How Often Should You Replace Your Football Boots? [2024]

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Football boots are essential equipment for a football player. And, nowadays they’re available in all sorts. And, like all footwear, they too need replacing. But when?

That’s what we’ll find out. Having played football for more than 10 years, I know a thing or two. I’ve combined all my experience and intense research to come up with this informative article.

Football has evolved with new sets of rules and regulations. With football, the boots have developed as well, thanks to various technologies embedded with them (to increase your performance).


The materials used to make them have changed as well. And this is one of many factors that affects a boot’s lifespan.

 But, don’t you worry! I’ve written everything in greater detail, so better keep on reading till the end. What are you waiting for? Start scrolling.

How Often Should You Replace Your Football Boots?|Answered

How often should you replace your football boots depend on many factors? Your style of play, the number of matches you play, the type of boots you’re using, the league you play in, etc.

Grassroots Football

Each and every football player start off their footballing dreams with grassroots football. In other words, this is the place to start. And, it can be quite notorious, with tackles and challenges coming from all sides.

The pitches are the worst of kinds; you get less grass and more mud. Therefore, boots with a pair of metal studs are somewhat mandatory.

Chances are you’ll be a match every week followed up by a training session in midweek.

So, if you’re a Sunday League player, you’ll need to replace your football boots every season. If you can maintain them properly, the chances are you might need to change them after two seasons.

If you have no issues with money, keep an extra pair of astroturfs (football boots with lots of small rubber spikes). They should last the same amount of time.

Non-League/Amatuer Football

After that, comes amateur football, where things are a bit more upgrade. The standard of football here is much better. You’ll be playing against quality oppositions from the FA Vase on standard grounds.

You’ll need to play 1-2 matches every week and undergo practice sessions. If you’ve made this grade, then I’d recommend replacing your boots every season.

And, if you’re someone ambitious with no monetary issues, keep an extra pair cause you never know when you need them.

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Semi-Pro Football

Things are a bit more serious around here. You’ll go through decent practice sessions, play against competitive teams and yes! You’ll get paid.

As I said, things are serious around here. If you have aged by your side and have the required ambition, there’s a high chance you’ll be on your way to becoming a professional.

As a semi-pro, I recommend you change your football boots two times every season. The intensity of the games will be high along with the practice sessions.

Since you’ll be earning now, try to keep an extra pair with you on the match days. As a semi-pro, I clearly remember my right boot fell apart during an intense match. I didn’t have an extra pair, but one of my teammates did, and the size was just right.

I ended the game wearing a Nike T-90 laser-2 on my left foot and Mizuno Wave Ignitus on my right foot as I didn’t have the time to change both of my boots.

Lower League-Pro Football

Now, you’re a professional football player fighting for promotion to the next tier or the first division. You’ll have all the required facilities for your training and the sessions are going to be quite intense.

Along with practice sessions, the matches are going to be intense as well. You’re in the real deal now, where each and every match is important.

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Money for equipment isn’t an issue now, you’ll be paid on weekly wages. At this point, you’ll need to change your football boots at least 4 times each season.

The number might increase or decrease based on the number of matches you play each week. But, the chances are the number might increase.

First Division Football

If you’ve made it to the first division, then congratulations! You’re living your dream. Playing in front of thousands of fans each week and the fans chanting your name, things don’t get better than this.

You’re likely to play 2-3 each week at beginning of the season; the numbers will decrease if your team gets knocked out of certain competitions as you won’t be playing the premier division matches only.

The intensity of training and matches are nothing like ever before. Therefore, you need to replace your football boots whenever it’s required for you to do so.

Things will only get better if you manage to land some endorsement deals and have your personal football boot sponsor. Plus, your agent will be there all the time.

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Top 5 Signs Your Football Boots Need Replacing

There is no doubt football boots endure a lot, therefore they’re made using the best materials and are implemented with the latest innovations to make your experience the best possible ever.

However, there will come a time when you’ll need to change them. So, how do you know it’s time to change your football boots?


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I’ve listed down the most obvious signs, which will tell you now is the time to change.

Here are the top 5 signs your football boots need replacing:

  • Mud On Your Boots Make Them Look Better

At this point, the upper of your boots are worn down to such an extent that mud covering them up makes them look much better. Replace them ASAP.

