Can You Run In Vans? [Is It Suitable Or Worst for Running]

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Running in an inappropriate pair of shoes leads to several physical issues, such as pain in the ankle, heel, knee, hip, and even in the waist.


And when it comes to running on flat sneakers like Vans, you must know their capability.

So, let’s find out whether you can run in Vans or just limit yourself to walking and skating!

Can You Run In Vans Shoes

No, you can’t run in Vans because the cushioning, arch support, sole thickness, and weight of Vans do not meet the requirement of a running shoe. They are unsuitable to use in heavy and professional running, but you can wear them in walking, jogging and occasional short periods of running.

Let’s focus on some specific characteristics of Vans shoes. It will help you to realize why they are not a good choice for running.

Here are some of the features of Vans shoes:


Vans footwear contains POPCUSH energy return footbeds and sock liners for cushioning. Its UltraCush insole provides superior comfort but not as much as a regular runner needs.

So, leaving Vans for a speedy and long time running is better.

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Arch and ankle support is one of the most demanding necessities for running. While running, a lot of pressure acts on the bottom part of the human body, especially on the feet.

A supportive sole can relieve some of this pressure. It also helps maintain the proper alignment of the overall feet.

Though Vans give moderate support in the ankle and heel, it doesn’t reach the top level that a runner prefers.


The outsole of Vans is slip-resistant and assures excellent grip. Especially the BMX shoes contain gum rubber compound and SICKSTICK™ rubber compound in skating shoes to increase pedal grip. So, there is no complaint with the traction.


The midsole of Vans is stiff and slightly thinner. But a flexible and thick midsole is preferable for the runner. Otherwise, their feet will be more in touch with the ground, which may lead to soreness and blisters.

As a result, professional runners avoid wearing Vans in their performance.


Shoe weight is a major issue for the athletic person because more mass of footwear creates problems in performing physical activities, including weightlifting, jogging, walking and even running.

Consequently, running shoes consist of durable yet lightweight materials so that they weigh less. Vans are also lightweight but relatively heavier than typical running shoes.

A pair of Classic Vans is almost 750 gm, while classic running shoes weigh a maximum of 270 grams.

Furthermore, the Vans’ upper cannot ensure the highest level of airflow that a runner demands.

So, avoid wearing Vans in your heavy physical workouts, including running.

What Are Vans Suitable For?

Though Vans has no running-friendly option in its collection, it has fascinating footwear designs for walking, skateboarding, surfing, BMX riders and snowboarding.

Let’s explore in which phases Vans are good performer:

  • Walking

Vans provides the amount of comfort, cushion, and breathability needed for a smooth walking experience. People of any age can wear these shoes as they are comfy and come in various designs.

Being a die-hard fan, I often purchase from Vans. I prefer the Old Skool and Authentic Vans for my regular movement.

If you struggle with which one to get for regular use, give Vans Authentic Vs. Old Skool a read.

  • Skateboarding

Vans first production was skateboarding shoes. And it still holds a good reputation for making skating shoes. The shoes come with a chocolate waffle-shaped outsole and durable materials, which offers a great skating experience.

  • Short Run

You already know that Vans do not possess the features of specialized running shoes. It’s outsole, and overall configuration is unworthy for a long duration of running. But the shoes are good enough for a casual and short running period.

But we’ve seen people wonder if they’re too old to wear Vans. Read this piece if you hesitate to get a Vans shoe.

  • Surfing & Snowboarding

Most of the Vans run true to size. And previously, I mentioned that its outsole is enriched with all the excellent properties such as anti-slip, excellent traction etc.

No matter how the surface is– wet, muddy, uneven or solid, Vans outsole is strong enough to prevent slipping and injuries. That’s why it is one of the most demanding outfits among surfers and snowboarders.

  • BMX riding

WaffleCup construction is followed in making the outsole of most BMX shoes. It holds a gum rubber compound called VDFPR, which boosts the pedal grip. And this element reduces the risks of gliding and injuries, which is very beneficial for the riders.

What Types of Shoes Are Best For Running?

Whether you’re participating in a road race, trail run, or marathon, you must wear a pair of good running shoes. Otherwise, you may face disturbance and serious injuries.

Even a pair of inappropriate shoes may be the cause of your defeat in running competitions. Before purchasing running shoes, you must know their crucial features. So let’s know about them!

Here are the key features of a typical running shoe:

  • It must be lightweight and durable
  • Perfect fit and loaded with cushion
  • Proper Responsiveness
  • Breathable and odor resistant
  • Good grip along with slip-resistant properties.
  • Easy to put on

Looking for the best running shoes?

Well, you can choose a pair from Nike, Adidas, Hokas or New balance. These brands achieved positive remarks for making premium and highly functional running shoes.

Nike’s Alphafly series has a standard position among other running wear.

The Alphafly Next %2 is the leading one right now. This pair contains Air Zoom pods at the forefoot and ZoomX foam.

The ZoomX foam gives top-level comfort, and the Zoom AirPods are for adequate energy return. Its Atomknit 2 upper provides the wearer with sufficient airflow and a longer lifespan.

Moreover, the male version of this shoe weighs only 238 gm.

If you prefer something from New balance, pick up the Fresh Foam X Vongo V5. This one is also ultra-cushioned with Foam X material. Even there is no lack of padding in the tongue and ankle zone. The only downside of this shoe is it is fairly responsive.

Hoka acts as a performance booster for a runner. It has several shoes in which the midsole, outsole, coziness and overall structure are good for running.

To know more about Running shoes, check out this article Brooks vs Hokas: The Best Running Shoe.


Can You Run In Vans Ultrarange?

No, you can’t. Vans Ultrarange is for everyday casual wear, but you can run in this pair for crossing a short distance (one mile).

Can I Wear Vans to The Gym for the Treadmill?

Yes, wearing vans on a treadmill is common because it has a good gripping waffled-shaped outsole.

Can You Run In Vans Old Skool?

No editions of Vans shoes are suitable for heavy & professional running. Old Skool is no exception to that.

Closing Thoughts

There is a huge possibility of facing injuries and disturbance while running with improper footwear.

As Vans are not eligible for running, avoid it if you are a professional runner. But occasionally run with them for short distances and duration.

Let me know your running experience & further queries in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

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