Nike vs Under Armour Golf Shoes [Which is Best for Swing?]

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Nike is the name of authenticity when we discussed sports shoes, however, in recent days Under Armour launched notable models for athletes too.

And you’re searching for their benefits and disadvantages because choosing one pair is difficult when it comes to golf shoes.


Fortunately, in this content, you will find the root and branch of both Nike and Under Armour that help you to make decisions. Being a golfer, I also share some microscopic findings that I perceive in my pairs.

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Comparison Between Nike & Under Armour

Nike and Under Armour are the two giant brands in the sports community for their well-featured athlete’s gear. And now, I’ll describe a compiled comparison of the price, performance, design, comfort, and size that make both shoe competitors.

Surprisingly, Under Armour start to compete with the king of athletes Nike who gains a lot of recognition in 1964s. Whereas Armour only spends two decades with only 5 years in the sports community.

So, take a look and know the comparison between Nike & Armour:


Under Armour and Nike, both shoes offer the best quality products which increase your performance ability on the golf field. In this case, you can say they are similar.

Yet the materials or techniques are quite different in both shoes that the brands use for smooth performance.

For instance, if you take the Under Armour HOVR Drive 2’s golf shoes, you will find HOVR™ technology that supports neutral foot motion during the golf swing, and prevent the swing impact.

Besides, the implemented rotational resistance techniques offer fixed horizontal traction, which is essential in the golf swing.

On the other hand, Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next% includes some different techniques to increase performance ability. nike-air-zoom-infinity-tour-next%

Nike embraces 2 zoom air units that help in transferring the extra energy while you are swinging in the golf court. And the added piston spikes in the key areas offer extra traction that helps to decrease slipping tendencies.

Though they follow different technologies, the ultimate performance goal remains the same.


Price is equally important as the features. And you will find a minimum to maximum price difference in both Nike and UA golf trainers’ pairs.

The Under Armour charge higher than the Nike sports shoes, whereas both carry more or less the same characteristics. The sensational Nike Zoom Air Infinity asks for $99 per shoe.

By comparison, the UA HOVR demands $160 for each pair, which is huger than the Nike. And, Most of Armour’s pairs charge more than Nike, while Nike is more expensive compared to the other footwear brand.

Design & Category

The brand Nike offers unpredictable designs with huge color options. You also find vast categorized shoes, including limited editions. Whereas Under Armour offers a minimalistic design with few amounts of fixed options.

According to design, both brands show different natures, but in the category, they are pretty similar. Because Both companies launch similar categorized sports shoes such as basketball, running, boxing, trekking, and others.

Comfort & Durability

Comfort and durability are the main characteristics of trainers pair. Under Armour use microfiber upper that increases their comfort along with breathability.

Contrary, the Nike infinity tour offers flyknit upper, which makes them remarkable in the 18-hole game.

The 3D-printed toe guard added extra durability to the UA HOVR drive shoes, yet they are less durable than the Nike-applied technologies.


Both shoes UA and Nike fit amazingly.

But the sizes are a little different from each other because Nike usually runs small while the UA shoes run true to size.

We all know, Nike shoes offer a narrow fit compared to standard size. So, when you wanna pick a Nike pair, you should buy one or half sizes bigger than your regular shoe size.

Conversely, Under Armour comes true to size and fits perfectly with your regular size.

Under Armour Vs Nike Golf Shoes: Pros & Cons

Along with the splendid athletic features, both Nike and Under Armour have some drawbacks too. Though the disadvantages are minimum, you should know them for avoiding further injuries.

So, let’s check the pros and cons of Nike & Under Armour:


  • »Affordable price range compared to Under Armour.
  • »A vast amount of color and design variations.
  • »Better traction and anti-slip feature.
  • »Usually runs small for the narrow-toe box.

Under Armour

  • »Run true to size and is perfect for regular feet.
  • »UA HOVR technology for traction and grip.
  • »Minimalistic design with top-notch features.
  • »Higher price than the other trainer’s shoes.
  • »Limited categories are available.

Which One Should You Buy Between UA & Nike Golf Shoes?

Both Nike and UA golf shoes have some outstanding features with some drawbacks.

But when you have wide feet and don’t have any budget issues, the UA pairs offer more comfort than the Nike shoes. As we all know, Nike tends to be narrow in nature, whereas Armour fits perfectly.

On top of that, the traction technology that Armour offers in the HOVR drive pairs, it’s unbeatable for the golf swing. traction-technology-of-armour

In contrast, when you want a quality golf pair with an affordable budget, Nike is ideal for you. Nike also offers all the feature that Armour does yet charge less than them.

Personally, I prefer Nike shoes over Under Armour because of their versatile design and color options.


Luckily, you will find some models in the Nike brand that provide good support for every foot type. For example, the legendary Nike Air Force 1 is pretty good for flat feet.


Which golfer wears Under Armour shoes?

The PGA famed the biggest star Jordan Spieth wear Under Armour in his Netflix series full swing. He wore the sponsored UA shoes and clothes since 2013.

What’s more popular, Under Armour or Nike?

Nike is the most popular, it ranked #7 in the global top 1000 brands, whereas Under Armour holds the #231 position in the same global list.

Why is Under Armour a competitor to Nike?

Under Armour acts like a true competitor to Nike because it’s one of the fastest-growing apparel brands in the athleisure field. And both companies work for achieving the niche tag in the sports community.

Takeaway Thoughts

As I have said before, Under Armour and Nike are reliable footwear brands in the athlete’s community. They both offer unconditional support with other features.

I hope this article aids you in selecting a suitable pair that fulfill your requirements. Let me know through the comment section about your experience with your choosing pair.

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