  • Tears Around The Sole

You’ve played a decent amount of games right about now. You’ve kicked the ball and ran up and down the pitch to your heart’s content.

As a result, the glue or the stitching that holds the upper and sole are starting to lose their grip. If you see this in your football boots, it’s time to replace them sooner rather than later.

  • You’re Growing Out Of Them

All of a sudden, your feet are feeling tight and compact as if you’ve cramped them inside your cleats forcefully. It means you’re growing so are your feet. If you ever get this feeling, then it’s time to get a new pair of boots.

  • The Smell Just won’t Go Away

I, too, have experienced this! And, my football boots were in a state where they had taken a lot of beating and battering.

It means the materials have lost all their resistance and can no longer force the unpleasant smell out of them. Time for a replacement.

  • The Studs Are Starting To Disappear

This usually happens when you’re playing on hard grounds. The studs will start to diminish slowly and after a point, there won’t be any.

It means you’ve used your football boots to their maximum capacity and need replacing. Don’t even think of playing when your boots are in this condition.

Not only you won’t have traction but also you’ll slip badly which will cause a nasty injury. Trust me, I’m telling this from experience.

How Long Should Football Boots Last?

Now, this is one question that has no definite answer. The lifespan of a pair of football boots depends on a variety of factors.

The material of the boot, your playing style, your body weight, the type of pitch you play in, how you maintain your boots. These are some of the most important factors that determine how long a pair of boots last.

There’s a popular belief that the more you pay for a pair of boots, the more they last! It’s partially true as you do get higher-end cleats.

But, not entirely. If you invest in a pair of boots that are made of synthetic, and you’re heavy, then the chances are that pair won’t survive for long.

We all know both of our feet are not the exact copy of each other. For example, take my case; my left foot is slightly wider than my right foot.

I was a right-footer, which means I did all my shooting, passing, free kicks and penalties with my right foot. But I used to find my left boot getting loose more than it should be.

There was even a case when I had to replace my boots due to the fact that my left boot got damaged faster than my right foot. That extra width used to make most of my left boots lose, while it really shouldn’t happen.

Another crucial factor is your playing position. If you’re an explosive winger then you need to run a lot, dribbling past players and beating defenders with your pace. In this case, you will need to replace your boots sooner rather than later.

On the other hand, if you’re a goalkeeper then your boots will last a long, long time as you’ll just be standing under the bars and taking goal kicks, your hands will do the main job.

The quality of the field can also affect your boots, if you play on muddy grounds regularly then your boots won’t last very long.

As for the material, you’ll have two options; leather and synthetic. Leather boots will easily outlast their synthetic counterparts.

Nike VS Adidas|Which Football Boots Last Longer?

Okay, now this is a be date which I really fancy as I’ve worn football boots from both the companies. I’ve also worn leather and synthetic boots from both of these giants as well.

I will tell you both about the synthetic pair and the leather variants. Let’s start with the Nike Mercurial Vapour 8, they were super light as they were made of synthetic. They gave me comfort, control, accuracy and agility.

But upon heavy usage they lasted just one season. The Adidas F50 Adi-zero was the main competitor of the Mercurials.


Messi used the Adi-zeros, while Ronaldo used the mercurials. And, I used both of them. The F50 Adi-zeros lasted slightly more than the mercurials. And yes, both were made of synthetic.

Now let’s talk about the lather variants. I had pair of Adidas Predator-x and a pair of Nike Tiempo Legends 8; both consisted of leather.

While I had a better performance with the Tiempos, the Predators lasted longer. So yeah, upon extensive use, I can say Adidas boots last longer than Nike football boots.

So, if you want a pair of boots and want them to last longer, you can go with Adidas. But, if you want performance and agility, go with Nike.

Nike boots are light and agile which gives better functionality but Adidas boots certainly last longer.

Parting Thoughts

If you’re reading this part of the article, then I sincerely hope you’ve had your answer. If not then feel free to let me know about my lackings, down in the comment section below.

Sir Alex Ferguson famously said, “football, bloody hell” after winning the treble with Manchester United in 1999, such is the glamour and passion that surrounds this game.

Play safely, practice more and don’t put your body on the line.

Football boots will come and go, but safety should be your utmost concern. If you’re an aspiring footballer and reading this, then I wish you all the very best.

And, if you have any kind of query, feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

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