Allen Edmonds Vs. John Lobb: Which One’s For You? [2024]

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If you are into shoes, especially dress shoes, there is no way that you don’t know Allen Edmonds and John Lobb. They’re both leading brands when it comes to elegant dress shoes with top-notch quality.

When choosing between the two, you must know all the factors that play a role in the shoe’s quality and integrity.


To make the decision making easier for you, I have gathered all the information about Allen Edmonds and John Lobbs right here in this article.

So, keep reading till the end to know which one you should get for yourself.

Allen Edmonds Vs John Lobb: Which One’s For You?

When it comes to buying a pair of formal dress shoes, the brand you are choosing plays a pivotal role because of their signature style, materials, and techniques used to build the shoes from scratch.

And nonetheless, both Allen Edmonds and John Lobb are two exemplary footwear brands.

When choosing between them, at first sight, the primary differences between the boots are very scarce. They look almost identical.

However, there are some differences that set apart one brand from another.

Taking into consideration all the customer reviews and online research, I think it is safe to say that Allen Edmonds shoes are the better option between the two.

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Allen Edmonds is the better choice between the two. Their shoes are made of the finest materials, and so are the John Lobb shoes – but the Allen Edmonds come at a comparatively lower price, providing the same first-class quality and brilliant designs.

Allen Edmonds’ shoes are handcrafted with the finest leather to provide the utmost comfort and style to the user.

They have a great balance between elegant and chic, working together to spruce up your look.

Using top-notch resources, equipment, and fully trained personnel, they make their shoes with full dedication and attention to detail.

Their shoes are roomy, comfortable, and cozy. Wearable in almost all types of weather, you can dom them to your special event regardless of where you are.material-used-for-the-upper

All this does not discredit John Lobb’s shoes because they are also excellent shoes, but according to customers, Allen Edmonds’ is the clear winner.

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Allen Edmonds Vs John Lobb: Similarities and Differences

Now that you know which brand you should get between Allen Edmonds and John Lobb, it’s time you know the similarities and differences between the two.

To make the right decision, it is important to know how the similarities and differences affect the output.

Similarities Between Allen Edmonds and John Lobb

There are quite a few similarities between shoes manufactured by Allen Edmonds and John Lobb.

It is to the point where their shoes look almost identical to someone unfamiliar with the specialties of each brand.

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Here are the similarities between Allen Edmonds and John Lobb:

Material Used For The Upper

The materials used for making their shoes are carefully picked and inspected to ensure that there are no imperfections in them – this aspect is the same for both the brands.

To build the upper of their shoes they use similar materials. Both the companies make use of original and synthetic leather to manufacture different parts of their shoes, especially the uppers.

The high quality material used to manufacture their boots gives them the ultimate top-notch look.


For both Allen Edmonds and John Lobb, high quality materials are used to manufacture the soles of their shoes.

As you know, soles are a crucial part of shoes, they are responsible for the comfort, grip, and durability of the shoes.

So, using high quality rubber and leather, varying the composition and combination, both Allen Edmonds and John Lobb produce long lasting shoes, that provide an excellent grip ensuring optimum comfort and safety of the wearer.

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Removable Insoles

Allen Edmonds and John Lobb, both manufacture shoes with removable insoles.

Removable insoles are very important because in case the insoles do not fit as well despite having the correct size, or if the insole gets damaged somehow, instead of changing the entire shoe, you can simply replace the insoles.

This feature is available for both brands.

Intricate Design

Since they are competitive companies, you would think their uppers would be drastically different or dramatic in themselves to stand out to the customers – but that is not the case for Allen Edmonds and John Lobb.

Both the companies have intricate stitches on the upper of their shoes, giving them the most elegant and aesthetic look. No wonder they look almost the same at first sight!

Spacious Interior

As I have mentioned before, Allen Edmonds’ shoes are pretty big and roomy on the inside, giving the wearer a lot of foot space. And as you can guess, John Lobb’s shoes are pretty spacious as well.

Both the brands provide enough room inside the boots to comfortably fit your foot without having to cramp the toes (which is a common problem with many dress shoes). The space inside the boots is just right to accommodate your feet and then secure and perfect the fit using shoelaces.

Silk Laces

Given the spacious interior and high quality upper of both the brands – the shoelaces play a pivotal role in perfecting the fit of their shoes.

And even in this factor, none of them disappoint.

They both come with silk laces to secure the shoes in place. Both the companies use silk to make their shoelaces, and the material works its wonders in holding the eyelets together.

The silk laces are durable and firm – they secure the fit without breaking or cutting, which are common problems faced with other types of laces.

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Differences Between Allen Edmonds and John Lobb

Now that you know the similarities between Allen Edmonds and John Lobbs, let me tell you the differences between the shoes and the two companies, as that will play the leading role in the decision making process.

Here are the differences between Allen Edmonds and John Lobb:

John Lobb Are Made In England And Allen Edmonds Are Made In The USA

Despite looking and feeling so similar, the manufacturing country is different for the two brands.

John Lobb’s are made in Northampton, England, while Allen Edmonds are manufactured in Port Washington, Wisconsin, USA.john-lobb-are-made-in-england-and-allen-edmonds-are-made-in-the-usa

However, regardless of the country of origin, they both produce high quality shoes.

Allen Edmonds Uses Goodyear Welt But John Lobb Uses Leather

Even though the companies use similar materials for the upper of their shoes, the type of material used is quite different for them.

The material used by John Lobb is 90% leather, while the one used by Allen Edmonds is a special type of leather called Goodyear welt.

The Goodyear welt is durable and softer than pure leather, making it more comfortable than the John Lobb 90% leather shoes.

John Lobb Are More Expensive Than Allen Edmonds

When it comes to buying shoes, the price tag plays a significant role.

And it’s not always necessary that the bigger the tag better the service because that’s the case for these two companies.john-lobb-are-more-expensive-than-allen-edmonds

John Lobb shoes are much more expensive than Allen Edmonds. Maybe this is owing to the fact that their shoes are 90% leather – their prices start from 1000 dollars.

Yes, Allen Edmonds are also expensive shoes, but when you compare the prices, John Lobb is comparatively more expensive despite providing shoes that are very, very similar.

Allen Edmonds Provides Superior Customer Service

Customer care is very important to maintain a brand image and improve customer satisfaction. In this case, Allen Edmonds takes the crown because their customer care service is excellent.

They have a policy of repairing shoes instead of replacing them for their loyal customers.

In fact, if there’s a problem, they repair the shoes, whether it’s the soles or the heels, absolutely free of cost. Now, who wouldn’t love that service!


If you want high quality shoes, Allen Edmonds and John Lobb are both excellent choices – but between the two, Aleen Edmonds is the better option. It is the one you should go for.

Despite providing top-notch quality, Allen Edmonds come in a much affordable price range as opposed to John Lobb shoes.

So, getting Allen Edmond would be the wisest option, giving you the right blend of quality and affordability!

I hope this article has been helpful for you. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave them in the comments below.

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