Where Are Converse Made? [Manufacturing Info with FAQs]

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You might be expecting to purchase Chuck Taylor or All-Star BB, which is made in the USA.

But unfortunately, the US does not make Converse shoes anymore.


“My goodness! So, who is making the authentic Converse nowadays?” I know the question is hovering in your mind right now.

Well, I’m gonna reveal the answer to you in this write-up. Stay tuned to know about the countries that make classic Converse.

Where Are Real Converse Manufactured?

The talented artisans make real Converse shoes across a large part of Asia. China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and India are the countries where the sneakers are manufactured. So, don’t overthink if you see a label other than ‘Made in USA’ on your Converse.


In spite of being made in those countries, Converse shoe production quality and standards have not dropped at all.

They avail the same classic look with medial eyelets, flexible canvas, ortholite cushioned interior, and a wide range of colorways for their users.

This has been possible because US designers still develop design ideas for Converse. Saying more appropriately, the creative designers of mighty Nike work to build different styles of Converse shoes, such as high tops, low tops, lace up, etc.

Since 2003, Nike has owned converse. Though it has continued shoe production in Asia, the renowned brand performs the selling and other significant tasks.


One thing you must wanna know is – why did Converse stop being made in the USA and shifted overseas?

Actually, the company faced bankruptcy in 2001. Consequently, the authority had to close down the production in March. But Converse didn’t stop at all. They turned around to the regions of Asia where Ugg boots are made i.e. China, Vietnam, and so on. This initiative results in relatively low labor costs and manufacturing expenses.

That’s how the everlasting silhouette has survived in the footwear industry. And right now, Converse is coveted for people of all ages, including artists, musicians, and dreamers.

Are Converse Made in Vietnam Better than China?

No, Vietnam-made Converse shoes aren’t better than China’s in any aspect. However, you may notice that more Converse in the markets has the Made in Vietnam tag. It’s due to the low tariff of Vietnam compared to China. But that doesn’t mean the quality of one is better than the other.

Official factories of Converse are located in both China and Vietnam. Workers from these areas try their best to fabricate trendy Converse.


They use cotton canvas, leather, and suede to prepare comfortable sneakers.

After refining the raw materials, they are stitched together to make a shoe. The next step is to process the rubber through the Vulcanized System.

The sticky natural rubber is turned into a durable form in this segment. Finally, the non-slip outsole of Converse and the upper are decently combined to form the shape of a sneaker.


That’s how the grippy outsole and a complete pair of Converse are made in factories across China, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and others.

So, whether your Converse is manufactured in China or Vietnam, no worries about the features and quality as long as you buy authentic sets from trustworthy sites.


When Did Converse Start Making Shoes in Vietnam?

It was 2003 when Converse officially started making shoes in Vietnam. At the same time, Nike took charge of the bankrupt Converse company.

Are Converse Made in Sweatshops?

Converse shoes are made in sweatshops, this notion isn’t at all impossible. Because workers have various allegations against the supervisors and authority of Converse. It includes kicking the employees, throwing shoes at their faces, and offering very low wages for long hours (only 50 cents per hour).

Which Country Makes the Best Converse Shoes?

It’s hard to say who makes the best Converse. Because the designers, machines, and shoe fabricating process is the same in all official factories, no matter which country it belongs to.

How Much Does It Cost to Make A Pair of All-Stars?

On average, the manufacturing cost is $8, the shipping cost is $2, and the import tax is around $5. So the total cost is almost 15 US dollars.

Parting Thoughts

So, we have got you covered on the topic of where the original Converse shoes are made. In a word, it’s around a broad region of Asia.

I always recommend purchasing from reliable outlets or an online marketplace. Otherwise, you may end up buying the fake Converse even though those pairs can be labeled with the country name I’ve mentioned in this precise content.

If you’ve any additional queries, just drop them in the comment section.

Till then, stay safe and keep an eye to get new information regarding your desired footwear.

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