Are Vans Shoes Bad For Your Feet? [3 Factors To Know]

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To wear a flat-soled sneaker like Vans, you need to know if they are good for the long run, as flat shoes tend to hurt your feet eventually.

And if you’re planning to add Vans to your closet, you must have concerns about your feet getting hurt.

are-vans-shoes-bad-for-your-feetDon’t worry. It’s valid to think that way, and there are solid answers for resolving your queries. If you read ahead, you’re gonna get all your questions answered regarding Vans being bad or good for your feet.

So, my friend, stay tuned.

Are Vans Shoes Bad For the Feet?

Vans shoes are not necessarily bad for your feet unless you have a specific foot condition. As these sneakers have flat soles, they don’t provide enough arch support for longer, and your feet may start aching.

There is nothing wrong with flat sneakers rather, they’ll give you the maximum ground feeling.

But, when you are on your feet for a long time involving running and other quick activities, Vans may not be the ideal choice. As for long hours, your feet need arch support, or else they might start hurting.

Moreover, if you have flat feet or knee issues, I’m afraid Vans are not going to be much helpful.

For a few hours, it’s completely fine, though. To get the most out of a Vans, avoid incorrect sizing. A perfect sizing Vans can change the entire scenario.

And don’t forget to wear socks with Vans! Read this article to know more about wearing socks with Vans.

3 Reasons Why Vans May Hurt Your Feet

There is no doubt with the durable upper and flat waffle sole; Vans make good sneakers for daily use. But, despite all that, these sneakers are not so good for wearing for the whole day.

So many wearers complain about Vans’ most popular models Old Skol and Eras. Let’s uncover such factors for which Vans can become bad for your feet.

Reasons why Vans shoes hurt your feet:

1. Vans Have Flat Outsole

The one feature Vans sneakers are so popular is also a reason they hurt your feet over time.

The waffle soles are the staple, but they are flat and give you the ground feel, which is not always helpful for you. You won’t have enough support due to these flat soles.

vans-have-flat-outsoleI own Vans Authentic. As much as I love them for their classic look, I can’t wear them the whole day.

They start to hurt if I move too much on certain days.

2. Less Arch Support

Another reason why Vans sneakers hurt your feet is they lack arch support. And when you wear shoes without proper support, you will feel the pain soon after.

So, a minimum amount of arch support is necessary.

3. Choosing the Wrong Size And Model

When you choose the wrong size of the footwear, you will not be comfortable wearing them around.

The same goes for Vans. If you buy a pair smaller than your true size, the snug fit can hurt your feet. And by getting a bigger size, the possibility of getting blisters increases.

On the other hand, Vans has several models for individual purposes. If you buy a training shoe for daily use, why won’t they hurt?

So, choose your pairs wisely.

Follow our guide to know if you’re too old to wear Vans.

Are Vans Good For Walking?

Yes, Vans shoes are good for walking, but how comfortable you will be wearing them depends on what type of surface you are planning to walk on.

Vans sneakers are flexible, and the upper material gives you the proper amount of flex your feet need when you walk.

Another fact why Vans sneakers are good walking shoes is they are comfortable. To know more about whether Vans are comfortable, read through this article.

Though these shoes are flat, some models have specific cushioning for a better experience.

The addition of ComfyCush made some Vans lines more comfortable than others. You’ll find a World of difference when you hop on a Vans shoe with the ComfyCush feature in it. So give it a try.

One thing is, Vans has launched various types of designs over the years, and if you choose the right model according to your feet size and shape, walking in your pairs won’t bother you.

Still, avoiding Vans is a good idea for long hours of walking.


Why Do Vans Get So Much Criticism?

The main reason why Vans get so much criticism is it’s evergrowing popularity despite being a flat, zero-drop sneaker. Though these sneakers were first designed for skateboarding, they became casual shoes gradually for their versatile use.

Vans are flexible, and you can pair them with any kind of casual outfit.

So, at first, they are very comfortable, but when you wear them for longer hours or walks, that’s when they start to hurt.

This is another reason why people give negative reviews.

Some users also complained about the color fades quickly, and thus their shoes looked cheap.

The sizing is also another issue brought by users. According to them, Vans run half a size bigger. Some enjoyed this malfunction, while others were not so happy at all.

Furthermore, you’ll not get so many variations in sizing. That’s the major issue when to try fitting Vans for your feet.

Check out our separate post to know what Is the return policy for Vans.

Can You Wear Vans All Day?

You can wear Vans all day long without any issues if you choose the right model and accurate size for yourself. There are many options, and their features target specific activities like skating, daily wear, etc.

With the clever shoe choice, you can enjoy Vans to it’s fullest.

If you love Vans sneakers and your job requires longer times on your feet, you can still enjoy your favorite shoes at your workplace.

As I mentioned earlier, Vans has a line named ComfyCush, which has cushioned outsole and a comfy insole. These shoes provide arch support, making them ideal for wearing all day.

can-you-wear-vans-all-dayThe Rapidweld  Vans are another good option to wear all day.

The ultra cush midsole, flexible upper and improved outsole made them lightweight and comfortable enough for your long hours.

Read more to know how long does Vans take to refund money.


Are Vans Bad For Your Back?

If you are suffering from back pain, Vans are the last shoes you want to wear. These zero-drop sneakers don’t provide any support that can ease your pain.

Can Vans Hurt Your Knee?

Vans can worsen your Knee condition. Because every time you do long-term activities, there will be a lot of pressure on your knees as your shoes won’t provide much support.

Are Vans Bad For Flat Feet?

Yes, Vans are not the ideal shoes for people with flat feet. You won’t get any arch support which is a must-have feature of shoes for this condition.

Are Vans Bad For Toddlers?

Yes, Vans are bad for Toddlers as they can’t give the proper support that a growing toddler needs. These are not so good for them.

Final Words

Vans are good to go while using as a daily sneaker. Though you can wear them regularly, they will hurt your feet if worn for a long time.

So, choose specific models that provide better cushioning and comfort to avoid such situations.

I think you got all the information you needed to make a better choice when you go to buy Vans shoes.

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