Are Nike Shoes Vegan [Truth Revealed]

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Vegans always have the tendency to skip animal-derived items in their lifestyle, whether it’s food items, clothing, or any other daily accessories.


That’s why, when they go shopping, they search for vegan shoes. Being a fan of Nike and a vegan lifestyle follower, you must wanna know does Nike have vegan shoes in their collection.

Let’s read ahead & get the answer to this question!

Are All Nike Shoes Vegan?

The majority of Nike sneakers are non-vegan and as per the authority, they are made of cruelty-free animal leather. But some vegan additions are available in Nike’s line, which is prepared from eco-friendly faux leather. These shoes are a great deal for vegans who are passionate about styling with Nike.

Shoes that include artificial leather and synthetic compounds instead of any animal-derived materials are considered vegan.

In general, the expensive brand Nike makes use of 8 common materials while manufacturing the footwear and they are –

  • Processed leather
  • Synthetic leather
  • Sustainable Cotton
  • EVA foam
  • Rubber Compounds
  • Recycled Polyester
  • Recycled Nylon
  • Flyknit

Nike skips the use of full-grain leather, processed leather, and animal-based glue in its vegan items.

In 2021, Nike introduced two vegan sneakers – the Space Hippie trainer and Pineapple Cork Air Force 1. Both versions were completely vegan and made from recycled waste materials.

The first one includes around 75% recycled compounds from waste plastic bottles, used T-shirts, and yarn scraps.

On the contrary, the upper, and outsole of Pineapple Cork AF1 were built with pineapple-leaf fiber and cork respectively.


These two properly-fitted basketball sneakers got massive popularity soon after launching. And so, they run out of stock rapidly. Aside from these two stylish vegan wears, Nike offers more options for their vegan lifestyle following consumers. Let’s check about those pieces right now!

Nike’s Best-Selling Vegan Shoes

Though Nike doesn’t avail a bunch of vegan collections, still the few vegan shoes are able to hold customers’ satisfaction for years. Let’s know some of the hyped vegan Nike’s:

Air Max 270 React Sneaker


The black & white color combination on the upper is so eye-catchy that you will never hesitate to invest $160 in this Air Max pair. It has a durable rubber coating out layer from heel to toe. The upper is made of soft vegan-friendly woven fabric.

Moreover, this piece ensures all-day comfort, flexibility, and smooth stride with its built-in Nike React technology.

Nike Tanjun

This trainer is designed with the motto – simplicity as its best. And you’re gonna realize this whenever you see the first glaze of this pair.


This budget-friendly and vegan (around $50 to $70) shoe consists of 20% recycled content, a mesh upper, and a waffle outsole.

Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature

One-half of this vegan wear is made with recycled contents and other parts contain Flyknit. The users get excellent traction with its waffle outsole and energy return from the responsive foamy layer in the midsole.

Therefore, miles of walking or running with this pair don’t let your feet feel exhausted. Rather, its sleek design cheers up the movement and encourages people to move ahead with confidence.


React Infinity Run Flyknit


This running item features entirely vegan and breathable Flyknit fabric. Its rubber outsole allows more traction on short and long routes. The interior is cushioned enough for the runners. And the shoe is available for both men and women.

But it’s not as cheap as Nike Tanjun. Around $170 has to be spent to get a pair of React Infinity Flyknit.

Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Premium


Looking for a vegan but different design from traditional Nike sneakers?

If so, go for the Premium Blazer Mid’77 which costs only $115. Its canvas-made upper, 10 eyelets, and sustainable lace closure give a signature outlook. Also, It offers a sock-like fit and winter-ready design.

Consequently, the demand for this shoe rises among sneaker heads and skaters, especially in winter.

Is Nike Leather Cruelty-free?

According to Nike, their sourced leather is Leather Working Group(LWG) certified. But they do not reveal the actual source of the collected leather, wool, and down feathers. Hence, you can’t say that Nike’s leather is entirely free of brutality.

LWG is a non-profit organization that specifies the limit of using raw leather in any clothing items or equipment. But it doesn’t ban the use of animal-originated compounds.

So, Nike utilizes animal-derived ingredients but maintains a standard level while doing it. It collects leather from tanneries and suppliers in China and Vietnam.

Besides, it gives more concentration on using environment-friendly components. Reducing the carbon footprint and waste to zero level is one of their major targets.

As a result, they are working on recycling waste materials such as plastics, textiles, fish nets, carpets, etc.

Is Air Jordan Vegan?

Air Jordans are made with genuine and synthetic leather, so they’re not vegan. Only the Jordan Flight Flex is considered vegan-friendly for being made of 100% synthetic elements. The upper, sole, and adhesive materials included in these sneakers are totally free from animal-evolved ingredients.

The vegan Jordan Flight Flex sneakers are made of faux leather. The shoes are lightweight and ultra-flexible, as the name implies.

These shoes have a separate fan base for being a part of the masterpiece Air Jordan series. Comfort, support, iconic design, and hype –all of those come with this training and running shoes of Flight Flex Jordan.

But compared to other Nike shoes, you will have to spend more pennies on the Vegan Jordan Flight Flex. Because Jordans are more expensive than Nike’s other footwear lineage.


Does Nike use real leather?

Nike uses both real and artificial leather in its clothing items. The genuine leather is sourced from China and Vietnam.

Does Nike use animal glue?

Nike used to apply animal-based glue in earlier times. But in 2015, the brand declared to eject all animal-sourced glue from their production.

Closing Thoughts

Both vegan and non-vegan shoe options are available in Nike’s fascinating collections.

But as a vegan, I know you really don’t wanna move with the non-vegan foot gear, even though they look stunning on your feet. Rather, choose any vegan-friendly options from Nike’s basket and stride on.

For any further queries, reach out to me through the comment section.

Have a good day!

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