Nike vs Adidas Football Boots [Best Performer in the Field]

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It’s pretty tricky to make a buy between two magnificent sportswear brands, Nike and Adidas. Because in terms of comfort, design, and functionalities, both are capable of ace each other on the football field.


So, I thought of sharing my opinion on how these sports apparel differs in price, features, and overall performance.

Barring any delay, let’s dive in and make a choice between Nike & Adidas for your upcoming match.

Comparison Between Nike & Adidas Soccer Cleats

Nike made its debut on the soccer field in 1971 with the Mexico World Cup and its warm temperatures in mind. The first launched boot couldn’t hold the attention of players and somehow failed.


After almost a decade, Nike focused on gaming product quality enhancement and endorsement deals.

As a continuation of this, Nike supplied cleats to Mia Hamm, Brazil Football Federation, and Manchester United which has now reached Neymar Jr., Wayne Rooney, and the French wonder-kid Kylian Mbappe. Consequently, the glorious brand achieved a huge fanbase worldwide.

Adidas’s journey on the football pitch began long before Nike, and it started by targeting 1954’s FIFA World Cup. Goalscorer Helmut Rahn scored the winning goal in a pair of lightweight Adidas Argentina boots.


Almost twenty-five years later, they introduced Copa Mundial with superior stability and a more cushioned midsole.

Due to the top-notch performance of its various editions, famous players like Diego Maradona, Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Paulo Dybala, and many others have chosen Copa Mundial as their companion even in their most important matches.

Now let’s see on which basis we can distinguish these two top sportswear brands:


When it comes to the hefty price tag, Nike stays one step ahead of its competitor.

Right now, the most expensive boots in Nike’s collection are Gripknit Phantom GX Elite Dynamic Fit AG and Zoom Mercurial Superfly 9 Elite FG. Both of them sell for $305 and avail customization options for the consumers.


The first one gives a better touch to your feet with its cushioned insole and Gripknit fabric. Its outsole holds the squiggly line to support your movement in wet and dry conditions.

The latter one has Vaporposite+ material on the upper which gives a socklike feel. Nike inserted a soccer specific ¾ Zoom Air Unit at the outsole of this set. Can you guess what’s its surprising benefit?

Well, it enhances the springy underfoot feel which speeds up players’ performance. So, it can be a great pick for forward players.

Adidas is cheaper than Nike because it doesn’t cost much to make Adidas shoes. It sells Freak Out Ultra 23- AAB Primeknit boots for $200 dollars.

Made with recycled materials and Primeknit fabric which gives a snug fit and tactile touch on the ball. Its Boost midsole works for energy return. Hence, it’s a good choice for elite players.

Just like Nike’s high-end price is more than Adidas, the same goes for the lower-end price also. When the price range of Adidas football boots starts below $100 US, Nike commences their cleats above $110.

Does this separate price range make any difference? Let’s know about it in the next segments.

Comfort & Fit

Comfortable shoes matter a lot when you’re on the pitch to play. And it’s pretty tough to put one ahead of the other between Adidas and Nike in case of comfort.

Because both of them have premium fabrics, soft interior cushioning, and padded insoles.

Nike has Flyknit and Atomknit, and Adidas has Primeknit. They ensure adequate breathability, however, the level varies as per the models.

Moreover, fitting plays a vital role to deliver the utmost comfort. A pair of ill-fitted shoes can’t provide adequate comfort and help you in rapid direction change on the field.

Thus, football boots should fit snugly but not tight or loose. Also, make sure to leave a thumb width between the big toe and the edge of the boot. So that the toes do not touch the end of the shoes.

Adidas and Nike’s true-to-size soccer cleats fit decently on normal feet.

So, no need to bother about size up or down. Whether you’re a professional or amateur player, just go on with the exact fit which seems comfy to your feet.


Nike and Adidas football boots are lightweight with breathable knitted fabrics. This feature helps the midfielders to change their position at once and take control of the ball.

Some editions of Adidas come with spikes on the upper. Though it gives an aggressive look, it has a fantastic benefit. This structure creates friction between the boot and the football.

Therefore, players can hold the ball longer, however, this activity also depends on the skill. Such a great advantage for attacking midfielders, right?

Protruding spikes are missing in Nike’s cleats. Though it creates a design difference between the two competitors that doesn’t mean Nike is lagging behind.

This mighty brand has made the upper with a grippy texture. On top of that, it has included All Conditions Control (ACC) in its editions. This tech along with the raised pattern of boots increases the friction, optimal spin, and control of the ball during wet and dry conditions.

But make sure to replace your football boots to gain the utmost functionalities from them.


