Birkenstocks Hurt Inner Arch? [Get Answers From An Expert]

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Despite their popularity and reputation for medical aspects, Birkenstocks may sometimes cause discomfort in your inner arch. This can be pretty frustrating and can even make you give up on them.


In a situation like that, you may wonder why your Birkenstocks are hurting your inner arch.

Worry not! Being a long-time user of Birkenstocks, I’ll answer all your questions here, along with some pieces of advice to get relief from inner arch pain.

So, let’s dive!

Why Does Birkenstocks Hurt My Inner Arch?

Several reasons work behind your inner arch hurting from wearing Birkenstocks. For example, Birkenstocks with too high or firm arch support, foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, or wearing Birks without breaking them in can all be the causes of hurting your inner arch.

Usually, Birkenstocks are very comfortable. These iconic shoes are known for their cork footbed and unique design that realigns to the shape of your feet.  But for some specific cases, Birkenstocks can hurt your feet.

Let’s find out the reasons causing your comfy Birks to hurt your inner arch:

  • Birkenstocks have a contoured footbed with a deep heel cup, longitudinal arch support, and a metatarsal pad. These features are meant to promote proper alignment and a more natural gait. birkenstocks-footbed

Yet, for some people, it needs some time to get used to the unique design of Birkenstocks. And while getting used to the design, you may feel discomfort in your feet’s inner arch.

  • Another reason can be that your Birks’ arch support is too high or too firm for your foot. High arch support can put pressure and cause pain in the inner arch of your foot.
  • You may feel soreness in your inner arch when the footbed is not broken in yet. Birkenstocks are known for their comfort, but they can take some time to soften and mold to your feet.

 This means that when you first start wearing them, the footbed may feel stiff and rigid, leading to discomfort.

  • It’s also possible your inner arch is hurting due to an underlying foot condition, such as plantar fasciitis or flat feet. In these cases, the arch support in Birkenstocks may exacerbate the adjusting pain or discomfort.

Overall, Birkenstocks help to develop a more natural yet healthy gait while molding to your feet. But if your feet are in bad shape or with some underlying foot conditions, your feet may hurt with Birkenstocks.

Yet, you don’t need to be get worried about the discomfort you are experiencing with Birkenstocks. As this pain is temporary, and if you continue to wear the shoes with some precautions, the pain will ultimately subside.

How Do I Stop Birkenstock From Hurting My Inner Arch?

Feeling discomfort initially with Birkenstock is common. But you can stop Birkenstocks from hurting your inner arch with some easy approaches. For example, picking Birks with a soft footbed and giving the shoes time for proper break-in can help minimize the ongoing discomfort.

Here’re the tips that can help you stop Birkenstocks from hurting your inner arch:

  • Choose a style with lower arch support or a more soft, flexible footbed if your feet are in bad shape or when you have flat feet. For example, you can pick one from their soft footbed collection, such as Arizona Soft footbed, Boston Soft Footbed, and many more. birkenstocks-models
  • Wear them for a few hours daily for a couple of weeks to break in your Birkenstocks.

 Make sure to wear them only for short periods until they are properly broken in. Otherwise, Birkenstocks can give you blisters.

  • Consider using a shoe insert or orthotic to provide additional support or cushioning for your foot condition. birkenstocks-sole
  • Wear Birkenstocks with socks while getting used to the shoes’ special footbed.
  • To make the footbed more comfortable, you can soak the shoes in warm water for half an hour. The water will make the footbed softer while allowing a quick break-in.
  • See a podiatrist if you experience persistent pain or discomfort with Birkenstocks because of your underlying foot condition.

Moreover, to get the utmost comfort from your Birkenstocks, try to wear them regularly. As I’ve experienced with my pair of Birks, once properly broken in, they will let you have the comfiest walk ever.

And consider the given tips for enjoying the style and functionality of these popular sandals to the fullest.


Is it Normal for Birkenstocks to be Uncomfortable at First?

Yes, it is normal for Birkenstocks to be uncomfortable at first. Your feet need some time to be used to the unique design and cork footbed of Birkenstocks. And as you keep wearing them, the shoes will conform to your feet, giving you a comfy walking experience.

Do Podiatrists Recommend Birkenstocks?

Yes, Birkenstock is one of the many footwear brands that is being largely recommended by Podiatrists. According to Podiatrists, Birkenstocks feature longitudinal arch supports with great shock-absorbing ability. This allows the shoes to keep your feet in a healthy condition.

Are Birkenstocks Bad for Plantar Fasciitis?

No, Birkenstocks are actually good for Plantar Fasciitis. Birkenstocks come with a great arch support which reduces the strain and pressure you put on the arch while walking. Also, the unique footbed design helps to distribute your weight evenly throughout your feet, which is good for Plantar Fasciitis.

Closure Thoughts

Birkenstocks are known for their comfort and user-friendly design. While the shoes’ unique design is like a blessing to some, others may find them a bit discomforting.

However, I hope this detailed discussion has helped you find the answers to your queries and to get relief from the arch pain.

So, without hesitating anymore, put on your favorite Birks and get into the world of comfort.

And for further queries, leave a comment below!

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