Jordan 1 Mid Vs High [Difference of Feature and Popularity]

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Like any other Nike silhouette, Jordan 1 has High and Mid shoes. And at a glance, it’s had to find the differences. But if you pay attention, the variation in the details becomes more visible.


In this write-out, I will highlight the different features of Jordan 1 high and Mid, along with the popularity check.

So, before your purchase,read thoroughly.

Key Differences Between Jordan 1 Mid and High

When it comes to similar shoe models, there isn’t much big of a difference. But still, the slight variation can have a significant impact on the user. Nike Jordan 1 High and Mid are almost the same sneaker on the feet.

These shoes were released at different times and also serve various purposes.

Let’s check out the key Variations between Jordan High and Mid:


The first notable difference between Jordan 1 Mid and High tops is the design of these sneakers. Let’s start with the tongue.

In the High, you will see the old vintage “Nike Air” logo on the tongue. Meanwhile, Jordan 1 Mid has the Jumpman logo engraved, with “AIR” written under it.

This is not a significant issue; it mainly depends on your preference. I am more drawn to the vintage logo and enjoy my white and sea green Jordan High.


The colorways also play a big impact on the designs and looks of these versatile sneakers. You can wear and style their various ways, including different types of socks with your Jordans.

This trend is new and getting more popular day by day.


Another major contrasting factor is the height of Jordan 1 Mid and High shoes. The Jordan High is about 5 and a half inches tall from the ground. Where the Mid version is under 5”.


A slight difference in height makes a big difference in the market value and comfort.

Even Michael Jordan felt the high-top ones were a bit restrictive, so the Jordan Mid Top was launched for better movements.


Even the same shoe with different colors and models gets different popularity. The same is also applicable for Jordan 1 High and Mids.


Nike keeps Jordan 1 high, the original model more limited, which is why its popularity is skyrocketing. Though the High top version inspires Jordan Mid, sneakerheads are more drawn to the previous model.

In terms of popularity, the Nike Jordan 1 High beat the Mid.

As the popularity of the Jordan series increased, many began to wonder if Nike actually own Jordans.


Jordan 1 High is the original silhouette, and as the original version, this pair is more expensive.

For example, Jordan 1 Mid SE costs $135, whereas a pair of Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG is about 180 dollars. It’s relatable because the high top needs more materials than the low tops.


Also, Nike ensures the best quality sneakers, no matter which model you buy. That explains why Nike Air Jordans are so expensive.

Comfort and Performance

In a basketball shoe, comfort and performance are very crucial. In this case, Jordan 1 Mid shoe are a bit comfier than the Highs. The main reason is the height.

The Mid-tops give proper ankle support and are less restrictive to quick movements. However, for many customers, Jordan 1 Mid is more uncomfortable than the High version.

The Jordan 1 High, due to its high collars, provides a more snug fit which is ok as casual wear but not on the playground.


Toe Box

Jordan Mid has a comparatively larger toe-box than the high models. They are more round, which is a problem for mids as many people don’t like them.

My brother has both; according to him, it doesn’t feel the same with the Jordan Mid.


On the other hand, Nike Jordan 1 high has a narrow toe box, which looks and feels better. But if you have wide feet, this won’t be a great choice for you.

In this case, the mid-tops will fit you better. Check out if Jordan is good for Wide feet, for more clear ideas.

Pros and Cons of Jordan 1 High and Mid Sneakers

Since the launch of Jordan 1 High in 1985, this silhouette won the hearts of sneakerheads. The Jordan 1 Mid also follows its previous model. As a result, these two sneakers are similar yet different.

Here are the strengths and obstacles of Jordan 1 Mid and High sneakers:

Jordan 1 High

  • »Super comfortable.
  • »More popular.
  • »Covers up to the ankle.
  • »High price range.
  • »More restrictive for certain movements.
  • »Narrow toe box.

Jordan 1 Mid

  • »Comfortable.
  • »Wide toe box.
  • »Budget efficient.
  • »Versatile
  • »Less popular.
  • »Less ankle protection.

Jordan 1 Mid Vs High: Which One Should You Buy?

If you are into Nike Jordan sneakers, you may think about which pair is the best shot. The answer lies in your preference.

To enjoy a cool look with a snug-fitted sneaker, Jordan 1 High is the best option. This silhouette spices up any dull outfit and the comfort which allows you to wear them all day.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a shoe for regular wear and sports at the same time, Jordan 1 Mid is a good pick.

As it is a mid-top sneaker, your ankle is less covered and free to move around. And you won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable. Besides Jordan Mid is cheaper than the High.

So, as a budget-friendly shoe, you can go for it.


Furthermore, to try out other popular Nike sneakers, you should know the difference between Jordan 1 and Nike Dunk. Because recently Dunk sneakers are getting more hype.

Parting Thought

Nike Jordans are such a series whose sneakers are versatile, fashionable, and can change the entire look of your outfit in a second.

Where Jordan 1 High is an original comfy sneaker with the most popularity, Jordan 1 Mid wins the race as a similar yet affordable Nike pair for your daily use.

This is the authentic information that differentiates Nike Jordan 1 Mids from the High. To know more comment down below.

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