If you’re familiar enough with Nike, then you must know that it is more oriented to innovative technologies. The FlyEase technology makes the wearing simpler with the folded heel and 1-handed strap.

The insertion of Zoom Air Tech provides a lightweight feel and superb responsiveness to get a drive on the speed.

All Conditions Control is reliable to take the control of the ball and pass it to your team members on firm ground, artificial grass, or wet indoor courts.


On the other hand, you will see tremendous energy-returning BOOST technology in some Adidas soccer boots. This popular tech is strong enough to alter consumers’ choices from Nike to Adidas. It also involves NSG or Non-Stop Grip whose function is almost similar to Nike’s ACC.

However, you can’t enjoy all of these favorable features in only a pair of Adidas or Nike. Because each of the models has its own identity with specific characteristics. And so, their performance also varies in passing, shooting, and dribbling.

So, I’m gonna compare some remarkable football boots from Adidas and Nike.

Copa Sense.1 vs Tiempo Legend 9 Elite FG

Copa Sense from Adidas is quite affordable than Nike‘s Tiempo legend. It costs only $84 whereas the Tiempo claims $230.


This exquisite Adidas edition is built with a seamless leather upper which brings about a silky touch and fits like a snug glove. Similarly, Tiempo is also soft due to the kangaroo leather upper.

Ortholite sockliner makes Copa Sense comfortable, and security is assured by the foamy heel pads. This pair has outstanding performance on firm ground, on the contrary, Tiempo is suitable for slightly wet, short-grass fields.

Predator Edge.1 Low vs Nike Zoom Mercurial Superfly 9 Elite FG

Predator is a masterpiece that doesn’t need any introduction. Almost all folks from the soccer world are familiar with this mind-blowing set.


Players who are only focused on power and swerve, simply choose the Predators without a second thought.

This Primeknit upper-based pair is also ideal for firm ground like the Copa Sense.1. Comes with Zone Skin Rubber at the outsole so that super control can be attained on the pitch.

Now, let’s see what Mercurial Superfly offers to soccer players. While predator is available for $200, Mercurial costs $275. It contains Nike’s most familiar Zoom Air Unit.

Another surprise of this shoe is a strong speed case without additional weight. It helps in promoting speed along with protecting the feet.

Soft Flyknit wraps the ankle area, while the Vaporsite+ covers the forefoot and the rest of the foot. I noticed that the upper assists well to make a long-lasting drive on the ball.

X Speedflow+ vs Phantom GT Elite 2 DF


Lionel Messi was my main inspiration for wearing Adidas X Speedflow. With the combination of Primeknit and TPU at the upper, the set is ultralightweight. Its FG buds functionality & support is great as I was able to make rapid direction changes and explosive movements on natural turf very easily.


At first glance, I was fascinated by the color combinations and design of Phantom GT Elite 2. 6 color variations are available for consumers which retail at $250. See what other features I’ve enjoyed from this pair during my inter-university football tournament –

All kinds of weather-friendly ACC, socklike fit, cozy padded insole, and traction on the ball. But don’t expect the boot to grip you on very slippery steep surfaces.

So, Who is the Winner on the Football Field: Nike or Adidas?

Though Nike and Adidas football cleats are meant for the same purpose individually they cover different aspects. So it’s difficult to say which is better for football and pick the winner.

However, Adidas is generally low-priced and heavier than Nike.

Hence, opt for it in case of budget limitations and there will be no lack of functionalities only if you grab the proper one for your playground.

Nike is more design and tech-oriented while Adidas is kinda more aggressive. The spikes on the upper material bear the mark of aggression.

Furthermore, I’ve mentioned some noteworthy cleats and their features, you can choose anyone from that list depending on your requirement.


What are Nike soccer cleats made of?

Nike soccer boots are made with a combination of different kinds of synthetics. Among them, Flyknit, Atomknit, Polyurethane, and Nylon are the most used ingredients.

How Often Should I Replace My Football Boots?

It depends on the durability of the shoes and how frequently you wear them. Additionally, when the outsole gets detached, or you see some rifts or patches on your shoes just leave them and get a new one.

Is Nike or Adidas Better in Football Boots?

Both of them are better and enriched with high-quality features. For regular fast-playing and amateur gaming, Nike is an ideal option. For hostile playing and more drive on the ball, Adidas is the best companion.

Bottom Line

Nike and Adidas have compatible reputations in the sports arena.

If you want to catch top features on a relatively low budget, Adidas is your best friend

But if you don’t have budget issues, try both of the brands and sort out the one which seems more comfortable to you.

Now, it’s time to make a shot with your desired footwear. So, come on get your kicks!

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