How Often Should You Replace Snowboard Boots [Guide 2024]

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If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then snowboard riding should suit you just right. And the critical component of this extreme sport is a pair of snowboard boots.

Just like any other footwear, there will come a time when you’ll need to replace them. But, when?

That’s the answer I’m going to give you today. This ultimate guide will tell you exactly when you need to replace your snowboard boots.


So, how often should you replace your snowboard boots?

You’ll need to replace your snowboard boots after 60-70 days of hard riding. Depending on the model, riding density, initial stiffness, the number may increase or decrease. If you’re a recreational rider, then you’ll need to replace your boots after 100-150  days.

Leaving you with a summary would be very rude. Therefore, I’d urge you to read till the end to know everything about this topic in greater detail.

How Often Should You Replace Snowboard Boots|Answered

Snowboard riding is an excellent way of making the most out of those snowy winters, especially for those who love the adrenaline rush. While extreme sports is no joke, safety should be of paramount concern.

For snowboarding, you’ll need a few types of equipment. And, arguably, the most important of those is a pair of snowboarding boots. And, like any other footwear, they too will lose their resistance and become damaged, for which you’ll need to replace them.

But, when? That’s the million-dollar question.

Upon hard riding, you’ll need to replace your snowboard boots after 60-70 days. The number will increase if you take proper care of your snowboard boots and ride less.

The number will decrease if you’re casual in your maintenance and increase the riding volume.

That being said, there are many other things that can affect the lifespan of your snowboard boots.

One of the most common and popular factors is the original stiffness of the boots. The stiffer the boots the longer they last. By lasting more, I meant the linings will take more time to wear down.

When it comes to snowboard boots, the inner lining is extremely important. Once the liner wears out, you no longer receive any kind of support that you’d need for this sport.

Loosely fitted snowboard boots are not at all suitable for hard riding, you won’t get the necessary support from your kicks while doing all kinds of jumps and tricks.

Also, the lack of compression and padding support will result in blisters, bruises, and sore feet. You’ll feel no control over your boots, resulting in lesser stability.

If you’re into hardcore snowboard riding, then maintaining a certain level of stiffness is an obligation.

On the other hand, if you’re a part-timer then you can use soft park boots. You’ll get agility, mobility and better control while riding on rails or kickers.

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Sings You Need To Replace Your Snowboard Boots

When a pair of footwear starts to wear down, you’ll notice some obvious changes. And, depending on those changes, you’ll have to act.

So what are those signs? Don’t you worry! You won’t have to go across the internet and search for them. For your convenience, I’ve listed them down.

Here are the signs that indicate you need to replace your snowboard boots:

You’re Not Feeling The Support

Different footwear has a different kinds of fit, and snowboard boots are no exception. They are supposed to have a tight and snug fit. You may ask, why so?

Snowboard boots are supposed to have a tighter fit so that your boots are glued to your legs when you’re snowboarding in the mountains or doing extreme jumps.

The support is mainly supposed to come from the inside. When you no longer feel that support from within, then it’s a clear indication you need to replace your snowboard boots.

You Feel Uncomfortable

When you’re carving on rails and doing other kinds of freestyle, you should feel comfortable when performing such acts.

When you feel uncomfortable doing these kinds of stuff, then it’s clear that your boots have been packed out and need replacing.


You’re Heels Are Riding Up

You’re riding on your toe edge, and you’re feeling that your heels are riding up while doing so. It means that the padding around that area has been used to its full potential.

In other words, it’s a clear sign of packed-out snowboard boots. It’s time to change!

Tears Around The Seams

Have you noticed the external seams of your sturdy snowboard boots are splitting open when your flexing in different directions?

If not, then great! If it’s an unfortunate yes, then my friend, it’s time to replace your boots. And trust me, repairing them won’t work.

You won’t get the same performance you are used to! All your time, effort, and money will go to waste.

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How Can You Increase The Life of Your Snowboard Boots

There’s no doubt about the fact that a pair of boots/shoes will ultimately need to be replaced after a certain amount of time. While it’s inevitable, there are certain techniques you can apply to increase the longevity of your snowboard boots.

Here are the most effective ways of increasing your snowboard boots’ life:

Proper Binding

I’ve seen many adrenaline junkies use cheaper binding on pricy snowboard boots. Not only it is harmful to you, but also it’s harmful to your boots as well.

Cheaper bindings are made out of materials that aren’t good for your boots’ health. There’ll be marks or scars on your precious snowboard boots, and in the worst-case scenario, you can literally be shredded into parts.

So, when you’re investing in binding straps, try to invest in the better ones. And; it’s kind of an obligation when you buy them for a new pair of boots. And yes, don’t compromise your performance.

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Tight Fit

Preventing the wearing-down process is literally impossible. You may get years of service from certain footwear, but ultimately there will come a time when they will give in.

It’s no exception in terms of your snowboard boots. But, there’s a way you can make them last longer. And, what’s that?

Buy your boots tight so that they take extra time to wear down. But, don’t get them too tight so you can’t wear them. The tightness I’m talking about should be just above what you normally wear.

The break-in will take extra time, but ultimately you’ll be able to wear them properly once they’re fully broken broken-in.

Go To A Cobbler

Upon extensive use, your boots will soon start to pack out. In some areas, there will be less damage in some areas, while in other areas there’ll be less damage.

Go to a cobbler or a boot fitter and fill up the extra gaps with foam inserts. This way you won’t feel that lack of support and can go on for a long time without having to compromise on your performance.

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Store Properly

When I started writing about footwear, there is this common issue I came across from all sorts of footwear users. They didn’t know the benefits of proper storage.

Storing your footwear properly enables them to last longer. So, when the time comes to keep aside your snowboard boots store them properly.

Use Boot Trees

Boot trees are such tools, which in my opinion, are underrated; more specifically they’re undermined. It’s a great way of storing footwear properly.

Using boot trees allows your precious footwear to retain its shape properly. Of course, you’ll need to spare some cash for these handy tools. But, look on the bright side; your boots will retain their shape perfectly.

So, if money is of no issue, try to invest in a pair of boot trees. And, you can rest assured you won’t regret it.

How Should Your Snowboard Boots Fit?

Fit is very crucial when it comes to snowboard riding. It can easily determine your fate out there in the snow. Ill-fitted boots can easily ruin a day in the office. If you know then, great! If not, it’s cool. I’ve got your back.

Here’s how your snowboard boots should fit:

To start things off, your snowboard boots should have a tight and snug fit so that there’s no movement of your feet inside them.

You should be able to feel your toes pushing on the back end of your boots when you stand up. And, you should feel that pressure coming away when you lean towards your shins.

It’s very crucial that your feet do not move inside your snowboard boots. The movement of your feet can lead to all sorts of problems. And, one of the most common of them is heel lift.

Heel lift causes your balance to compromise, resulting in uneven performances, and in the worst-case scenario; it can cause a nasty injury.

You should get boots that hold your heels firmly in their place, and if there’s a slight movement the binding straps should be able to cover that up.

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Parting Thoughts

Snowboarding is a great way of making the most out of snowy winters. And, snowboard boots are a vital component of this extreme sport. Adrenaline seekers love it.

But, just like other footwear, there will come a time when you’ll need to replace them. And, I’ve told you exactly when to replace them.

This was my take on this particular topic. Do let me know about my lackings down in the comment section below (if there’s any). It’s a wrap from me. Take care and snowboard safely.

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