NOBULL Canvas vs Superfabric: Which Offers More Value?

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After a long-term smooth riding with Reebok Nano X for weight lifting and CrossFit, I wanted to try a new trainer shoe. I went for the NOBULL trainer shoe, which was excellent for lifting, climbing ropes, etc.

I bought a pair of the Canvas trainers instead of the Superfabric. However, as Canvas didn’t disappoint me, I purchased Superfabric later.

If you need clarification about which to choose, stick with this article, and I will tell you the differences between the NOBULL Canvas and Superfabric I found.nobull-canvas-vs-superfabric

Let’s dive in.

NOBULL Canvas and Superfabric Overview

Nobull trainer shoes are great and are considered comfortable minimalist cross-training shoes for extended wear.

It is a solid athletic shoe and offers options for high-top, mid-top, and more.

The shoes have become a serious consideration for athletes and gym-goers over Nike and Reebok for reliable performance and outstanding construction.

In addition, it comes in two construction variations with slight differences– the Canvas and Superfabric.


These Nobull shoes are designed with less is more style and offer a minimalistic look. It is durable and adequate for CrossFit WODs (workout of the day) due to its lightweight.

With Reflective NOBULL Branding, it comes with a variety of styles and a wide color range. The triangular lug pattern and full rubber cup sole provide stability and safety.

NOBULL Superfabric

The Superfabric upper with tiny guard plates is a proprietary Nobull material. Due to seamless one-piece construction, this footwear can withstand the most challenging gym session.

The upper is water-resistant, stain-resistant, and slash-resistant, which helps to use the shoes for everyday indoor and outdoor activities.

Attributes Comparison Table: NOBULL Superfabric & Canvas

While both are trainer shoes, they have some dissimilarities, including the upper construction. From weight to price and sole, they can make you think twice before picking one.

So, take a quick peek at what differs from Nobull Superfabric to Canvas in the below table:

AttributesNobull Superfabric TrainerNobull Canvas Trainer
Upper MaterialSuperfabricCanvas
Outsole PatternCircular shape lugsTriangular shape lugs
MidsoleThinner / FlexibleThicker / Dull and Stiff
Ventilation SupportHas perforation in the tongueNo perforation
Rope Grip SupportSuperbMinor
Weight11.4 ounces13.2 ounces
ComfortBreathable, durable, and lightweightSlightly heavier and less breathable
FitTrue to sizeSome require a slight upper size
Best UsageFor CrossFit trainingSuitable for weight training
PriceAround $129Around $109
SupplySome designs sell out quicklyAvailable
Now that you understand the differences, let’s dive into in-depth comparisons.

Difference Between NOBULL Superfabric vs Canvas

Some key differences between the Canvas and Superfabric from Nobull can be a deal breaker or deal maker for you. Though both footgear are gorgeous and excellent in workouts, check out the differences that can affect your choice.

Here are the differences between Nobull Canvas and Nobull Superfabric:

1. Upper Construction: Material, Design and Appearance

The upper section is the place where you will find the most significant difference between Canvas and Superfabric.

On the Nobull canvas trainer, the upper is a single, comparatively thicker, and more durable canvas material piece.

In contrast, on the Superfabric version, Nobull named the upper unique material as Superfabric. The proprietary material is highly durable, breathable, and abrasion-resistant.

The upper fabric is covered and designed with guard plates that look like little uplifted dots.

They are densely applied and on a flexible underlying mesh base layer. Due to the extra durable fabric, it is nearly impossible to wear a hole here.guard-plates-nobull-superfabric

The Canvas’s upper texture looks similar but without the elevated dots. However, they aren’t a thin canvas and durable enough.

In addition, both shoes have reflector logos on the heel, enhancing the appearance in the dark.nobull-reflective-logo

Due to the upper fabric changes, the shoe weight can vary by about 2 ounces, and the Superfabric is the winner here as I like lightweight shoes.

2. Sole: Outsole and Midsole

Both variants have an equivalent rubber outsole. The Outsole grip was amazing, as I didn’t find any slippage on wooden gym floors. I’m confident it also won’t be on rubber surfaces.


The 4.8mm flat, stable, and stiff outsole is made of high-carbon rubber that delivers steadiness when lifting on the Superfabric. The Canvas outsole material is made of rubber.

There is a medial rope grip on the Superfabric version, and I can confirm that it bites the rope very effectively. However, the Canvas version’s rope grip is negligible.rope-grip-nobull-canvas-vs-superfabric

The Outsole treads are also not identical. While the Canvas has a triangular lug pattern, the other has a circular designed outsole lug.nobull-canvas-vs-superfabric-outsole-lugs

I felt the lugs were slightly more grippy on the latter one.


The Canvas variant has a dense midsole made of Phylon (EVA), and I felt it clearly when I put both shoes side by side.

My foot feels about a quarter inch higher off the ground even though the outside stack height measures similar. It indicates that the Superfabric’s midsole is thinner than the Canvas.

I found that the Canvas’s midsole is not very responsive, making it ideal for weightlifting.

However, it is not suitable for jumping. But can you run in CrossFit shoes? No, as most of these shoes are not very shock-absorbing.

On the other variant, the midsole is more versatile but still not suitable for long sprinting.

Based on the multi-environment-friendly lugs and versatile midsole, I would pick the Superfabric over Canvas.

3. Comfort and Safety

Both footwear have enough width in the toe box. However, I found the Superfabric has slightly more wiggle room than the Canvas.

