Should You Keep Shoes in the Box? [Experts' Point of View]

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Just like we use refrigerators for food storage, the shoebox is used for organizing footwear.

And more or less all people leave their huge shoe collection inside the boxes, thinking that the pairs will be safe from each possible harm.


But is this concept really true, or just an old wives’ tale?

Let’s dive into this write-up and reveal the truth!

Is It Okay to Keep Your Shoes in the Box?

Keeping them inside the shoe boxes is fair if you frequently (once a week) clean the stored pairs and expose them to the proper air circulation. Otherwise, storing for a long duration attracts moisture which leads to fungus growth, crack, creases, discoloration, and material damage.


Being a boots enthusiast and explorer at the same time, I own a bunch of Dr. Martens for traveling. Initially, I used to keep them inside cardboard boxes.

Once I noticed mold stains and cracks on the rarely used (twice or thrice a year) sets. The inner parts were falling apart, and a bad smell was releasing. Thus, I had to repair that cracked leather boots. Since then, I never skip following the maintenance of my shoes.

Wondering why the shoes got spots and crack even if it was inside the box?

Well, the main reason is – the shoes were unable to breathe! Moreover, the congested area, lack of air, moisture absorption, and growing mold make the shoes ruin faster.

The damage is not only caused by the cardboard box, but also by the lightweight plastic case and transparent perspex-type boxes.


Instead of opening each one, this type of case helps to determine from the outside which pair is contained inside. However, it also restricts airflow and harms the shoes if kept for a long time without any cleansing.

So, you must have realized shoebox is not a secure option. Because it has several downsides, including the wreck issue.

Now, let’s get into the next segment and see the overall drawbacks of footwear reserving in the shoebox.

Drawbacks of Storing Shoes in ShoeBox

Shoebox– keeps your large footwear collection organized. But if you do not take care of your shoes frequently, this storage option will be a part of your disliking in the long run.

Along with hampering footwear condition, some other difficulties of storing footgears inside the shoebox are:

  • The stack of boxes grabs most of the part of your closet. And so it seems cluttered like an overloaded truck.


  • In case of too many opaque boxes, it becomes a hassle to unbox each and style with them. As a result, wearing gets stuck within some specific pairs even though tons of collections are present.
  • Rats and insects easily get entry into the shoebox. So there’s enough chance of wrecking your shoes.

These statements may trigger your mind to drop the shoe cases. But Original packaging is essential to ship the shoes.

On top of that, it’s necessary when you desire to start a sneaker business. So rather than throwing them away, safely keep the necessary ones.

What is the Proper Way to Store Shoes?

The most efficient way is to use a shoe cabinet. Organizing and identifying your preferred shoes is easier in this container. Additionally, you can take help from the hanging shoe rack and shoe mat.

Here are some useful shoe storage ideas:

Shoe Cabinet:


It is a secure home for your beloved pairs. Placing the shoes systematically inside gives a tidy appearance. If you’re elegant like me, choose a glass door-based cabinet. It displays your shoes in front of the guests and informs them about your zest.

Try to put the less-worn or occasional shoes in the upper drawer. And the regular ones in the nearby tray. It helps to find shoes quickly.



A hanging or stable shoe rack is another storage platform, however, I don’t prefer them. Because most of them come without a cover and dust gets easy access to the footwear. But the positive sides are, it ensures sufficient ventilation and visibility.

If your budget is low, you can also use Hanging Shoe Shelves. It includes a lock system to protect your shoes from insects and dirts.

No matter which storage component you choose, always make sure to dry and clean your used shoes. Furthermore, lay down a shoe mat or paper on the drawer before you place the shoes there.


Some people wrap the footwear with acid-free paper and store them. Avoid doing this as its dye impacts the shoe’s original shade, however, this component acts as an efficient moisture absorber.

Bonus Tip: At least once a week or once in 15 days, take out the shoes kept in the closet and keep them in the air for 4–5 hours. Then wipe them with a brush or cloth and store them again. This technique helps your footwear last longer.

Takeaway Thoughts

Most probably, you have never thought that storing shoes inward of the shoebox gives rise to the damage. As a shoe enthusiast, maybe you’re down in the dumps hearing this truth.

But the thing is, you can depend on the original boxes if you have less than 10 pairs and regular cleaning does not seem bothersome to you.

Otherwise, it’s better to set them aside in the cabinet. It won’t create any mess and search issues, moreover, cleanup twice a month is enough.

So, you got a reliable answer to your question. More queries swirling around the head?

Just leave all of them in the comment section.

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