Do Yeezy Slides Run Small or Big? Unlock The Truth [In 2024]

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You might love them for their future footwear look, contrary you also hate them for their unusual outlook, like hospital clogs. When everyone is busy delivering their opinion, Kanye West has done it already.

The first model of the Adidas Yeezy slide is close enough to the traditional Adelitte-shape.


When you want to buy a pair of modern Yeezy slip-on, know about their true size and how they fit. Most people already face the size problem with their Yeezy slide, me included. And It’s quite disheartening.

If you want the perfect fitting, you have arrived at the right place. I’ll help you to choose the appropriate pair of Yeezy Slides.

Without any further ado, continue reading to know about Yeezy slides size.

Do Yeezy Slides Fit True To Size?

Absolutely not! It runs very small, and I prefer to Wear a large Yeezy Slide.

The Yeezy slides first came with a controversial appearance in 2022. Kanye couldn’t help but create a stylish Adidas Yeezy Slide for men, women, and children but has a collection full of innovative sneakers.

The Yeezy Slide is widely desired and the topic of several user queries.

However, The Slide is Kanye West’s variation on the sandal-like slide, an essential feature of any athlete’s shoe turnover.

While a ton of people eagerly await the Yeezy Slides, it’s crucial to remember that many individuals have previously experienced problems with this silhouette’s size.

They’re among the wonderful gifts I’ve gotten this year, and I’m pleased to have them at last.

All Slide hues published before November 2021 were made using the original mold. Adidas recently created the Slide model based on the use of 2 different molds.

Which are undersized generally, are the consequence of Adidas’ recommendation to size up.

Adidas recently created the Slide model based on the use of 2 different molds.

Last year in December, Adidas launched an alternative foam material used for their mold in the restock pair. Adidas changed the foam materials utilized and transitioned to a new production mold, starting with the Ochres.

After the huge transition period, users claimed these models actually fit true to size. But Adidas didn’t open up for their sizing till now.

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How Do You Find Your Actual Size?

Sizing is a mandatory factor for purchasing a new pair of shoes. And Yeezy is the special one when you consider the size. You have to follow some steps to find out the actual size of your feet.

Here’s some procedure for finding out the correct size:

  • Measuring your feet in the evening while they are at their widest is preferable because they can swell during the day.
  • When measuring your feet, be careful to wear socks.
  • Your left and right feet should be measured individually because they are not the same length.
  • Measure your foot at its widest point to determine your shoe size.
  • Calculate the length of your foot outline vertically.
  • If you use socks with multiple pairs of shoes. When measuring your feet, wear socks before measurement.
  • Determine your size using the charts for men, women, or children, starting with the measurement in inches or cm.

I think these components help you to find out your true size for buying Yeezy slides.

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Do Yeezy Slides Run Small?

Yes, As these are open-toed shoes, going one-half size higher could be preferable.

I’d advise you to get slides that are at least one size larger than the other slides you also have or perhaps 1 and a half sizes larger if you want them to be cozier.

My Yeezy slides are size EU44; however, all of my slides that I randomly use are size EU43.

Because the Yeezy slides-on-foot shape is large in comparison to other shoes, sizing up may make your feet seem larger.

You may need to 1 size up for a perfect fit if your feet are wider.

These Yeezys fit extremely small, you must be careful to order the correct size.

I’m adding The sizing and fitting chart of the Adidas Yeezy Slides, For your desired Yeezy slides.


Are Yeezy Slides Comfortable?

Obviously, One of the most comfortable slides on the market is the Adidas Yeezys. They feel like walking on clouds.

The slip-on sandal has expanded to become one of the most popular footwear styles since its debut in 2019.

The identified foam is definitely related to foam from the Crocs brand. After wearing the slides, I think it’s a little thicker than Crocs foam. This one has a fairly wide midsole that lifts you off the surface more.

Using them is a dream due to the integrated EVA foam technology.

Kanye’s vision for Yeezy is consistently excellent, and for many seasons now, he has been using very consistent color schemes.


They are quite comfortable because of the material and wide strapless shape, which give you a cozy feeling. Once you put them on, your feet will feel like marshmallows in these rubber slip-on.

These slides have an EVA outsole that is lightweight and comfortable. I feel a Cloudfoam footbed that supports my feet with soothing cushioning.

I prefer only to wear the Slides with my comfies on because they are only appropriate for casual wear. They’re great for relaxing in the park or wearing around the house for extra comfort.

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Do Yeezy Slides Come for Kids?

Yes, Kanye West has created a brand-new slide design just for youngsters of his ongoing project to enhance the YEEZY footwear collection.

Yeezy slides kids collection offers true to size. You might consider ordering a half-size smaller because Yeezy Slides generally get a spacious fit.

According to market demand, the kid’s items come with limited releases.

Adidas Yeezy Kids sandals will get tiny hearts beating. Take a look out for classic color schemes like Pure, Black, and warm Crimson. The product is currently in high demand.

For perfect sizing, please check the following chart:


Are Yeezy Slides Worth it?

Kanye West’s reputation and work are the primary factors in Yeezy’s appeal. The Adidas Yeezy Slide is a stylish summer shoe that goes with almost anything because it is available in soothing neutral hues.

However, one more factor is taken into consideration when setting prices, which is supply and demand.

Every Adidas Yeezy product is limited, which means that only a certain number of each item is made. Since more and more influencers and celebrities began donning them, demand has increased.

If you want to purchase the authentic Adidas Yeezy slide. The cost of each pair starts at $135. It goes without saying that the cost will be higher if you get some special models. Even $250 can be charged for some expensive ones.

Of course, a number of factors, such as the material and color, influence the price. Because there are fewer pairs available, the more exclusive hues cost more on the retail market.

The manufacturer only makes a certain number of the product, and demand for the desirable pair never decreases.

I think their management body plays a vital role in pricing. It’s quite expensive, and everyone can’t afford that slide, but some shoe enthusiasts and influencers are their regular consumers.

All things considered, Yeezy Slides are pricey, but you could be pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they are.

According to their features and ingredients, it’s quite expensive for me.

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Wrapping Up

Considering everything, I actually love wearing the Yeezy slides and their different appearances.

They are run one size small according to your actual size, I think it’s clear after reading the whole article. The following information will help you to choose your perfect Yeezy slide.

For any further information and queries, keep me informed in the comment section. I’ll be right there for you.

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