P448 vs Golden Goose: 5 Differences You Need To Know [2024]

Written By Mahia

If you’re familiar with the universe of luxurious sneakers, you must have heard about Golden Goose and P448.

Both of them are versatile and come with a ton of advanced features.

Consumers often get into hesitation when choosing any one of them. So, I thought, why not clear this confusion among people.


Here, I noted the features and the key differences between Golden Goose & P448. I assure you that by the end of this article, you will be able to choose the perfect set of sneakers for yourself or your loved ones.

Without any further ado, let’s hop into the article!

A Brief Overview of Golden Goose & P448

Golden Goose and P448- originated in Italy.

The first one started its journey in 2000 with some talented designers. This brand wanted customers to spend a fair amount of money to get good quality shoes.

Their target is to ‘get your sole mates’ for your feet, not soulmate!

These shoes are made mainly of leather and fetch a price tag of more than $400. The most popular edition of Golden Goose, Super Star, was first introduced in 2007.

The hidden wedge is one of the main characteristics of these shoes.

A relatively cheap shoe made of faux fur leather is the P448.

In some cases, those who want to wear designs like the Golden Goose but can’t afford it, lean toward the sneakers of P448. You will get a moderate blend of rich materials, expert craftsmanship and user-friendly features in these shoes.

Now, let’s talk about these two premium brands in detail and help you to identify the most suitable sneaker for your feet.

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What Are The Differences Between P448 & Golden Goose?

These popular sneakers differ in materials, feel price, design and sizing. I tried to speak about each necessary detail of GG and P448 in this phase. Let’s focus on these things to buy the most perfect one.

Here are the well-researched dissimilarities between P448 & Golden Goose:


P448 makes use of premium leather, faux fur leather, recycled leather, Caribean suede, and mesh for the insole and upper portion.

In some shoes, the manufacturers use neoprene textiles to construct the upper and terrycloth lining.

Most often, the shoes include cotton laces.

Focusing on environmental principles, the workers use recycled rubber outsole containing several grooves for good traction.

The dual-toned Vibram sole and two-toned foam sole are another addition to the P448.

On the other hand, the upper and lining of Golden Goose are mainly made with leather and cotton.

Among the different types of leather, this brand mainly works with cow and sheepskin leather. It claimed to collect raw materials from reliable tanneries.

If you compare the quality of the materials, Golden Goose will be ahead.

You already know that both brands mainly use pure or artificial leather for their shoes. If you’re concerned about wearing a vegan sneaker, no matter how much the price is, you can lean towards Atoms sneakers. To know, check out my other article here:

Design & Comfort

If you are familiar with P448 and Golden Goose, then you might know that there is not much variation in their designs.

The toe box of Golden Goose is narrow, not rounded.

If you take a closer look at the sole, you will see the horizontal zig-zag layout there.

P448 are available in low-top and high-top designs. A high top will give a feeling of protection to your upper ankle area.

They have wider toe boxes, and the outsole’s tread pattern is also not analogous to the Golden Goose.

Moreover, you will get to see an embossed star logo in Golden Goose but not in P448.

Let’s come to the topic of comfort now.

Though both of the shoes ensure firm comfort, P448 performs relatively better in this phase.

That’s because smooth leather offers a squishy vibe at the bottom of the feet.

If you stand on the shoes, you will feel that the Golden Goose is a bit stiffer than P448. That’s why you might find them a little less comfortable.

In terms of outlook, Golden Goose is vintage, and the other is dazzling.

Price Variation

There is no doubt that both P448 and Golden Goose are pricey, but the latter charges more.

Starting from a minimum of 445 dollars, the price can go up to a maximum of 2050 dollars. The Super-Star sneakers with shearling lining and decorative crystals are the most expensive, retailing for $2,050.


The notable features of this shoe are its silver metallic leather heel tab and glazy crystals on the back.

Now let’s get to P448.

You will have to spend 209 euro to 340 to buy a pair from this brand.

Quite affordable than Golden Goose, right?

Since P448 are cheaper, that doesn’t mean that they are poor in quality. The point to note is that their quality is a little bit more delicate than Golden Goose.

Size & Fit

In this case, P448 is more qualified for me. They come in half sizes and don’t need any break-in period. Isn’t it a big advantage?

I wonder about the secret strategy and materials involved in this branded footwear, due to which they don’t require any break-in time.

You will get plenty of room for your toe in P448, but because of having narrow toe boxes, Golden Goose might not provide your toes with adequate space.

Furthermore, half-sizes are unavailable for Golden Goose shoes. So, you might face difficulties while selecting the proper size.

In both sneakers, you can adjust the fit with the lacing system.

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What Are The Similarities Between GG and P448?

Until now, I have highlighted the things that are not the same in these shoes. You might also want to know whether they have any similarities

or not. So, I’m going to note down the similarities right now.

Here are the common things between GG and P448:

Both are Durable

P448 and Golden Goose hold a high profile in terms of lifespan. The durability of a shoe mainly depends on three things-

  • the quality of materials
  • the fabrication process, and
  • way of handling the shoe.