It can be due to the thicker toe box and heel counter cushion in the Canvas than the other.

Moreover, both have the same heel-to-toe height of 4mm, providing firmness. It ensures you have the proper stability.

The lack of arch support can be a headache.

If you have high arches, both versions can feel uncomfortable. It is a noticeable factor between the Nobull runner and the trainer shoes.

That being said, I won’t run with any of the variations due to minimal cushioning. I borrowed Metcon 6 from one of my friends, and I liked running in those shoes for the flexibility.

The insoles are removable, so that you can use custom insoles. But, using a custom insole or thicker socks can feel unpleasant in the Canvas version.

Here, I would pick the Superfabric due to the wider sock or custom insole choices for having wiggle room.

4. Performance and Support

While performance-wise, both are nearly similar, a noticeable comparison comes in the weight section.

During the side-by-side comparison, it was pretty notable that the Superfabric was lightweight compared to Canvas, which is only 11.4 ounces.

The canvas upper is slightly thicker, raising the shoe weight to 13.2 ounces.

In addition, both Canvas and Superfabric versions are true to size. However, some users reported that the Canvas version was slightly tight for little toe-wiggling space.

If that’s the case and you have wider feet, go for a 0.5 size bigger. Thanks to Nobull’s versatile size chart,

For Superfabric, I didn’t find any such issues, and it was amazingly comfortable out of the box.

Another notable difference is the perforation in the tongue.

The Superfabric one has little holes in the tongue. But it doesn’t provide that much breathability. In contrast, there aren’t even any holes in Canvas.perforation-nobull-superfabric-vs-canvas

These shoes are much more enjoyable in winter as my feet stay warm.

But my feet quickly get hot and sweaty in summer due to a lack of ventilation. That’s why weightlifting shoes are worth it for their specific purpose.

Overall, I would pick the Superfabric for providing enough wiggle room in the toe box and lightweight. The shoe’s durability is also mentionable, as it still looks new after 100+ WOD. But, it is a tie regarding breathability.

5. Price and Availability

The Canvas is a cheaper option, which you can find around $109.

The popular Superfabric is a bit pricey, costing you around 129 bucks. The price varies depending on the models and type.

Based on the price that Nobull is offering, I think it justifies the price. Despite being a relatively small company, the value Nobull offers is impressive at such prices.

Though Canvas is available all the time, some of the Superfabric models often go out of stock.

Depending on the affordability and availability, I would pick the Superfabric. But the Canvas is also a great option that will not break the bank.

Pros & Cons of NOBULL Canvas and Superfabric

While the Nobull Canvas shoes have advantages, they also fall short in some factors. The same goes for the Superfabric.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of NOBULL Canvas and Superfabric:


  • »The upper is durable.
  • »Suitable for casual wear.
  • »Provide stability for heavyweight lifting.
  • »Suitable for casual workouts and training.
  • »Inappropriate for running.
  • »Not suitable for professional Athletic-Focused training.
  • »Rope climbing can be challenging.

NOBULL Superfabric

  • »Can be used in Plyometrics for the flexible midsole.
  • »Medial rope grip helps in rope climbing.
  • »Suitable for rough workouts.
  • »Ideal for cross-training.
  • »Not perfect for running.
  • »Don’t have arch support.

Which Should You Choose from NOBULL Canvas and Superfabric?

The Canvas and Superfabric versions of Nobull are gorgeous and appealing trainer shoes.

The footgear can support you enough in the gym or indoor work session.

The soles are also suitable for CrossFit. However, these shoes lack arch support, which is understandable.

The upper construction is stiff in the Superfabric, so it can take a few days to break in. I had to loosen my lace for the first few days.

Depending on the design, sole, availability, and other categories, I would give the Superfabric a huge clap. NOBULL almost didn’t make any mistakes on these.


Can you run in the NOBULL Canvas and Superfabric Trainer?

The Canvas & Superfabric trainer shoes are not very comfortable for running. These shoes are ideal for workouts because of their hard, rigid bottom and stable rubber soles. It won’t be a comfy ride if you intend to cover a long distance. But you can try short-distance sprints.

Is NOBULL Superfabric waterproof?

Nobull Superfabric shoe’s upper is made of a one-piece, durable, water-resistant material. Some boots have water-repellent coatings that keep the shoes from getting wet quickly. Water can roll right off the shoes after it gets wet, but they aren’t fully waterproof.

Which is more durable: Nobull Canvas or Superfabric?

The Nobull Superfabric is more durable than Canvas. The upper is covered with guard plates to protect the shoes from wearing, tearing, and abrasions. The material is also stain-resistant and rigid.

Which is more comfortable: Nobull Canvas or SuperFabric?

The Superfabric version is lighter than the Canvas shoes, which are more comfortable. The upper is slightly more breathable compared to the Canvas. The rope grip support on the arch also helps in rope climbing.

What should you do if Nobull Canvas shoes don’t suit you?

If the Nobull Canvas doesn’t fit you, you can return the product within 30 days of delivery, effective from 15 December 2023. Nobull reduced the return policy time frame from 60 days. You must meet the return policy conditions to properly claim the return, which you will find on the official site.

How do you care for the Nobull trainers?

After a CrossFit session, use a damp cloth to wipe the shoes and completely air-dry them. You should store the boots in a cool and dry place. To prevent damage, you must avoid machine washing the shoes.

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