How Much Does It Cost to Make Vans Shoes? [Per Pair Costing]

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The desire to buy a Vans pair for its versatile streetwear appearance is obvious. But the situation becomes confusing when you check their website and find out they charge a minimum compared to other sneakers.

For this reason, you might wonder how much they actually cost for making a single pair.

In this article, I’ll share Vans’ overall costing and earning process along with their manufacturing

Without further delay, dive in!

How Much Do Vans Cost to Make Shoes?

Generally, Van’s shoe materials and manufacturing cost is around $15.5 to $17. After including the other cost, like shipping, vat, and customs fees, the total costing is come up to 20 bucks for each van pair. Yet, their starting price is 60 to 70 dollars.

In 1966, the Van duo made vans sneakers in their warehouse and sells them on California streets.

After 30 years, in the early 20s, they imported shoes from China and Vietnam companies. For the same reason, frauds also make shoes that are quite similar, to identify the fake or real vans, check out my other piece for risk-free shopping.

Brands are outsourcing their shoes from China-based manufacturing companies because of their relatively cheaper labor cost. The companies only produce branded products by using their millions of efficient workers.

But for shipment, they have to pay $.50 per Vans pair. And customs charge around $.32 for every Vans shoe.

After summing up the total cost, the overall cost is like this:

Material and Manufacture Cost+ Shipment Charges+ Custom Fees= $15.5+ $.50+ $.32 = $16.32

Additionally, for Vans leather products, the brand gives the government import charges, which are 8.5 bucks per board. So, include 1.32 dollars with the customs charges when you calculate the leather Vans shoe.

If you calculate the leather shoe cost, after adding $1.32 for each pair, the total will be $17.64. It’s the total overview of Vans shoe costs, excluding the store, marketing, and selling cost.

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Vans Manufacturing Process Cost

The manufacturing process of Vans is quite interesting. After their minimal cost of production, they use the best material for making their shoes.

In recent days, Vans procedure more than 80 million pairs of shoes every year.

Now I’m describing the product cost and their estimated percentage of Vans shoes.

The most expensive portion of Vans shoes is their canvas upper, the estimated upper cost is $5.1. The printed logo, tongue, and upper threads are included in this section.

Next comes labor or manufacturer cost, which also charges, 27% of the total cost which is around 4.5 dollars per Vans pair.

Now, if you talk about their leather lining, it cost almost 17% of 15 dollars. And the calculated charge comes to $2.55. Vans also produce some vegans shoes, where they never use any animal or leather products.

Moreover, the vulcanized rubber-soled shoe bottom demand 2.1 buck, which is 14% of the total cost.

Last but not least, the vans spent more than 1 dollar for their packaging and mold amortization. The cost of this segment is 9% for each Vans pair.

For your better understanding, I’m describing the whole elaborated procedures in one combining section. And that is mentioned below:

  • Canvas Upper– 34% or $5.1
  • Labor Cost– 27% or $4.5
  • Leather Lining– 17% or $2.55
  • Outsole– 14% or $2.1
  • Packaging & Others– 9% or $1.35


The van’s complete costing is divided into the aforementioned segments. Vans assure quality with a minimum expense.

How Much Do Vans Earn From Each Pair?

In the previous segment, I already discuss the average cost of each Vans shoe. But it is not the total money that they expend on their products. There is a vast amount of money that vans spent on brand endorsement, shop charges, and maintenance costs.

According to experts’ assumptions, the accessories of any product amount are as much as the product-manufacturing cost, Which means double.

If you take their words, then the average summation is like: $(17.64 × 2) = $35.28

Vans associated price range starts from 60 bucks to $110. For instance, If we take Old Skool shoes, that ask 70-dollar, then the earning profit might look like this:

Selling Price — (Product Cost + Marketing Expense)

= $70 $(17.64+17.64)

= $34.72

so from the above calculation, we can see that Vans earning is two times more than their manufacturing cost. Yet, I adore Vans because of their comfortable aspect, which makes them desirable.

Final Look

Being a sneakerhead I love vans, for their diversified appearance with splendid features. Also, the money they charge for their designer shoes is quite affordable for me. So, I suggest you, jazz up with a pair of vans conforming to your preference.

I hope, this article dissolves your all puzzled questions about Vans’ costing. For further queries, shoot a comment in the below box.

Happy shopping!

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