Shoes made of good materials and proper construction methods last longer.

Both Golden Goose and P448 are not far behind in terms of longevity.

No matter how good a shoe is made with good materials and skilled craftsmanship, it will wear out very quickly if you’re not concerned about its maintenance.

If you follow the cleaning and storing procedure correctly, GG and P448 will last more than 4-5 years or more.

Color Options

Between the two shoes, no one availed of too more bright shades in their collection.

Most of the colors are limited to beige, off-white, light brown, black etc.

If you like wearing funky and eye-catching colors, you better choose another brand.

For a vintage and simple outlook, you can choose any shoe from these two brands based on your choice, budget and size.


But there is an exciting thing in P448. They come in chic patterns such as animal prints and floral prints on the upper. Side zippers and glittery laces are another interest of fashionistas.

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Why Are They So Expensive?

You already got an idea regarding the price tag of Golden Goose and P448. Although the price of the second is lower than the first, the two brands rank among the most expensive brands. Let’s find out why they take more from the wallet.

Here are the reasons behind the high price tag:

  • The shoes are handcrafted
  • Consist of premium materials
  • Long-lasting
  • Italian brand

The first thing that lies behind the expensive price is that the shoes are totally handcrafted.

Handmade items are generally more expensive and lasting than items that are produced by machines.

The brilliant employees of the industry manually conduct the collection and selection of ingredients, knitting, sewing, and packaging, which means the overall process of shoe construction.

The second and third terms are related to each other. If a pair of footwear is made with good materials, they will simply ensure a long lifespan. And you have to pay more to get durable shoes, including premium materials.

Being two Italian brands, you have to pay extra for their brand values.

Though GG and P448 claim for a good amount of penny, it is a profitable investments because of the great quality shoes.

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Pros and Cons Of The Shoes

Almost all products used by humans have both good and bad sides. Footwear is no exception to this.

Like other shoes, Golden Goose and P448 have pros and cons, which I’ve noted below. If you go through the pons and cons, it will be easier for you to make a decision about which one to buy and which one to leave.

Here are the good and bad sides of Golden Goose:

  • »Comfiest with padded midsole
  • »Breathable upper
  • »No break-in time is required
  • »Open lacing helps to customize the fit
  • »True to size and comes with a hidden wedge.
  • »Vintage attitude
  • »Light-weight
  • »Durable
  • »Versatile
  • »Half sizes are unavailable
  • »Do not offer colorful shades
  • »No shank
  • »Expensive

Here are the positive sides and negatives of P448:

  • »Well-ventillated and snug fit.
  • »Come in half-sizes
  • »No break-in period
  • »Adjustment facility with lacing
  • »Comparatively reasonable but not cheap
  • »Eye-catchy prints are available
  • »Ankle protection with padded collar
  • »Glazy lacing
  • »Hidden wedges
  • »Lightweight
  • »Long-lasting
  • »Versatile
  • »Runs half-size big
  • »Not too many color variants

Which One Is Best For You?

While buying shoes, the important things you should keep in mind are your budget, liking, and size.

If you’re passionate about buying GG and your budget allows you to spend a big penny on a set of sneakers, then you can choose this without any doubt.

You can style this sneaker with jeans, skirts, shrugs or any casual outfit.

This pair of sneakers is a good option for long-day wear and hiking because you will get comfort and support in this.

The cushioned footbed and padded collar, along with a relatively low price of p448, will encourage you to buy it.

Like GG, the sneakers of P448 are also perfect for any casual event or in city streets adventure. Both of these shoes are versatile. The faux fur interior of this handmade luxury helps maintain warmth in the winter.

Getting half sizes available is another good advantage of this brand.

So, I have expressed my opinion, now you can take any pair as per your requirement.

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Does Golden Goose own P448?

Golden Goose and P448 are two completely different brands. They do not hold any ownership or partnership over each other. Since both are Italian brands and their shoes are similar in style, some consider them to be the same or P448 a clone.

Is Vintage Havana a copy of Golden Goose?

Vintage Havana sneakers look like a duplicate of Golden Goose. Indeed it is one of the best dupes of GG. but they are from different brands.

How do you break in P448 sneakers?

To be honest, they don’t need break-in time. It’s smooth to walk in this shoe.

Are Golden Goose sneakers still in style in 2022?

With classy collections like Super-Star, Super-Star Sabot, V-Star, and Sky-Star, GG is always at the top of the fashion conscious crowd’s choice.

Can Your Wear Socks With P448?

Yes, it’s a good choice to wrap the feet with socks before putting on P448 sneakers in winter.

Wrapping Up

Do you wanna know what I liked most about Golden Goose?

It was the vintage look and comfy cushion. But I absolutely disliked the narrow shape of the shoe at the front area. That’s why I didn’t want to spend so much money on it and turned towards P448.

It’s an amazing package at a relatively low price. I was quite satisfied with the comfy vibe and floral prints at my feet.

Kindly let me know the things you like about these sneakers. You can also comment below about which one you’re going to put inside your shopping cart.

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