How To Dry Shoes After Washing Machine [Methods That Work]

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Getting your shoes soaking wet is very uncomfortable to talk in and irritating too.

So, after washing your dirty wet sneakers with the machine, comes the drying process. Anyway, depending on the time you have, there are several ways to do so.

how-to-dry-shoes after washing machine

In this write-up, I will introduce you to the quickest to most effective DIY methods to dry your shoes after washing them.

So, keep up.

How You Can Dry Shoes After Washing Machine

After your beach tour or sudden detour with sudden rain, your speakers will get wet for sure.

When the washing cycle is done, you need to dry them properly, because moisture can damage specific materials such as leather and suede. And also be very careful about preventing your shoes from dry rotting.

Let’s check out the effective methods to dry shoes after washing:

Drying Shoes Using A Fan

Drying shoes with a fan is quite effective. If you have time, this way is safe for delicate sneakers that might get damaged by heat. And if you want to wash your Crocs in the washing machine, make sure if it’s possible or not.

You can put your shoes directly under the fan or in the room where you are using a fan already. It’s like killing two birds in one shot.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Clean your footwear properly.
  • Remove the insole and laces to dry them separately.
  • Take a towel and place it under your shoes.
  • Turn on the fan or put the shoes where you are using the fan already.
  • To hang the wet shoes directly to the table fan, use a hook or make them from wires.
  • Run the fan for a couple of hours until your sneakers are completely dried.
  • Do the same for the laces and innersoles.
  • Don’t forget to check in between.

With The Help Of The Newspaper

To dry your soggy shoes or slippers, you can use old newspapers laying in a corner of your storage room. You don’t have to do anything uncanny.


My grandma taught me this method. She didn’t have access to fans back then as we do.

Let me enlighten you.

  • Get some newspaper, roll them up, and stuff them right into your shoe.
  • Check after one hour to see the condition of the shoe’s interior.
  • Change the paper and place a new batch of papers every few hours if they get soaked.
  • For the outside of your footwear, wrap it completely with several pieces of newspaper and repeat this process until they are completely dry, inside and out.

It takes time and patience, but effective in the long run.

Shoe Dryer

Your soaking-wet shoes dry overnight in a shoe dryer. I was optimistic that whether I can put my shoes in the dryer. But turned out it’s the quickest way of all.

If you are in a hurry, a shoe dryer is the best option.


Let’s see how Shoe Dryer works:

  • Remove the shoelaces and innersole after cleaning your shoe in the washing machine.
  • Place the shoes on the drying tubes and make sure the front of the shoe is higher than the heel to fasten the entire process.
  • Also, use anvils at the time of putting your shoes on the drying tubes for enhanced hot air circulation.
  • Maintain a six-inch gap between the bottom and the shoe.
  • Turn on the dryer and clean the vents.
  • Set the timer and you are good to go.

Take out the shoes when you heard the beep of the ending cycle. You can even dry your boots in a dryer with a few precautions.


You may think about how cold works to dry shoes. Well, the fridge also works as a shoe dryer. When I first heard it, from my colleague, I had to try it. And it worked, surprisingly.

Don’t worry, you will be using the vents that are located below the doors.

After every cooling cycle, the fridge blows out warm air, and you will take advantage of that automatic settings.


Similarly, you can put your wet cleaned shoes behind the refrigerator, the intake will draw moisture out of your sneakers.

Let’s jump to the method:

  • Clean your shoes first and take out the insole along with the laces if your shoes have any.
  • Place the opening of your pair facing the vent.
  • In case you are using the intake, put the opening of your slipper directing the fan.
  • Keep them for a couple of hours and check every once in a while.

That’s all, now you can enjoy a dry, warm shoe. There’s an interesting fact that even you can wash Uggs in the washing machine.

Air Drying

Natural ways are slow but are the most effective. The main drawback is the time, as these methods are time-consuming.

Shoe dryers, fans, fridges, and other electronic appliances need energy and the heat can shrink the fabric of your shoe and can damage the interior too.

That’s why letting your sneakers air dry is eco-friendly and doesn’t cost you anything.


Here’s how you can effectively air-dry your shoes:

  • Wash your shoes in the machine, then remove the accessories of your shoe.
  • Take a clean old towel and soak the excess dripping water.
  • Place the towel or if it’s too wet place another one under your footwear.
  • Find a place where the airflow is enough and has sufficient sunlight.
  • Keep your sneakers there the whole night and wait till it dries completely.

Lace up your shoes after the drying process and that’s it. Along with cleaning and drying, you should know how to disinfect your shoes.

By Using Rice

You can reduce the wetness of your sneaker with staple food items like rice. Though it seems like a myth, it actually works, and I was amazed at how easy it was.


Let’s see the rice-using procedures firsthand:

  • Pour enough amount of rice into a tub to merge your shoe completely.
  • Snuggle the wet shoe upside down into the rice.
  • Seal the tub and let it set for a couple of hours.
  • Often check until it’s dry.

Clothes Dryer

If you have to dry your shoes immediately, the clothes dryer is the fastest way to get the job done.

But if your shoe is made of leather or has a gel-core insert, the dryer might end up damaging your shoe completely. So, keep that in mind.

Let’s see how to dry your shoes in a cloth dryer:

  • Take your shoes out of the washer and knot the laces of both your sneakers together.
  • Place them in the dryer when it’s empty without any laundry in them.
  • Close the dryer’s door, keeping some parts of the laces outside.
  • Set the dryer to gentle mode (air puff).
  • Run the cycle for a maximum of one hour.
  • Take out your shoes and enjoy.

If your shoes are still not dry completely, place them in an airy place until they are warm and dry.


Can You Dry Shoes Overnight?

Yes, by keeping your soaking wet shoes in a well-ventilated area, or under a fan the whole night, you can dry your shoes overnight.

How Long Does It Take To Dry Shoes After Washing?

If you use a shoe or cloth dryer, it’s gonna take 20 minutes. In the case of a fan the time will extend to 2 hours and air drying takes almost 8 hours to completely dry shoes.

Final Take

You can dry your favorite pair of shoes by keeping them in an airy area, shoe dryer, or even using rice.

Whichever method you use, make sure your shoe material and upper are not going to be damaged during the process.

So, be mindful and let me know if you have any additional queries.

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