposed midsole that reduces the longevity when you regularly wear them.

The outsole is diagonal now, with a groovy texture in the forefoot. They offer you a bouncy outsole with 29 mm heel support. Clifton offers the most secure ride with its airy outsole.


Arahi offers a great grip with the 75% thick rubber outsole with a 35 mm heel. It features tread pattern interlinking lugs in the forefoot. The outsole is a little bit strong, but they never compromise their comfort.

Two flexible grooves in the forefoot provide extra stretchable ankle support for runners.


Both prices are suitable for running shoes, but if you look for advanced features, the Hoka Arahi is one step forward than Clifton.

Arahi offers you the stable running shoe where Clifton is neutral, so there is minimal variation in asking prices. Hoka set the starting price of Clifton shoes around $180, and Arahi charges around $200.

According to the user’s opinion, Arahi is the best running shoe at a minimum price. For the updated price, you can check amazon before purchasing.

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Hoka Arahi Vs Clifton: Which One Should You Buy?

A decent pair of comfortable shoes is especially more significant if you spend a lot of time on your feet. Running shoes are essential when you run for a long time or on an uneven surface.

Hoka manufactures different types of running shoes that incorporate various kinds of different features.

Arahi and Clifton are the Hokas prominent running shoes with diversified offerings. Both shoes share many similarities along with variations.

According to my perspective, Arahi won the battle clearly. Arahi offers the most notable features at a minimum cost. If you belong to a running community, you know how important the stability feature is in the running shoe.

Other brands charge huge for that Stability criterion.

On the other hand, Clifton is best for your starting time, it comes with a very comfortable and airy feature. It also offers an affordable price, with its rich component.

It’s more comfortable and airy than the other running shoes with a minimal traction period. Clifton is also ideal for regular market wear and training purposes.

So, after all the discussion, you can pick one of them which goes with your desired criteria. If your budget doesn’t create any issues, I suggest you buy both pairs before they get sold out.

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Pros & Cons Of Both Hoka Clifton And Hoka Arahi

Hoka Clifton and Arahi both are Hokas top-rated, or you can say best-selling running shoes. They are renowned for their extraordinary features, which differentiates them from others.

Along with All the loveable features, they also have some drawbacks.

Here are the main pros & cons of both shoes listed below:

Hoka Clifton

  • »It gives you very comfy and cozy feelings.
  • »Gives you better traction in your forefoot.
  • »Its lightweight feature inspires you for daily use.
  • »Clifton maintains its true size.
  • »Offer a great duration if you use it occasionally.
  • »It is a perfect pair for a daily trainer.
  • »Comes at an affordable price.
  • »Run warmer than other running shoes.
  • »Doesn’t fit for heavy training.

Hoka Arahi

  • »Offer you very good traction.
  • »Provide ultimate stability while you run.
  • »Replaceable Ortholite insole.
  • »Good for wide fit.
  • »More durable than other Hoka shoes.
  • »Breathable upper.
  • »J-frame incorporated sole with the bouncy feature.
  • »According to other stability shoes, they charge a lesser price.
  • »The little roomy toe box, is not preferable for every runner.
  • »Sometimes, you feel sloppy.

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First Impression of Hoka Shoes

Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard, two French trail runners, launched Hoka in 2009 and created the lightweight shoe trend.

None can harm your feet more swiftly than a pair of uncomfortable, insensitive shoes. With their thick, softly cushioned bottoms, Hoka shoes invented the “highest bouncing, minimal movement” style of shoe.

The company attempted to produce footwear that would make it simpler for them to go uphill and handle rocky terrain.


These shoes’ midsoles are significantly thicker and softer than ordinary footwear. Additionally, the soles are bigger to avoid the sneakers from becoming uneven, like stilts, due to the thicker heels.

In order to help you move ahead when running, it also features Hoka’s recognizable fiber plate and Meta-Rocker technology in the midsole.

The shoe has an open, waterproof upper, a supporting stretchy heel frame, a soft EVA midsole, and durable outsoles. The extended heel tab on this shoe makes it simpler to put it on and take it off and guards against Ankle pain.

Furthermore, it contains the recognizable carbon fiber plate from Hoka as well as Meta-Rocker technology in the midsole to help you push ahead.

Hoka brand always updates its version by integrating the new product for its best outcomes.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the Hoka Clifton good for?

Hoka Clifton is made with an EVA technology insole, which is good for casual light training or running. It also offers very lightweight and cozy soles for runners.

Which Hoka is best for Overpronation?

The Arahi 6 is the answer. This shoe incorporates J-Frame stability technology, which comes with an overpronation feature.

Is Hoka Clifton Good for a high arch?

One of the best shoes for the high arch runner is the Hoka Clifton 8 running shoe.

Is Hoka Arahi good for plantar fasciitis?

If you are fighting your heel pain due to plantar fasciitis, you can try Hoka Arahi for extra comfort. In my opinion, I prefer Hoka Arahi 2 for women with plantar fasciitis.

Which Hokas have the more cushioning feature?

The Hoka Bondi is a more cushioning road shoe with a robust midsole.

Hoka Bondi offers some interesting upgrades, like extended heels and lighter foaming insoles.

Before You Say Goodbye

Finally, all Hoka running shoes are ideal for runners. The brand kept its word by providing all the ingredients which are essential to make good quality running shoes.

Clifton and Arahi are both well-known for their premium features with budget-friendly running shoes.

If you want a clear suggestion, then I choose the Arahi over the Clifton.

Hoping that the given information will help your purchasing decision be easier. Inform me in the comment section which one you pick and how the chosen one work.

I’ll be back within a short duration; till then, take care of your feet.

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