How To Wear A Boot Knife With Cowboy Boots

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Doesn’t it look classy to wear a boot knife with an exotic pair of cowboy boots?

Boot knives are meant to keep you protected in an unknown environment. However, if you wear the knife boot in the wrong way, rather than protecting yourself, you might hurt yourself.

So to help you, I have tried to explain the most seamless and quick steps of wearing a boot knife with cowboy boots through this article.

Read thoroughly and I promise you will get all the necessary ideas for choosing boots and boot knives and how to match

How To Wear A Boot Knife With Cowboy Boots?

It is also very important to know how to wear a boot knife properly. Wearing the knife in an improper way can even injure you.

So how to wear a boot knife with cowboy boots?

Firstly, wear cowboy boots and tuck your jeans into them; insert the sheath on your cowboy boots and walk around a bit so that you feel comfortable. And then place the knife in the sheath. Now check how smoothly you can take the knife out of the sheath.

Now that you know how to wear a boot knife, decide whether you will wear the boot knife inside or outside of the cowboy boots.

If you want to carry the knife inside, then make sure the sheath is made of leather. And if you want to keep the knife outside, then go for nylon or plastic sheath.

Make sure your calf is not uncomfortably tight; there should be enough space to insert the knife. If you feel the calf is too tight, then you can attach the knife outside the boot.

For extra protection, don’t forget to wear your socks; they will protect your feet from injury.

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How To Select The Correct Cowboy Boots?

You just don’t wear a boot knife with cowboy boots for fashion, but it keeps you protected from any sort of danger in an unknown environment.

And hands down, cowboy boots are a perfect choice to wear a boot knife.

However, not all cowboy boots are designed to carry boot knives, and some don’t even have any space to carry boot knives.

So the most important thing is to choose the proper cowboy boots that have enough space to fit a boot knife.

There is a vast collection of cowboy boots, and choosing the right one can be a bit tricky. If you are buying cowboy boots from a physical shoe store, then you can simply ask the shopkeeper which cowboy boots are perfect for carrying boot knives.

But if you purchase cowboy boots online, then you should check on a few factors.

At first, get a pair of cowboy boots that are sturdy and have high mobility. Look for boots with a low heel, square or round toe, and the shaft isn’t too high.

Additionally, the leather around the calf should be loose-fitting rather than too tight so that there is enough space to insert the boot knife.

If the cowboy boot is boot knife friendly, then there must be a strap inside the boot that will allow you to carry the knife.

And if the boot doesn’t have any strap, then you can ask the vendor to attach one.

Among all the brands, Stockman and western work boots are a perfect choice for cowboy boots. Their cowboy boots are very durable, render high mobility, and most importantly these boots are very comfortable, which reduces the fatigue of your feet on long trips.

Below are the best three pairs of cowboy boots that can perfectly carry a boot knife:

ARIAT Men’s Rambler Western Boot

ARIAT Rambler western boot is undoubtedly a win-win deal if you love boot knives and cowboy boots.

The earthy tone and cracked design of these boots definitely make them look very attractive and stylish.

The heel measures approximately 1.5 inches and 10.5 inches of the shaft from the arch, which is perfect for carrying a boot knife.

The boots feature ATS technology which includes a gel-cushioned footbed with a heel stabilizer that provides maximum support and stability and promises utmost comfort all day long.

Additionally, the Duratread outsole makes sure the outsole is highly flexible and slip-resistant.

The boot has a built-in strap, so you can easily keep your boot knife inside or outside the boots.

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Wolverine Men’s Rancher Work Boot


If you have a fascination with boot knives and cowboy boots, then definitely Wolverine Men’s Rancher work boot is an option you should look at.

The boots are made from 100% leather which makes them very sturdy and durable. Thanks to the Goodyear welt construction, which renders additional strength to challenging trails.

The 11.5 inches shaft is a perfect feature to carry your boot knife; neither the shaft is too high nor too low.

ARIAT Sport Patriot Western Boot

A big yes to ARIAT sport patriot western boot for its exotic design and distressed style. These boots are designed with a unique American flag and camo pattern, which makes them very attractive.

The boots are hard-wearing and durable since they are made with full-grain leather. Additionally, the boots have a synthetic air mesh lining which lets the feet breathe and keep them cool and comfortable.

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How To Choose The Right Boot Knife?

Just like cowboy boots, not all boot knives are suitable to carry with your cowboy boots. You cannot just pick any size of boot knife; you have to be very specific about the length of the blade, its material, and the sheath of the knife.

Usually, the knife length comes between 2-5.5 inches. While purchasing a boot knife, make sure the length of the blade must be less than 5 inches.

The size of the knife is very important; it should be small enough to fit inside the cowboy boots.

Ensure the material of the boot knife before buying. The knife material should be strong and long-lasting. Also, make sure the sheath is made from good quality leather and sturdy enough so that it doesn’t make the knife slip out.

A durable sheath will keep your feet protected from any injuries.

Here are the best boot knives to go with cowboy boots:

Smith and Wesson SWHRT9B

Smith and Wesson SWHRT9B is one of the best boot knives and ranked as the best seller on Amazon.

The knife has a blade length of 4.7 inches and 7.7 ounces which is a perfect length and weight for a boot knife. As the knife is very lightweight, it is very easy to hold and accessible.

Kershaw Secret Agent 4007

Kershaw Secret Agent 4007 is a perfect boot knife for its size and durability. It has a blade length of 4.4 inches, not too large nor too small, but an ideal size of a boot knife.

This knife is easy to access, light, sharp and powerful; it includes all the features that a boot knife should have.

The unique feature which makes the Kershaw Secret Agent 4007 an ideal one is its handle. The knife handle is reinforced with synthetic polymer and covered with rubber which ensures a secure grip and prevents slipping.

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At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security if carrying a boot knife makes you confident enough and provides maximum safety, then why not carry it in your cowboy boots. Along with security, it will definitely make you look charismatic.

But make sure you follow the correct ways of wearing a boot knife with your cowboy boots, or else you can face serious injury.

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