Best Joan of Arctic Alternatives - At Ridiculously Cheaper Rates

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So, you’re a fan of the Joan of Arctic winter boots but hesitant to pay the premium price for a pair of footwear you’ll wear only at a certain time of the year. It’s quite natural. I’d be in a similar dilemma if I were you.

But, don’t you worry! After scouring the web for countless hours, I came up with this eclectic post to help you make a proper purchasing decision.


Have they excited much? Well, why shouldn’t you be? So, without bushing around much, let’s get into the main review portion.

Joan of Arctic Alternatives – Review

When you’re going for an affordable alternative, you’ve to make sure the features are as close as possible to the real one (if not the same). Boots featured in this list have similar features to that of the original one. So, no worries there.

Here are the best Joan of Arctic alternatives:


GLOBALWIN Women's 1932 Winter Boots


Featuring at the summit of our list are the beautifully crafted Winter boots from GLOBALWIN.

At first glance, you might say. “Hey! These boots do not resemble the Joans” But trust me, and they work well. As for the appearance, these boots resemble the Arctics apart from the top line.

Women’s 1932 Boots are equipped with Cream Faux Shearling at the top, unlike Arctics, which have Faux Fur lining at the top.

The upper consists of a combination of rugged fabric and PU leather. The combination works well and results in a supremely fashionable appearance. At the top, you can see the padded collars, with the cream Faux Shearling Just below (my personal

GLOBALWIN has equipped this footwear with Thermolite Insulation (Rated to 15F). This particular feature keeps you warm in chilly winter conditions.

A combination of padded collar rugged fabric and the shearling adds an extra layer of comfort and ensures a plush cozy fit.

The boots also feature seam-sealed construction, which gives them their waterproof property. Now you can concentrate on your outdoor activities without having to worry about any wet elements. Plus, the rubber shell adds extra support to this particular cause.

To provide you with a firm grip on snowy surfaces, the manufacturer incorporated slip-resistant rubber outsoles. And Finally, these beauties are available in four different color combinations to give you a selection dilemma we all want.

  • »Comfortable
  • »Stylish
  • »Provides proper warmth
  • »Has good fraction
  • »Waterproof
  • »It may not suitable for people with wide feet

Women’s 1932 Mid Calf Winter Boots are an excellent option as Joan of Arctic alternatives. The boots are equipped with many exciting features to give you proper backing in the winter. One of them is the combination of padded collars, rugged fabric. This combination results in a plush cozy fit along with extra warmth.


Northside Women's Kathmandu Winter Boots


Women’s Kathmandu Boots from Northside are a thing of real beauty. It’s not just the appearance they’re good at; those footwears work well, too.

These beautifully crafted boots come quite close to the Joan of Arctics, both in terms of appearance and features. The upper consists of 100% Suede leather, which lasts well considering the amount they cost.

Northside has equipped the boots with EVA insoles which are both removable and washable.

The boots also feature well-padded collars and 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation. All these features combine effectively to give you proper comfort as well as warmth in winter conditions.

With the installation of the D ring quick lace-up closures, you’ll easily get your desired fit. I really like this particular feature because the D rings are held firmly to their places by a sort of leather loop that is stitched quite effectively into the boots.

You’ll also love the fact that these boots feature seam-sealed construction. This ensures no wet element seeps through the shoes all the way to the legs. To add a further degree of support to this course, there’s the waterproof rubber shell.

What about traction? Well, don’t you worry! Women’s Kathmandu boots feature durable multi-directional rubber outsoles that provide you with proper traction, abrasion resistance in snowy conditions, and shock absorption.

Kathmandu boots do not have in common (apart from the price) with the Arctics is the variety of color options. These boots are available in 12 different color combinations.

  • »Comfortable
  • »Provides proper warmth, Slip-resistant outsole for excellent traction
  • »Abrasion-resistant
  • »Durable
  • »The sizing is just about right

Northside Women’s Kathmandu Boots might just be the closest in terms of Joan of Arctic alternatives. The materials used are quite the same (like the 100% Suede upper). Upon the first encounter, you won’t be able to differentiate between the two (unless you know the Arctic’s signature colors). These boots are a solid option as Joan of Arctic knock-offs.


London Fog Melton Snow Boots


Next up, we have these beautiful pairs of boots from London Fog, the Melton Snow boots.

London Fog has entered the frame with their Melton winter boots. At first glance, you’ll see Melfons resemble the Joan of Arctic in every way apart from the laces. I  guess they needed something different.

Melton’s upper consists of faux leather; with that being said, you’ve to keep in mind that the material is good in its own right but may not last as long as others on the market.

The boots are opening measures approximately 13 inches, meaning easy sliding in and out of them. The chunky laces run across eight well-placed eyelets that allow you to have a custom fit.

A Faux Fur lining gives the boots their signature “Snow Boot” appearance. The boots are equipped with a warm lining that will offer you warmth in moderate winter conditions.

Apart from that, a well-padded footbed does offer decent comfort. You’ll also be happy to know these boots are waterproof in nature. This means you won’t have to worry about melting snow seeping through your legs.

Available in six other color options, You’ll definitely find the one to match your taste. And last but not least, the artificial outsoles offer proper traction.

  • »Comfortable
  • »Offers good fraction
  • »Easy to put on/off
  • »Available in good color choices
  • »Relatively less durable

London Fog’s Melton Snow Boots resemble the Joan of Arctics In quite a few ways. That includes the duck toe bottom, faux fur collar, and lace upfront. These boots offer good insulation in moderate winter conditions and match well with most of your winter getups. The features you get at this price range aren’t too bad if you ask me.


