Jordan 1 Low vs High [Which Jordan Pair to Get in 2024?]

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Whenever we hear about Air Jordan’s low and high-top versions, we simply understand that their collar height is different.

But is this the only thing that differs or there’s more to know?


Moreover, prior to buying any of these sneaker styles, you must know whether the collar height variations make any change in the functionalities or not.

Without further ado let’s proceed ahead and compare Jordan 1 High vs Low.

What are the Differences Between Jordan 1’s Low & High?

Differences are hard to find when shoes are created from the same brand and under the same descent. But when someone can afford only one or simply wanna know about each of their details then comparing them is mandatory.

So, let’s differentiate between Air Jordan 1’s Low & High:


Air Jordan 1 High is the first signature shoe of famous NBA player Michael Jordan. Just like Nike Dunks, Jordan 1 is also designed by Peter Moore and was released in 1985.

It became popular overnight because of MJ’s endorsement, the invisible Air Unit, and the fascinating combination of the Swoosh, Jumpman, and Wings logos together.


Furthermore, people realized that this High version of Jordan 1 is good for skating along with casual wear.

As a result, the hype about this versatile sneaker has reached the pinnacle.

Though Air Jordan 1 Low debuted at the same time and acquired immense popularity at first, eventually they dropped due to deviation from the original design. This classic sneaker silhouette could not make a praiseworthy return until the early 2000s.

Throughout 2021, Nike tried to regain the same 1985’s form and they succeeded in doing this.

That’s why AJ Low is available nowadays in outlets and online marketplaces. And people are buying this streetwear even for golfing.


Jordan 1 low lag behind in the price category just like it falls behind in popularity. Can you guess why the expensive Jordan brand asks for a relatively affordable price for this set?

It’s due to the lower hype and relatively minimal expense for building the shorter collar height.


Recently, I purchased a pair of AJ 1 Low SE Craft for only $120. And I was pretty satisfied with this low-cut design’s performance which includes breathable suede upper, foam midsole, Air Unit, and patterned rubber sole for excellent traction.

AJ’s High cuts more amount for users’ wallets. For instance, leather-made Men’s Retro High OG retails for $180.


It’s surprising but true that, Air Jordan 1 low and high avails some significant distinction in design, apart from the particular top heights.


First of all, most of the Jordan 1 high top is 18 inches larger than the low top. That is while the high top is 72 Inches, its relative is only 54 inches.

Coming to the hole quantity, the high top includes 9 lace holes whereas the low version has only 7. However, the number of holes and sneaker’s length variation changes in the case of special styles such as UNC, Travis Scott, etc.


Both Jordan styles consist of cushioning Air units and full-length foamy midsole. Moreover, they are lightweight enough to accompany you in your rapid movement.

The upper is made of breathable materials, yet they have perforations for further air ventilation.


So, Jordan 1 is able to cover its users’ feet with a reliable comfort zone, no matter if it is low cut or high cut style.

But individuals say it’s quite disturbing while you play basketball or take part in amateur running in your AJ high top. Because the taller ankle height often troubles at the time of instant direction change.

Additionally, it takes more time to put on and put off this kind of sneaker just because of the long collar. And it’s absolutely an irritating thing especially when you’re in a rush.

But the positive side of this configuration is, it is more capable to protect the wearer’s ankle area with raised collar height and additional ankle support. On top of that, you can make Jordans more comfortable with socks.

Pros & Cons of Jordan 1 Low vs High

Both Jordans are good for the basketball court, skating, golfing, and as a part of our casual outfit. Yet, some key points are directly mentioned to have a clear overview of both.

Here are the pros & cons of Nike Jordan 1’s Low and High editions:

Nike Air Jordan 1 Low

  • »Stylish low top.
  • »Breathable materials & upper perforations.
  • »Encapsulated Air Unit for comfort.
  • »A great option for everyday wear.
  • »Easy to wear and lightweight.
  • »Eye-soothing color combinations.
  • »Prone to creases.
  • »Not slip-resistant on the wet surface.

Nike Air Jordan 1 High

  • »Provides bold outlook.
  • »Impressive color tones.
  • »Comfy Air Units.
  • »More protection with an elevated collar.
  • »Solid rubber outsole provides decent traction on dry surfaces.
  • »Comparatively heavier than Jordan’s Low.
  • »Wearing it on & off is somewhat time-consuming.
  • »Not a proper suit in summer.
  • »Ineligible for damp lands.


So, which one to pick this season between Jordan 1 low and high?

Well, I have a straightforward recommendation for you. If you’re in quest of more ankle support with a wide variety of colors, add Jordan 1 high into your cart.


On the other hand, if you feel uneasy with a bluffy collar and feel it’s slightly bothersome to wear the high-top sneakers, you better go with the AJ Low style.

The common thing is both sneakers are highly anticipated and timeless. Consequently, they are just great for this era and the upcoming also.

I guess, you’ve already come up with an appropriate decision. Prior to making any purchase just make sure that you will gain the necessary comfort and contentment in that piece.

Wrap Up

Air Jordan is the most powerful line in Nike’s collection. Shoes under this category are really hyped among sneaker enthusiasts. I know you’re no exception to this.

From this article, you must have already realized which Jordan is able to meet your requirements. Now let’s make a buy between Jordan 1 Low and High as per your personal preferences.

For any further queries, do not forget to knock at the comment section.

Peace Out!

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