How Much Does It Cost To Make Gucci Shoes [Price Unfolding]

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A fine piece of Gucci shoe is like an heirloom you can pass on to the next generation. These high-end designer shoes’ quality, durability, and making process are investments.


You may have this question how much money does Gucci spend on its luxury shoe manufacturing process?

I will unleash the cost of Gucci footwear through this article.

So, keep up!

How Much Does It Cost To Make Gucci Shoes?

Gucci is a name of luxury, so it’s very relatable that the manufacturing process is not cheap. The price range of Gucci shoes starts from around $750 so from this price point, it’s obvious that it costs at least 250 to 300 to make these high-end shoes.

From shoes to loafers to sandals, Gucci has a higher price tag.

You may have to save your monthly allowance for 3 to 4 months to get a pair of Gucci. There are several reasons why the price is so much.

Let’s find out how much Gucci shoes cost to make:

Top-Quality Materials

Gucci uses the finest quality materials to make its shoes. From their Demetra sneakers to the leather-made loafers to the casual shoe, they ensured the materials were to die for.

Gucci introduces a new shoe material, Demetra. This eco-friendly material is a combination of quality, softness, and durability. And the most amazing part, this sustainable material is 77% plant base.

As a unique material, the shoes are made with Demetra, retailing from 590 to 790 euros.

The price of this material can be a couple hundred dollars as Gucci hasn’t mentioned the production cost of Demetra.

Moreover, Gucci uses exotic leathers from all over the world. The most recent leather is ultra-luxurious Guccissima leather. This material is super expensive, so a pair of Gucci Blondie Slide Sandals costs around $950.


Product Manufacturing

Most of the Gucci shoes are made in Italy and are shifted all around the globe.

So, the shoe manufacturing cost is over 10 times more than a Chinese factory-made shoe.

From the high-end leather to the sole, insole, and even the shoelaces are made with caution and care, whether it’s made of Guccissima leather or Demetra.


If the manufacturing cost of a leather shoe is $100 in China, it’s obvious Gucci’s cost will be at least 5 times more.

Italian Craftsmen Design

When a pair of shoes is handmade from scratch, the cost of the product is charged due to the time and energy of the maker.

Most Gucci loafers are handmade and the craftsmanship is beyond comparison.

Not only the craftsman but also the labor cost in Italy is much more than in America, they feature more strict labor laws and ethical standards.

This cost Gucci shoes ten times more than other branded shoes like Adidas’s manufacturing expense.

Marketing and Advertising Cost

Gucci spends a considerable sum of money on its marketing strategy and advertisements.

This cost also gets included in each of the shoes and thus a pair of Gucci Marmont Logo-Embellished Leather Sandals are $850.


The Cost of Events is another reason behind the higher cost of Gucci shoes. The venue they use to shoot their advertising is unique.

The brand hires celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Dakota Johnson, and Harry Styles to represent their products as ambassadors. And models such as Alicia Burke, Lina, and so on.

Gucci pays its models almost $51269 per year. No wonder they are not budget-friendly.

Even famous brands like Nike spend a lot of money on their sneaker promotion. Some sneakerheads get mesmerized and buy the pricey Air Jordans without thinking much.

Aesthetic and Uniqueness of the Shoes

The aesthetic of Gucci footwear is timeless and unique. Gucci’s manufacturers came up with designs made to last for decades.

Though these shoes are a thousand dollars, they are worth it if you choose wisely.

Gucci charges you for its one-of-a-kind shoes and other products. That is a source of high range.

Normally unique design is a parameter of high price. For example, Cowboy Boots are expensive due to their different outlooks and quality.

Limited Supply

Gucci’s shoes are a limited supply product and thus are often sold out.

Most of the time, buyers must wait until Gucci restocks their limited footwear again. That increases the market value of these highly ranged shoes.

As Gucci’s shoes and sandals are quite hard to find in stores and the number of retailers is also limited, these shoes bring the storm in the market.

Why Do Gucci Shoes Cost So Much?

From the price range and the quality of the material, it’s valid that the manufacturing cost can be around $200 to more. Craftsmanship is also a very important factor in the cost-determination process along with the exporting cost from Italy.

As a luxury brand, there is no doubt Gucci shoes are expensive. A platform pair like the Maxi GG Platform Slide Sandals is $690.

The Maxi GG Canvas, 100% rubber sole, and the branded footbed are not so cheap either.

Additionally, If you are into Vans sneakers, you should check how much it costs to manufacture a pair of Vans.


What Makes Gucci Shoes Expensive?

Gucci’s shoes are expensive due to their quality and craftsmanship. This brand uses highly trained professionals to produce its finest pieces.

Are Gucci Shoes Vegan?

Yes, Gucci has its vegan shoes which come in three styles, The Gucci New Ace, Gucci Rhyton, and The Gucci Basket. Their latest shoe material,  Demetra is also plant base.

What Type Of Leather Is In Gucci Shoes?

Gucci shoes are mainly made of full-grain and corrected-grain leather. These materials make Gucci footwear durable and last longer.

Is Gucci Real Leather?

Yes, Gucci uses exclusive high-end leather to make its products. These authentic leathers are also collected from the whole world around.

Parting Thought

Extraordinary shoes and shoe accessories are hard to come by. Designer brands like Gucci ensure you get one-of-a-kind footwear as you spend hundreds or thousands on your shoes.

I have detailed every factor behind Gucci’s price range, including their shoe-making cost.

For any further queries, comment below.

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