BEARPAW Women's Gwyneth Winter Boots


BEARPAW did their own take on the classic winter boots, and it’s quite good, to say the least.

Different in appearance but same in nature, these books are up for the job. But, you’ll be disappointed if your goal is to find exact look-alikes. Nonetheless, I think their appearance is quite unique.

Like always, we start with the upper, and it consists of suede (just like the Arctics). The durability of these boots is satisfactory. If you’re looking for something more than short term and a bit less than long term, then you can easily go for them.

The D ring quick lace-up closure allows you to have a custom fit. These boots also feature a full-length Zipper closure along the inside. This allows you to slide in and out of the boots with utmost ease.

When you slide into these boots, you’ll be welcomed with a warm hug of comfort from the combination of the sheepskin footbed and the padded collars.

You’ll be happy to know, the midsole is quite flexible and bends with each and every step you take. And the non-marking rubber outsole provides proper grip. Unlike the other options in the list, these guys are available in two colors options only.

  • »Waterproof
  • »Comfortable
  • »Suede quilted upper for unique appearance
  • »Warm Inner lining
  • »There are some issues with the quality of the zipper

BEARPAW Women’s Gwyneth Boot has its unique appearance. Features embedded in these boots are quite up to the mark. They aren’t the most durable winter footwear. Nonetheless, they are capable of doing the job quite well. A warm inner lining keeps you warm during the winter. There’s a full-length zipper closure that allows you to slide in and out these beauties quite easily.


Kingshow Globalwin Women's Winter Boots


We have Kingshow Women’s Winter Boots featuring at number 5 of our countdown.

The resemblance between the king show Gelobalwin and the Arctics is quite similar. They Feature the same tall profile, faux fur cuff, and D ring closure.

The upper consists of a combination of synthetic leather and rugged textile. The amount of time they last are quite satisfactory given the price you’ll pay.

Kingshow has equipped the boots with a D ring closure to enable you to have a custom fit. There’s a full lining of faux fur that’ll keep you warm during the colder days.

A combination of the padded collar and the well-cushioned footbed provides you with proper comfort. Women’s Globalwin boots are also waterproof in nature, so you won’t have to worry about any wet element sipping through to your legs.

You’ll be happy to know these boots are available in eight different color combinations; finding a pair to match your taste won’t be an issue. Plus, these boots go well with any winter outfit.

And last but not least, these boots feature slip-resistant rubber outsoles to provide you with proper traction on cold wintery surfaces.

  • »Waterproof
  • »Comfortable
  • »Provides good traction
  • »Equipped with faux fur lining
  • »It fits true to size
  • »Some have found issues with durability

Kingshow Women’s Globalwin Winter Boots are a good option at a very reasonable price. Their appearance is quite similar to that of the Joans. The boots are equipped with a cozy faux fur lining to provide you with proper warmth. The waterproof nature of the shoes prevents you from having any soggy experience. In short, they have the potential to be an excellent bargain.

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Why should you go for Affordable Alternatives?

There’s no doubt about the fact that Joan of Arctics is fantastic winter boots. However, the price they come at can be quite difficult to carry. Therefore going for an affordable alternative can be quite sensible. Not only do you get similar features, but also they will cost you less.

There’s one thing you’ll need to keep in mind. And that’s the quality of the knock-offs you’re buying. Not all of them will be a bargain.

To ensure a successful purchase, you’ll have to do a bit of homework before coming to a purchasing decision. And how’s that? Go through all the customers’ reviews and ratings on various websites on Youtube.

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Related Questions People Ask

Does Sorel Joan of Arctics run small?

Sorel Joan of Arctics run a little large and wide. So, it is recommended to size down 1/2 a size. They’re a bit heavy. Nonetheless, they are durable enough to withstand extreme winter conditions. Most importantly, they keep your feet warm and are completely waterproof.

Does Sorel Joan of Arctic wedge stretch?

Sorel Joan of Arctic wedge  do stretch. At first, they’ll feel small and tight. Eventually, they’ll stretch out after a certain time. In short, you’ll feel more adjusted when the break-in period’s over.

Is Joan of Arctic alternatives of good quality?

Not all of the Joan of Arctic alternatives are of good quality. That’s one of the hiccups that come with cheaper alternatives. However, knock-offs from reliable brands are usually up to the mark. If you do your research properly there’s a high chance you’ll end up with a good deal.

Is Sorel a good brand?

Sorel is a great brand for snow boots. When it comes to hiking boots, they’re nowhere near as good as Mammut or La Sportiva.

Is Joan of Arctic knock-offs comfortable?

Not all of the Joan of Arctic knock-offs are up to the mark in terms of comfort. It varies from product to product. Going through the customer’s reviews and ratings is a great idea of ensuring comfortable Joan of Arctic knock-offs.

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Final Verdict

We all love classic winter boots. And, who makes them better than Sorel? Unfortunately, they cost quite the bucks.

But, thankfully, there is similar footwear available at more affordable prices. Finding the right ones can be quite the pickle at times. Therefore I compiled this ultimate list of affordable alternatives to the Joan of Arctics.

As always, I’ll always be there for further assistance. Just drop your queries down in the comment section below. And do let me know if I’ve missed a noteworthy option for these fabulous boots. Until then, take care.

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