Thorogood Boots Sizing [Full-Size Chart With Proper Guide]

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Thorogood is manufacturing high-quality, comfortable work boots for almost 100 years.

They are so sincere about the quality of their products that you don’t have to bother about it. But before getting a Thorogood boot, you should be sure about sizing.

Some of their models run small and some run long. In this article, I am providing a proper guide to getting the perfect Thorogood boot.thorogood-boots-sizing

So, for knowing detail about Thorogood sizing, you have to hang on till the end!

Thorogood Boot Sizing

Finding the right pair in real life is quite difficult, but in the case of shoes, you can get your perfect fit by matching your shoe size in the size chart.thorogood-boot

Thorogood offers half-size options for both men and women. Almost all of their shoes are true to size. Sometimes it feels stiff if you have wider feet. So, properly measure your foot size and width before buying shoes online.

Some Thorogood men’s shoes are available in smaller sizes. These facilities are specially for women. Here I am also providing a size discussion for better understanding.

If you are a woman and wanna prefer to purchase a male one, take the two sizes down of women’s size. Let me clear things up, if your women’s shoe size is 6 take a male size 4.

Here I am providing a full chart with size conversation for men and women. Just measure your feet and get your perfect Thorogood shoe size easily from the chart.

Men's Sizes

Women's Sizes

Size Conversion


Shoe Size


Shoe Size



9 1/4"68 3/16"446
9 1/2"6.58 3/8"
9 5/8"78 1/2"557
9 3/4"7.58 3/4"
9 15/16"88 7/8"668
10 1/8"8.59 1/16"
10 1/4"99 1/4"779
10 7/16"9.59 3/8"
10 9/16"109 1/2"8810
10 3/4"10.59 11/16"8.58.510.5
10 15/16"119 7/8"9911
11 1/8"11.510"9.59.511.5
11 1/4"1210 3/16"101012
11 9/16"1310 5/16"10.5  
11 7/8"1410 1/2"11  
12 3/16"1510 11/16"11.5  
12 1/2"1610 7/8"12  
If you have wider leg, no worries, Thorogood has already prepared wider size options for you. They have up to 6E width size which is applicable for 4 ⅞’’ width feet’s people.

Here is the width chart of the Thorogood boot:

Shoe WidthInchesShoe WidthInches
AA3 1/4"E4 1/8"
A3 7/16"EE or W4 5/16"
B or N3 5/8"EEE or XW4 1/2"
C3 13/16"4E or H4 11/16"
D or M4"6E4 7/8"

Do Thorogood Run True To Size?

Thorogood claimed that their boots are true to size. Though Thorogood has a lot of design variants, sometimes sizes differ from design to design. Thorogood’s boots are mainly divided into three design segments, lace-up, Pull-on, and Safety toe boots.thorogood-size

Like other boots with a safety toe, Thorogood safety toe boots also run half size larger. But lace-up Thorogood boots are true to size. You can easily adjust your boot with the given lacing system. But when you wanna pick a pull-on pair. Try to take a wider size if you have wide feet.

Sometimes wearing socks can be a reason to feel a little stiff, though you’re wearing the right size. Some socks are too thick that you can feel your boot is a little tight, then you have to pick a larger size. If you usually wear thick socks before buying, try your boot with your socks.

Moreover, wearing shoes without socks is not a good habit, so always pair your boots with socks to protect your foot from unwanted blisters.

Are Thorogood Good For Wide Feet?

Yes, Thorogood is a good choice for wide-feet people. Thorogood’s boots are one of the best work boot brands. Their main concept is to provide comfortable shoes for working people.are-thorogood-good-for-wide-feet

For work boots, a spacious toe box is an important feature. If your working boot’s toe box is  narrow, it will be uncomfortable for a prolonged period of standing.

Thorogood maximum boot’s toe box is wider. Even though, if you have wider feet and need extra space in your boots, Thorogood has that options too. So, the feet’s width could not restrict you from buying Thorogood boots.


World-class work boot Thorogood is a must-have for those who are working on their feet or want a great durable and comfy boot at the same time.

But without a proper fitting, you can’t get full advantage of this outstanding work boot. This content will guide you to select the perfect pair for your feet.

Hope you will have a great time with your Thorogood. For further queries, leave a comment below.


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