Adidas Stan Smiths Vs Superstars [Differentiating Features]

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With a pair of Adidas sneakers, every outfit becomes presentable, thanks to their simple and chic design. And there are many models on that list. Among them, Adidas Superstars and Stan Smith are on the front line.


But when it comes to selecting only one pair, the dilemma is real.

In this article, I will pave your way to choose the right Adidas shoe and highlight their differences along the way.

So, keep reading.

Difference Between Adidas Superstars & Stan Smiths

In the sneaker culture, Superstar inevitably became the sensational influence as the first low-top basketball shoe since its debut in 1969. And soon took its place in the glamorous fashion world, including the hip-hop sector.

Superstar rocked many concerts with the rap group Run-D.M.C.


Adidas Stan Smith is also not lagging. From Kanye West to supermodels seems to love the buttery soft white shoe with kelly-green stripes.

This sneaker soon became the best-selling of Adidas because of its versatility and simplicity. However, it was launched as a tennis shoe in 1971.

Stan Smith still hasn’t lost its charm.

Let’s find the dissimilarities between Adidas Stan Smith & Superstar:

1. Material & Design

The main difference between any two shoe models from the same mother company starts with their building materials and designs.

Both sneakers are made from high-quality leather. But now Stan Smith comes mostly in synthetic leathers. This model also has a full-length boost sole which makes it sleeker.

The minimalistic design of Stan Smith shoes is all clean and simple. This pair replaces the iconic three strips with three lines engraved by tiny holes. A perfect way of ventilation.

Moreover, the portrait of the great tennis player Stan Smith on the tongue adds a different look.

If you are concerned about the fit of your Stan Smith, check the Adidas shoe fitting guide for a clear idea.

Though some critics think it’s unnecessary, and the way Adidas incorporated the structure causes imbalance.

The main difference between Superstar and Stan Smiths is the shell toe of Superstars that no other sneaker has. This pair comes with a three-stripe design, which blends well with the thicker shoelaces.

On the tongues, it has the Adidas trefoil logo.

Also, Superstar is made of all-leather; they still stick to original materials, unlike Stan Smith.

This version has sewn seams and rubber outsole to provide traction.

Additionally, if you are into skating, before your trial, find out if Adidas Superstar is suitable for skating.

2. Comfort

Comfort is another priority when it comes to choosing a good pair of sneakers.

Adidas Superstar is more comfortable than Stan Smith. The main reason is the thin rubber midsole. Stan Smith is pretty light compared to Superstar, providing less cushion under your feet.

My sister has flat feet, and she didn’t like her Stan Smith experience at all, as it hurts after walking for a short period of time.

Another comfort issue is the tongue. It has minimal padding and sticks out constantly, which is another discomforting factor for Stan. Though my sister didn’t have any issues regarding it.

Moreover, if you are into other sneakers like Keds, don’t forget to check how comfortable Keds are to avoid any foot issues later.

3. Price

The timeless iconic Stan Smith costs around $85, which as an Adidas sneaker quite budget-friendly. In contrast, Superstar shoes cost around 100 dollars.

I recently bought a pair of Superstar Bonega shoes for my upcoming birthday. And I paid $115. Quite expensive. But the quality, materials, and comfort it came with, it’s worth every penny though I had to save for two months.

Undoubtedly, Adidas shoes’ manufacturing cost contributes to their pricing. And the service they provide outstands the price.

4. Versatility

Another reason Adidas sneakers are still in demand is their versatility; jeans, dresses, and even suits go well with these shoes smoothly.

Now let’s see which pair wins the versatility test. Adidas Superstar is more versatile, as I saw my sister’s experience and mine. This sneaker is super comfy, and I always pair them with my casual outfits.

They look effortless and sleek.


On the other hand, Stan Smith comes in solid colors; they are less versatile than Superstars. There are various fun designs but those are only suitable for specific dresses.

5. Sizing

In sizing, both Superstar and Stan Smith run big. But the newest Superstar sneaker’s size has changed, and they are more snugly fitted than before.

That means you can buy your actual size. If you have wide feet, you must go half to one size up for a perfect fitting.

However, Stan Smith typically runs big, yet they are true to size. Moreover, you need to size down to achieve a snug fit. And for those who like a roomy feeling, only going down half a size will solve their problem.

If you still need clarification about which size you should buy, you can compare the sizing of Adidas and Nike to get your pair.

To be more satisfied, you can also check the Converse shoe’s sizing against Adidas for a more clear concept.

Pros and Cons of Adidas Stan Smiths & Superstars

There is no footwear without its positive side and weaknesses. For a better understanding, you need to know both sides. Adidas sneakers are top notch yet not 100% perfect.

Let’s find out the strengths and weaknesses of Superstars and Stan Smith shoes:

Adidas Stan Smiths

  • »Budget-friendly.
  • »Several color opinions.
  • »Minimal design.
  • »Less cushioning.
  • »Runs big.
  • »Synthetic leather materials.

Adidas Superstars

  • »More comfortable.
  • »Various color options.
  • »Versatile.
  • »Durable.
  • »Runs true to size.
  • »Less budget-friendly.
  • »Higher price range.


With Adidas shoes, there are hardly a few cons. Superstar is the ideal pick if you are looking for a practical solid sneaker that you can pair with most of your outfits. These shoes are comfortable to walk and wear for a longer time.

The price is high but worth it.


On the contrary, Stan Smith is a good choice for regular wear. These shoes have thin padding and are suitable for daily use and chores.

You can pick any of these shoes according to your preference. And if needed, go for both of them.


What is so special about Adidas Stan Smith?

The most special factor about Adidas Stan Smith is these sneakers don’t have the iconic Adidas three strips on the sides.

Is Stan Smith and Superstar the same?

No, Stan Smith and Superstar are not the same. Though they are both from Adidas, they are different in terms of sizing, materials, comfort, and pricing.

Why is Adidas Superstar so popular?

Adidas Superstar is famous for its versatile and sleek appearance. Since renowned basketball fame Kareem Abdul- Jabbar collaborated with the brand and wore this shoe, its popularity is rising.

Final Words

When it comes to sustainable and practical footwear, Adidas always keeps up. The same goes for Superstar and Stan Smith shoes. Both of them are ideal on their own and have their own individual benefits.

Though pricy, Superstar stands for its features, and Stan Smith is a wonderful pair for daily rough use.

That’s all about these hyped Adidas sneakers. Thanks for keeping up!

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