Doc Martens vs. Solovair: 5 Must Know Differences [In 2024]

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Doc Martens and Solovair are almost the same kinds of boots, right?

Both of the designs evoke a feeling of modesty. It’s not so easy to differentiate between these two items. So, you might face difficulties in the phase where you’ve to select one between these two brands.

Hence, I’ve explained five worth-mentioning differences in a most organized way by spending a couple of hours in research.


I also got to know which ones are profitable to invest in.

If you’re confused and unable to detect the unique characteristics of these two boots, then you better check out this article.

So, let’s move forward to capture the features of Doc Martens and Solovair.

What Are The Differences Between Doc Martens & Solovair?

You might have noticed a significant difference if you take an attentive look at both of the shoes.

Most of the shoes of Doc Martens have yellow line stitching across the joining line of the outsole and the leather. But this difference won’t be applicable to shoes that include black threading.

That’s why I will briefly discuss each of the dissimilarities so that you can easily differentiate between them.

If you’re in a hurry and want to have a precise concept of these two, then you can simply scroll down and read the segment where I’ve noted the pros and cons of these two branded shoes.

Here are the top 5 differences between Doc Martens & Solovair :

1.  Sole Technology

Let’s start the discussion with the outsole.

If you look at the exterior sole, you’ll see Solovair’s outsole has more grooves than Doc Martens. More grooves denote a better grip on the surface. The shape of the grooves is also varied.

When you touch the outsole, you’ll feel that Doc Martens are more rugged.

The footwear of Solovair is more durable, with a shank in the outsole.

Though the outsole material is rubber in both shoes, the technology differs.

Solovairs follow the Goodyear Welted Method in their shoes.

According to Solovair, “Goodyear welting consists of a long strip of leather, rubber or synthetic material (called a ‘welt’) sewn to the shoe’s upper and insole using a chain stitch. The outsole is then attached separately to the welt by a lockstitch before the sole is attached.”

You’ll get AirWare technology in the cushioned sole of Doc Martens.

The soles are of different categories, such as BEX sole, Quadmax sole and DMS sole. The inlined copper materials of the insole will protect your feet from being smelly.

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2.  Leather

The Doc Martens leather is matte and a little bit loose. It has a stretching tendency. Initially, it’s hard to break in Doc Martens, but you’ll get relief from this trouble over time.

Nappa, Virginia & Carpathian leather are mostly used in Doc Martens.

These are really soft but thin. Consequently, you might not get the support that you need underneath your feet.

If a flat feet owner or a person with plantar fasciitis wears shoes with a tenuous sole, it can be turned into a severe issue because thin soles are unable to provide the necessary arch and ankle support.

Moreover, If you roam around the rough and rocky terrain, your soft feet might get hurt due to a thin sole. But there’s a hidden advantage with thin soles. Can you guess what that is?

If you constantly wear shoes with a thin base, then the gap between your feet and the hard surface will be reduced. This will make your feet hurt and might cause blisters on your feet at first. But your feet will be strong enough to survive on the sturdy surface in the long run.

Apart from leather, suede, canvas and nubuck are also used to make the shoes.

On the other hand, the leather of Solovair is thicker but not so heavy.

Solovairs are made with well grade leather. When I looked at the leather quality of these two brands, I found the fiber structure of Solovair is tight, and premium, but Doc Martens are loose and of average quality.

3.  Made By Different Countries

Doc martens manufacture shoes in the cities of Asia and South America.

They’re working to satisfy people worldwide with elegant-looking, comfy shoes.

The quality of South American shoes is richer than that of Asian shoes.

Europe is the main producer of Solovair shoes. This company collects leather from the reputed tanneries of Europe.

Due to the high demand for these boots around the world, China also makes replicas of both categories of shoes. But their shoes don’t hold the same quality and features as the genuine shoes that are made in Europe and North America.

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4.  Sizing is not the same

It’s better to get half sizes and quarter sizes available in shoes.

Therefore, you won’t have to face any difficulties regarding perfect sizing.

Doc Martens and Solovair won’t offer you the advantage of quarter sizing.

You’ll get only full sizes in the bucket of Doc Martens. If you look at the sizing chart of Solovair, then you’ll see that they’re available both in full and half sizes.

Moreover, the Solovair shoes run half a size big. So, you must be careful while selecting the shoe sizing. I’ll recommend going to the outlet physically, trying the shoes and then deciding to buy or leave them behind.

The Doc Martens are close-bodied at first attempts. Generally, it takes 2-3 weeks to break in.

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5.  Solovair is More Expensive

The price tag is always an issue at the time of shopping. Though the materials of Doc Martens and Solovair are of good quality and the design is almost the same, the price differs.

You’ll get a pair of Solovair shoes for $200 and Doc Martens for $120 to $150.


The developed technology involved in making Solovair shoes, its elite packaging and, most importantly, the handcrafted design demand more from your wallet. But the shoes are unbeatable in terms of longevity.

Though Doc martens are durable, Solovairs are more long-lasting.

One pair of Solovair will easily last up to 4 to 5 years even if you use it on a regular basis and maintain the proper cleaning method. So it’s better to invest a little bit more in Solovair instead of Doc martens.

As I’ve briefly mentioned only 5 differences, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not any other difference. I’ve noted some points in the pros and cons section. If you take a closer look at that portion, you’ll be able to find out more differences.

