Are Brooks Good For Hiking? [Know Before Buying]

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Brooks is 108 years old running shoe brand. They are well known for making high-quality running shoes. But buying brooks or taking your old Brooks for your upcoming trek will be the ideal choice!- Might be your big concern.


As a long-time trekker, I will disclose whether Brooks can be your hiking partner or you have to skip it.

So don’t delay; read the article and decide on your next trekking shoe.

Can I Wear Brooks For Hiking?

Yes, you can wear your running brook shoe as your trek partner. But as a professional trekker, I suggest people buy proper hiking shoes. Let me clear you up by giving an example.

You can wear your basketball shoe in a football match, but your shoe needs to be more proper as a football requirement. You might get injured by wearing the wrong shoe on a football court. The same thing goes for hiking.

And another thing is, nothing is beyond your comfort. You can go with your running shoe if you feel protected enough and comfy with them on the trail. But some essential features should be included in your running shoe, which is important for hiking.

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Are Brooks Good For Hiking?

Yes, you can go hiking with specific Brooks shoes. However, Brook is a top brand in the running shoe world, but some of their models have some essential features that are vital in a hiking shoe. Brooks Cascadia 16, Brooks Caldera 6, and Brooks Cascadia 16 GTX  these models are moderate hiking shoes.

Let’s know the features that make brook a hiking shoe and the drawbacks.

What Makes Brooks A Hiking Shoe

Hiking is one of the most adventurous recreational activities. But without protection, hiking is also risky. The most important thing is a proper hiking shoe, which helps to reduce foot stress and keep your body balanced on elevation.

Let’s know which features of Brook protect you in hiking and will make your journey more adventurous without worrying about injuries.

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Comfort is always on top priority for every type of shoe. And when it comes to hiking shoes, it’s a must-have thing. Walking on uneven trails for a long time is stressful for our feet. So a shoe that provides comfort on elevation is wanted.

Brooks is a super comfortable shoe with sufficient cushioning and is very lightweight, giving you less stress on your feet and good support during hiking.


Hiking on a summer day is pleasant if you have breathable shoes. It is so uncomfortable to hike with sweaty legs.

Brooks shoes are breathable. Maximum of Brooks shoes are made with a mesh upper, which offers good air circulation and keeps your feet sweat-free for a long time.


Nothing is more uncomfortable than trailing with wet shoes. Not only painful, but it is also unhealthy for our feet. Walking with damp shoe destroy our delicate feet tissue.

Brooks update models are moderately water-resistant. So trail on muddy surfaces or in wet weather, wearing brooks keeps your feet dry.

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Which Features Make Brooks Not A Hiking Shoe

Since Brooks is not a hiking shoe, it only covers some capabilities of an ideal hiking shoe. It has some significant drawbacks, which make it not suitable for hiking.

Let’s know 3 major reasons for why Brooks is not an ideal hiking shoe:


Hiking is not walking on a smooth surface. You have to walk and climb on the uneven landscape. And for that, you need good traction on your feet. A shoe that provides maximum traction on a slippery, muddy, and rough surface is the first thing you require in your trekking shoe.

For a hiking shoe, Brooks needs more traction on their sole, which is a significant drawback of Brooks shoes.

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Maximum running shoes have a narrow toe box, and Brooks is the same. The roomy toe box provides good support and is also suitable for hiking. But a long walk with brooks on uneven terrains will give you blisters or other injuries. For hiking purposes, you need a spacious toe box where you can lay your feet to relax.

Tough to Clean

During hiking, your shoe gets dirty very quickly. After hiking, it’s a hassle to clean your shoe. As Brooks is made with mesh, it gets dirt or stains easily. And mesh upper is a little tough to clean properly. So be careful wearing Brooks, especially on muddy landscapes.

Brooks is a fantastic shoe; it has some quality to use as a hiking shoe. But for Critical hiking, you should avoid this.

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Are Brooks Only For Running?

The brand Brooks produces high-quality running shoes. And their shoes are perfect for running. But there are no bindings to wear Brooks for your morning walk or casual hangout if you are comfortable with it.

Are Brooks Water-Resistant?

Brooks has two water-resistant models. Brooks Ghost 14 GTX and Brooks Cascadia 16 GTX are suitable for running in the rain.


Brooks has dominated the running shoe world for a century, so obviously they produce good quality shoes.

In this article, I have explained some features that make the running beast Brooks a hiking shoe and its disadvantages. After reading the content, you should be clear about the capability of Brooks as a hiking shoe.

Now I hope you can take your decision easily. For any queries, leave a comment below.

Happy traveling!

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