Vans Ward Vs Old Skool [6 Key Differences with Pros & Cons]

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While you are expecting to buy a pair of skate sneakers, then Vans shoes are the leading option for all skaters.

But, the distraction comes when you have to choose between two different pattern kicks, like Vans Ward and Old Skool, from the same parent brand. Moreover, the confusion became harder when Both shoes had unbeatable top-notch features.

vans-ward-vs-old-skoolIn this article, I’m gonna show you the distinctive features of both brands, which will help you decide easily.

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First Impression Of Vans Old Skool

Old skool is the most iconic and popular line in the Vans brand. After their debut in 1977, they are the most thriving skate sneakers in the footwear field.

first-impression-of-vans-old-skoolIt’s famous for it’s special leather panel with premium features, giving the most durability. This shoe style is incorporated into the street style design with the top-ranked feature. Old skool created a huge craze in the 90s for its highlighted stitching.

The Vans Old Skool sneaker offers the best grip and the ultimate level of comfort for skateboarders.

First Impression Of Vans Ward

Vans ward is like a twin brother of old skool. After 4 decades, vans release their ultimate skate line sneaker within an affordable budget.


Coincidently, this lineup also gathers huge love from Vans’ prominent customers. Vans Ward mainly creates a sensational craze in youngsters because they find the same comfort and classy look at a minimum price.

Actually, they are famous as low-top sneakers with smooth lining.

With an open eye, you must think it’s a replica of an Old Skool, but the Ward is an authentic Vans model, published in august 2020.

Old School Vs Vans Ward: 6 Key Differences

Vans Ward is quite similar to the iconic skate model Old Skool and their features and appearance might be puzzling you.

Along with their similarities, they also have many differences too. However, those differences are not that major. But if you examine carefully, you will find a few subtle divergences along with the jazz stripes.

Let’s take a look at the differences between Old Skool and Vans Ward:

1. Comfort Level

These iconic sneakers are wrapped with suede leather and canvas upper. Vans also incorporated the rubber sole and cushioning footbed for extra comfort.

However, according to customers’ previews, vans old skool offers a comfortable step from the first day, while the ward gives you top-notch comfort after the break-in period.

So you need to wait a few days for enjoyment if you pick Wards.

To know more about Vans being a comfortable pair, read our other article specially written on comfort.

2. Price Range

Shoes are comparable to the north and south poles in terms of both vans’ price ranges. Whereas the Old Skool charges $70 per pair, the Ward only charges $55 dollar.

So, for vans ward, you can buy branded, rich-featured shoes at a minimum cost. In this sector, Wards are the clear winner for me.

3. Ankle Support

These vulcanized shoes come with a rubber outsole that provides you with a stable step. They have distinctive ankle support and grip for skateboarders.

ankle-support-of-vansThe new skate shoe Vans Ward has a thinner cushioning collar than the Vans old skool. These plush, thick collars provide the best ankle support.

4. Design Variations

Actually, the design or outlook is the major difference between Vans ward and Vans old skool. According to their outward appearance, they are fairly similar, so if you want to purchase any one of them, you might be confused.

But once you are aware of these identical design variations, you can find the ones you want.

Here are the major design variations of both Vans:


The most identical exterior design difference is the tongue of the shoe. The Ward has a printed tongue, although the traditional old skool does not.

ward-has-printed-tongueThere is no distinctive design in the Old Skool.


The seams on two pairs of Vans skate sneakers also give them different outside appearances. When you look a bit closer, you can see the difference.

Jazz Stripe

The jazz stripe is the most iconic and famous difference between both Vans shoes. There is a white stitch in the toe box area of the old skool, but there are none in the Vans ward.

In the old skool, there is another stitch hidden beneath the jazz stripe.

When it comes to design and styling, Vans are the classic options. You can style them with every outfit, whether younger or older. Read this to know if you can wear Vans in your 50s!

5. Sole

You notice a little more variance in soles after design variation. Vans old skool and Vans ward have distinctive changes in the outsole and insoles.

Let’s examine the differences between the two shoes’ soles:


Both pairs of Vans sneakers come in distinct hues; the Old Skool has a white footbed, while the Vans Ward has a black footbed. The interior of the vans is also printed in addition to the tongue.


Waffle soles are often found on all vans models, although old skool vans also come with a light brownish sole. At the same time, the Vans Ward offers the deeper one.

The color and texture of both soles are different from each other.

6. Availability

Last but not the least, for me, it’s a very selective difference in both shoes. Unlike Vans Old Skool, which is solely available at Vans’ official stores and websites, Vans Ward is available in the local shoe market.

Many of their frequent customers mistakenly believe the Ward to be a duplicate due to this fact.

But after knowing the truth, many of them appreciate the availability.

However, read our previous content to know more about the return policy of Vans.

Vans Old Skool vs Vans Ward – Pros & Cons

Both the Vans Ward and the Vans Old Skool are well-known, top-rated skate sneakers. They have high-quality features with a stylish look. Despite all the unique advantages, they also have certain disadvantages.

Here are the major pros and cons of both shoes are listed below:

Vans Old Skool

  • »The stylish classic skool model blends with every outfit.
  • »Provide the ultimate comfort level with flexible movement.
  • »Due to the canvas upper, it’s perfect for all seasons, including hot summer days. It’s quite breathable than the other leather silhouette.
  • »This shoe is perfect for fashionistas because they come in a variety of hues.
  • »It also offers the true to size.
  • »They don’t need any break-in period for comfort and adjustment.
  • »For wide feet people, it is a little scratchy.
  • »They are only available in the van’s official stores.
  • »For the canvas fabric, the shoe may not last long.

Vans Ward

  • »They are the most budget-friendly ones, with fashionable appearances.
  • »You find this model in every shoe store in the local market.
  • »It also offers the best grip during skating.
  • »For the best comfort, you have to finish the break-in period.
  • »The shoe fits a little more snugly than the old skool.

Which One Should You Get?

If you are a student like me and pick budget-friendly shoes which blend with your every outfit, then you must pick the Vans Ward.

This lineup of vans starts a craze among the student community because of its affordable price and easy-to-purchase procedure. You just have to go to any type of shoe store and pick your perfect size.

On the other hand, if budget is not your concern, then pick the old skool because this silhouette has another level of top-notch features along with a fashionable appearance.

They are well-liked for their convenience and dependability. So you can blindly trust them, and they never break your trust.

But for me, where the budget is the main issue, Vans Ward is the clear winner.

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Are Vans Ward and Old Skool the same?

No, these are several Vans brand models. However, they look pretty similar to one another.

Are Vans Ward good for skating?

Yes. they are ideal shoes for skateboarding. They have a good grip and forcing ability which is the crucial feature of skate shoes.

Final line

I hope the knowledge I’ve provided will be useful to you while choosing between Wards and Old Skool. Maybe you already chose your desired one after inspecting the comparison chart.

Whichever model you choose, please let me know how it performs for you in the comment section.

Happy reading!

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