How Do Sorel Boots Fit [Guide for Buying a Right Size Boot]

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Lost at the sea with various opinions regarding the Sorel boots fit?

The boots are small, are large and whether the boots run large or small depends on the type and gender – all of these statements will surely confuse you.


Meanwhile, I experienced wearing some Sorel pairs and decided to share their fitting concepts with you.

So, let’s disclose actually how the Sorel Boots fit!

Do Sorel Boots Run Small Or Large?

Sorel boots run true to regular sneaker size, but it is slightly smaller than renowned boots from Dr. Martens, Red Wing, Timberland, and  Thursday. Additionally, people often complain that Women’s Sorel boots fit half a size small or half a size large.

While trying Sorel’s most popular items, Caribou and Tofino, I found they run a half-size large.

On the contrary, pairs from Conquest and the Joan of Arctic come in a 0.5 size small.

As a result, there are a lot of negative reviews against Sorel’s different sizing schemes.


To end this confusing size issue, the brand has developed its standard sizing chart, added half sizes, and attached that chart according to the foot length on its official website.

I have attached the authentic Sorel boots size list for your convenience. And if you select the shoe following the correct measurement of your feet, you won’t have to face any sizing issues with Sorel boots.

Here is the Sorel’s size catalog for Men & Women:


Here is the Sorel boots size for toddlers, children, and young:


Note: In this chart, the foot length is indicated in centimeters.

Should I Size up or down Sorel?

You really don’t need to go a size up or down in Sorel boots. Just properly measure your foot length and order the actual size. If the accurate length of your feet is not mentioned in the size guide, order the nearest bigger one.

Because it’s easier to adjust with a somewhat larger shoe by wearing socks.

Sorel boots are mostly known for their warm support in chilly weather and even in heavy snow. Thus, putting on a pair of merino woolen socks or any other fabric-made thick socks won’t be a great issue with these boots.

But it’s tough to deal with shoes that run smaller than your feet. They leave skinned raw, ligament inflammation, and sometimes immensely damage the tissue.


So before ordering online, just check the size guide of your targeted pair and confirm the actual size of your feet. And if you desire to collect the boots from the outlet, the process of picking the appropriate size is easier.

Do Sorel Boot Stretch?

The leather-made Sorel stretches out a bit with time as you wear them.  Consequently, the Conquest and Joan of Arctic series initially seem small, but gradually fit due to stretching. But the sturdy rubber and vamp-made boots do not stretch automatically at all.

Though Sorel is popular for premium winter boots, numerous Ankle boots, Sneaker boots, Rain & duck Boots, Lace-Up, Moc-Toe, and Wedge boots are available in this 60-year-old brand.

Due to their durability, attractive design variations, and reasonable price, these timeless silhouettes attract any aged boots enthusiast.


Most Sorel’s upper layer is made with full-grain leather which broads a bit with regular wear. But it is not a big concern as this slight enhancement doesn’t lead to any disturbance in the fitting.

However, if you don’t prefer this bit of stretching, just pick up the rubber-built Sorel boot which does not expand by itself unless you manually stretch those rubber boots.

How Do I Get My Sorel Boots to Fit Well?

Proper measurement of the feet and then purchasing the same size according to that estimation. These two steps are the most important for getting the perfect fit for Sorel or any other branded footwear. Also, check the size guide of the particular brand from which you are gonna buy shoes.


There was a time when numerous comments and negative feedback were seen regarding Sorel boots’ confusing shoe size.

However, that issue has been reduced to a minimum when the brand improved its size catalog.

I have already grabbed 4 pairs from Sorel and all of those are nicely suited to my feet for regular strolls. But are they good for hiking? Knowing the answer can cool down your scorching mind!

For now, let me assist you to purchase a well-fitted Sorel boot:

Step 1: Arrange a measurement tape and simply place your feet on a flat surface. If wearing shoes, take them off.

Step 2: Hold the starting point of the tape at the tip of the largest toe.

Step 3: Extend the tape to the foot end of the heel back.

Step 4: See the rating of the tape and note it down.

Step 5: Measure the width of your feet by placing the tape on a horizontal line from the biggest to the smallest toe.

Step 6: Write down or save the width rating in cm or inch. Now follow the same steps from 1-6 for the other foot.

If the measuring process seems tough to you, take help from your siblings or nearby ones.

How you will find the proper size boots with this noted rating?  To know this, jump to the next segment.

Do not measure your feet in the morning or after exercise. During this time leg remains somewhat swelled. And you will fail to obtain the proper foot shape. Rather, measure your feet at the end of the day or 1 hour before nap.

Shopping Guide

As you have already measured your feet, now follow the procedures mentioned below for online purchase:

  • Take a look at the attached size charts and find your own suitable size. For example, if you are a female and your foot length is between 23.9 to 24.3cm buy a pair that is 7.5 in US size.
  • You can also check Sorel’s official website for the size guide.
  • Select the pairs and colors which you wanna add to your wardrobe.
  • Now place your order just like anything ordering from other websites and get your standard Sorel boots.

When you’re buying from a nearby outlet, measuring the feet size isn’t so essential in that case.

Because it’s easy to try on different pairs and sizes and get the perfectly fitted boots when you buy from the shop.

Wrap Up

Now, your struggle to ascertain a standard size & fit guide for Sorel boots has come to an end.

So, without any confusion add any stylish addition of Sorel in your closet and explore the city wearing that pair.

Any further queries regarding Sorel boots?

If so, jump to the comment section and ask your questions there.

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