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What Are The Similarities of Doc Martens & Solovair?

You’ve already known one of the similarities: the design.

If you put the same colored of Solovair and Doc Martens boots in front of a person who is unknown to the brand name, normally he won’t be able to identify any design difference.

Make sure to skip yellow stitched shoes in this case. Otherwise, he’ll find that the needlework and its layout differ from the other.

Let’s figure out some other similarities, including design, except the criteria of the yellow stitch.

Here’re the similarities you should know:

Similar Design

You’ll get eight eyelets and an open lacing system in most boots. The stitching layout across the front, side and ankle area is analogous.


Steel-toe boots, derby boots, Chukka, and Brogue are available in both. But you’ll get six eyelets in version 101 and ten eyelets in 1490. If you like taller boots up to the knee, then you can add 1490 to your purchase list.

You can get a maximum of 20 eyelets in Solovairs boots. Along with open lacing, you’ll get the facility of close lacing in some boots.

The sole Material Is Identical

The outsole is made with flexible PVC. This material has a long lifespan and offers anti-slip properties.

You’ll get a cork-made cushioned sole at the middle layer. To make the insole suitable for your feet, manufacturers utilize 100% recyclable but synthetic fabric.

The lacing of both companies’ shoes is made with smooth but sustainable fiber.

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Pros & Cons Of Doc Martens & Solovair

If you’re willing to build a basic concept regarding Doc Martens and Solovair in less time, then you better have a look at the pros and cons of these shoes.

Let’s start with Doc Martens and later find out about Solovair.

Here’re the pros and cons of Doc Martens shoes:

  • »Comfortable with Air cushioned midsole
  • »Breathable upper
  • »Grooved outsole for good grip
  • »Useful for Plantar fasciitis, bunions and flat feet
  • »Customize fit with elastic open lacing
  • »They’re not heavy
  • »Satisfying durability
  • »Price is reasonable
  • »Materials are stretchy
  • »Do not come in half sizes
  • »Not suitable as a formal wear
  • »Hard to break in
  • »Do not provide the resole facility
  • »No shank

Here’re the positive sides and drawbacks of Solovair:

  • »Glossy and well-ventilated upper
  • »Offers half-sizes
  • »Easier to break in
  • »More arch support with foamy midsole and shank.
  • »Protection with padded collar and lacing facility.
  • »Excellent surface traction with flexible rubber outsole
  • »Lightweight
  • »Long-lasting
  • »Resole Facility
  • »Somewhat expensive
  • »Runs half-size big

Doc. Martens Vs Solovair: Which One Should You Buy?

You should consider some matters before buying shoes. If you’re passionate about one brand between these two, you can purchase any pair without any doubt because both are highly qualified.

If you like shiny shoes on your feet instead of a matte finish, then you should go with Solovair. It’ll offer you a glazy upper full of smoothness.

But if you need half-size shoes, then it’s better to select from Solovairs because Doc Martens only offer full sizes.

Solovair holds the thermal insulation layer between the insole and outsole, which provides safety in rugged terrain. If you’ve wide feet, then Solovairs can offer you a number of designs with fascinating color combinations.

The Last 5400 model is suitable for wide feet with a round-shaped toe box.  002 and 409 are also recommended.

For more arch support, glazy upper and pliable footbed, you should rely on Solovair.

I already mentioned that Solovair is durable and demands more price than Doc Martens. It’s advantageous to be with Solovairs because of its long lifespan. But if you’re determined to save money and buy comfortable shoes, then you can add Doc Martens to your choice list.

As you’ve to give some period to Doc Martens for break-in, I’ll advise you to wear thick socks before putting on shoes just as protection from blisters.

If you’re conscious enough of the environment and prefer to wear vegan shoes, then Solovair should be your choice. These’re recyclable and eco-friendly. You’ll find several vegan shoes in Solovair’s collection.

Keep in mind there’s the option for replacing the soles in Solovairs. You won’t get this facility in Doc Martens.

Solovair has something interesting for Engineers in its footwear collection. They offer specially designed boots for Engineers.

After my research about Solovair and Doc Martens, I was so amazed by the features and designs of Solovair. That’s why I bought a pair of Solovair Classic White Hi-Shine 8 Eye Derby Boots and a Green Hi-Shine Tassel Loafer.

The loafer always provides a polished look with outstanding comfort. When my colleagues noticed this pair on my feet, they liked them and wanted to know where I bought them.

The white boots are also my favorite. But I rarely wear them because I fear that my white boots will catch dirt and become messy.

Now it’s your turn to give your legs a makeover with the elegant design of Doc Martens or Solovair.


Are Solovair Boots Waterproof?

Yes, they’re waterproof because of the PVC material. They’re also resistant to acid, oil, fat, petrol and alkali.

Are Solovair Handmade?

Solovair boots, loafers and shoes are handcrafted by talented shoemakers in Europe.

Are Doc Martens Slip-Resistant?

Most of the footwear of Doc Martens is slip-resistant with its developed and grooved rubber outsole.

Bottom Lines

So, my friend, you’ve already known the key differences and similarities between Doc Martens and Solovair.

Now, it’s your turn to decide which one you should get.

Whatever you buy, I assure you that you won’t regret it because both of them are comfortable and a good choice for regular wear.

Let me know your walking experience with Doc Martens or Solovair by leaving a comment below.

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