Jordan 1 vs Jordan 4 [Guide to Pick One Between Two Gems]

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Just like it’s hard to make a choice between Nike and Adidas, it’s tough to pick only one between Air Jordan 1 and 4.

Because both of the popular silhouettes have treasured a bunch of praise as basketball wear and part of casual outfits.


To help you in deciding which one is perfect for you, I’ve come up with an in-depth researched content. It includes enough info about Jordan 1 & Jordan 4 which will surely assist you in selecting the suitable one.

So, tag along!

Difference Between Jordan 1 and 4

Prior to getting into the direct comparison, let’s discuss each model’s debut in brief. Though the backstory won’t inform you about the features, pros, and cons it can divert your liking toward a specific model. And that’s not a wrong thing because both of the shoes are compatible with each other.


In 1985, NBA player Michael Jordan appeared on the court in a pair of Jordan 1. That was the beginning of this revolutionary footwear.

In spite of facing too many barriers, Michael Jordan continued with his iconic footwear. Once the footwear went viral, there was no concern left about the popularity of this shoe.

Nike, who still owns the Jordan brand, launched the Air Jordan 4 in February 1989. Also, this eye catchy model designed by Tinker Hatfield achieved immense popularity soon after coming to the light. At that time, it was available in only two colorways: black and cement grey.

Now, let’s see how these legendary foot gears differ:


Jordans belong in the expensive footwear category. The price of Jordan 1 varies from $80 to a maximum of $180 depending on toddlers’ and adults’ editions. For instance, Men’s Retro High OG costs $180, Jordan 1 Hi FlyEase $150, and the best-selling Jordan 1 Mid $125.


Jordan 4 is cheaper than the coveted Jordan 1. The retail price of each pair is only $110. But due to limited production, it is somewhat difficult to grab this pair. Taking the advantage of this, some resellers sell the shoes at very high prices.

However, Nike is the main role player behind this price hike. Because they repeatedly paused the supply of Jordan 4 in the market.


Jordan 1 holds a more classic look similar to Nike’s ordinary sneakers. The Jumpman logo is seen at the bottom part of the heel area. 3 top variations are available for this set including the high top, mid-top, and low top.

On the other hand, Jordan 4 has a signature modernized look with over-molded mesh panels, an enlarged tongue, and upper perforations.


And this piece also includes Nike’s Air logo on the heel area which makes them noticeable among all other designs. From the outside view, the pair looks somewhat giant compared to Jordan 1.

No matter how these basketball sneakers differ in terms of design, wearing socks with these Jordans, is common for a fashionable look in winter.


Similar kinds of materials are used in two Jordan lines which are leather and synthetics. That’s why the comfort differs as per the construction and other exclusive features, not according to the materials.

Jordan 4 has a visible Nike Air Max cushion which gives a lightweight and cozy feel at the same time. It covers a good ventilation system with a knitted fabric at the upper and mesh lining. For athletic purposes, this supportive footwear is a pretty good choice.


Air Sole Unit is also inserted in Jordan 1 which delivers excellent cushioning. The padded collar along with the high top length acts as the protector during your shots at the basketball tournament.

Note that, the high-top structure may restrict your rapid movement, and Michel Jordan claimed that he has faced this issue several times during the game.

In fact, both of the sets are able to provide you with the ultimate comfort, however, this feature varies according to each user’s requirement.


Jordan 1 and 4’s snug fit doesn’t differ in terms of normal feet. Both run true to size in this case.

But fit varies for wide feet owners. While Jordan 1 is good for wide feet, Jordan 4 isn’t. Indeed its interior space is congested, however, the outer appearance is bulky. As a result, people who need spacious toe rooms, feel that Jordan 4 is tighter than Jordan 1.


Initially, Jordan 1 and Jordan 4 were designed for basketball and regular go-to purposes.

But currently, golfers are also curious to wear this footwear on the golf field. The rubber outsole contains several patterns for grip either on the flat basketball court or on the busy streets of Atlanta.

Jordan 1 vs Jordan 4: Which One to Get?

Jordan 1 and Jordan 4 are from the same lineage. Thus they keep several similarities including premium leather materials, identical logos, Air Unit technology, and the same kind of patterned outsole.

But the pieces have different price tags, Jordan 4 costs less than Jordan 1. But the unique design and color options are impressive enough.

So, if you’re looking for something exclusive for your normal feet within mid-budget, get the low-cut collar Jordan 4.

On the contrary, normal to wide-feet owners and individuals who can afford expensive sneakers should go for the classic Jordan 1. You will get more color options available for this set. And so, pairing them in everyday outfits brings about a standard outlook.


If you’re the lucky guy who can afford both Jordans i.e 1 & 4, I would recommend not leaving any of the pair.

But if your pocket permits you to get only one set, take the one you desired for. I strongly believe you won’t regret it a bit if purchase the properly fitted sneaker.

So it’s time to explore the Jordans!

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