Fake Vans vs Real Vans [5 Ways to Tell the Difference]

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Nowadays, Vans is not just a sneaker, it’s a fashion staple. But to get this cool pair, you have to cut your pocket off to some extent.

As Van’s popularity skyrocketed, we can now see various types of fake vans on the market. Some replica seems so original that you can be deceived by their appearance and forced to buy fake vans.


So, it’s prominent for you to identify the real Vans, which is pretty easy. And I will help you along the way.

Let’s start!

What is The Difference Between Van’s Fake and Original?

Van’s vast popularity creates a lot of competitors. And the competitor’s accuracy is top-notch so, it’s quite impossible to find the real Van’s shoe. But not all features can be copied. I am pointing out the differences between real and fake vans, Which will help you to identify the real ones.

By checking these 5 aspects, you can identify the real Vans:

1. Look at the box

Brands provide premium packaging and box with their product. Real vans shoe come with a locking mechanism tab box. Size, color, and model details are clearly described on the real Van’s box.

However, specific models of vans are vegan. If you wanna buy canvas Vans, it’s 1005 cruelty-free, which is declared on the shoebox. But fake Vans don’t have that option.

2. Quality of stitching

If you are going to buy Vans old skool, inspect the stitching carefully. Real Vans stitching is firm and very even. And stitching materials are also high in quality.

Now, when you notice uneven, loose, and incomplete stitching, you can reach the conclusion that the specific Vans is fake. Sometimes the stitching line of fake vans is not even straight. So it’s really very easy and convenient to spot the real vans from the fake ones.

3. Look at the sole

Vans come in waffle soles with rhomboid and diamond shapes. Country codes are engraved into that diamond.


Fake vans may have country codes, but you can easily understand them. Because the quality of letters is very poor in fake vans whereas in real vans’ the country code is very clear and straight. Authentic Van’s soles are made with vulcanized rubber, while the fake one is made with cheap materials.

4. Trademarks

Vans logo plays a very significant role in every van’s shoe. Competitors also try to copy them. A red rectangular rubber tab with white fonts is visible in every model of Vans. Even some Vans like SK8-Hi have the logo on the tongue.

The insole of vans also has a very clear quality-full trademark. Replica vans have this feature to fool you, but it’s a visibly poor-quality trademark. So, identify the good quality trademark while buying vans shoes.

5. Compare the price

For retro classic design, van shoes are quite expensive and hyped. Vans shoe’s minimum price starts at $60 dollar. So you can not expect you can get it within $20. So before buying, check the van’s website for the current price of your desired shoe.

If you want a discount on vans, check out Nordstrom rack. It is a trusted website to buy vans at low prices.

These are the easy ways to spot the replica vans. Always try to buy from trusted shops or original vans site to avoid an unpleasant experience.

Even if you have to buy from local shops, the points described before will help you to detect fake vans easily. But those 5 ways I described will guide you when you will buy it from a physical shop.

Original vans have return and refund options too. When you buy it from a local, ask him about the refund and return policy of your vans sneakers.

To know more about Van’s return policy, you can check out my other article about the return policy of Vans shoes.

But If you are an online buyer, identifying real vans can be a little tricky. So read on to know how you can detect fake vans during online shopping.

How To Spot Fake Vans during Online Shopping

Shopping is quite fun over the phone. Nowadays, online sellers offer vast sales on vans and take advantage of selling fake products, because it is difficult for buyers to detect fake vans on screen.

But you have nothing to worry about as I am providing 3 quick and best techniques which will help you to differentiate between fake and real vans.

Here I am providing the 3 ways to spot fake vans online:

Check the Website’s Authority

When you’re investing a lot of money to buy a desired pair, why do you go to the third-party seller? Vans have its own website, besides there are several online shops that are officially authorized by vans.

Third-party sellers offer you a huge discount to fool you. Always try to buy from a trustworthy website like Footlocker. Footlocker sells the authentic products of famous brands.

Or, just direct purchase your favorite vans from their official website. Occasionally, vans offer a decent discount on their shoes, so follow their sites to grab the opportunity.

Pricing Difference


Pricing is a big issue. Though van shoe is a little pricey for students, they try to find websites that offer the lowest price. Corrupted sellers take this opportunity. So never buy from a website that offers $60 vans old skool for $20. Check out the official website to know the real price.

There is no one who doesn’t love sales. For that reason, the brand offers huge sales on Christmas and Black Friday-type occasions.

So, avoid shady deals to protect yourself from being cheated.

Website Review

from the review of a website, you can determine whether the website is trustworthy or not. Even a number of reviews are also proving the authenticity. Sometimes sellers pay for some good comments to relay new consumers of the website. So make sure that the website has a good number of reviews.


Vans is a super hyped shoe, loved by all sneakerheads. Though it’s expensive, people want to keep a minimum of one pair of them in their closet. Nobody wants to ruin their money on fake ones.

That’s why in this article, I have provided some easy ways to identify real vans. So read the content carefully and save your money from wasting.

If you have any other queries, don’t hesitate, to leave a comment below.

Stay healthy!

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