Do Vans Crease? [Know Why They Crease & How to Prevent It]

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A pair of creased shoes will significantly affect your outlook, no matter how expensive the dress you wear or how costly that footwear is.


Since Vans shoes are one of the stylish twists, people of all ages are nuts about it. However, there is no one who desires to roam around with the creasy Vans.

But do Vans really crease, or it’s just a misconception?

Let’s know about it through this article!

Do Vans Shoes Crease?

Yes, they crease over time, but in a very limited form. Vans are mostly made with canvas. Some designs also include leather and suede. No matter what the material is, distinctive bends are visible on the pairs especially, at the toe break area after several days of usage.

It should be noted that leather-build pairs create more noticeable wrinkles than canvas or suede ones. For example, creases in canvas-made Old Skool are less salient, but it is more distinct on the Perf leather slip-on shoes.

So, the creasing is certain as time goes by whether it is fake or real Vans. Though, fake pieces will get remarkable spots compared to the authentic ones. But what could be the reason behind the crease, any guess?

Here are the things that provoke creased Vans:


One of the main causes of Vans creases is its loose fit. When your shoe is excessively roomier than your feet, empty space remains at the interior. And walking with this kind of fit leads to several wrinkles all around the shoe.

Therefore, getting the perfectly fitted Vans are necessary for a comfortable walking experience along with crinkle-free pairs.

Gait Pattern

This reason for creasing is almost related to the previous one. While walking, if you put more pressure on the toes, they bend inward. Consequently, gaps are created at the toe break portion, which flexes the footwear to a certain level. And if this continues for a long time, you will see creases on your go-to Vans.

Incorrect Way of Storing & Packaging

If you store the shoes in a random and stacked way instead of an ordered manner, the shape will obviously ruin. At the same time, it will also shrink the upper material. The same will happen when you keep your shoe in a mess within the luggage. It is not only true for Vans, but also for all types of footgear.

Now let’s jump to the upcoming segment and see the prevention against creases.

How to Prevent Creases in Vans?

Shoe tree and Sneaker Shield, are the two effective tools for averting creases. They will keep the solid and right shape of your beloved Vans. The proper way of storage also protects from wrinkles. Moreover, avoid wearing only one pair regularly rather, alter the shoes if you can afford it.

Here’s how to use the crease-preventing tools:

Shoe tree

Also known as crease protector. Before storing the shoes in the rack, place the tool inside it. You can also leave it overnight. It will hold the original shape and decrease the chance of vamp wrinkles. Additionally, it performs the stretching of Vans and other shoes.


You will get both plastic and wooden shoe tree in the market. But it’s better to choose the Cedar Wooden one. Because it is aromatic and antibacterial.

The Shoe Horn is another piece of equipment that serves the same purposes as the shoe tree.

Sneaker Shield

It is a kind of thin plastic coating with only a 1.5 mm depth. A good quality sneaker shield is durable, lightweight, and breathable. So, it won’t cause any discomfort or pain in the long run.

Prior to putting off the Vans pair, insert sneaker shields in each of the shoes. Then wear the pairs and involve in your daily activities. The shield will stave off the toe box creasing.

Remember, it won’t work if you place the shield inside the shoe when you’re not wearing them. Rather, you have to inlay that coating when the shoes are on your feet. Therefore, you will get the advantage of this apparatus.

Storage Method

Additionally, when you go on a trip stuff underwear, socks, handkerchief, or small towels inside the Vans pair. This will help to maintain the plain shape of your footwear and also make some space in the travel bag. Now, put the shoes inside a dust bag or ziplock bag. If you don’t have these, wrap the shoes with pliable clothes.

Apart from these preventions, also try to put on socks with Vans slip-ons to reduce the probability of crease and gain the ideal fit.

How to Remove Creases from Your Vans?

Are your Vans already creased? And so, you might have left the pairs in the wardrobe. No worries buddy!

I’m gonna mention some useful strategies that will fix your crumpled Vans shoe. Meanwhile, if you have accidentally received wrinkled Vans from their website (though this possibility is rare) just return that faulty item within 30 days with the original tag and package.

Before, check Vans Return policy for more information. For now. Let’s get back to our main discussion.

Here are the methods to repair Vans creases:

Method 1: Using Steam Iron

Here’s what you’ll need before you get into the steps – Steam Iron, Water, Newspaper, and Clean Towel.

Got all the essential things? Now, let’s do the following –

  • Untie the laces and keep them safe.
  • Fill the shoe interior with a bunch of newspaper. If you have a shoe tree or shoehorn, use it instead of a newspaper.
  • Take a wet towel and squeeze it to leave off the extra water. Cover the shoe’s creased portion with that damp towel.
  • Switch on the steam iron and set it on the Cotton mode with medium temperature.


  • Gently apply heat on the shoes in a circular motion. Do not hold the steam iron in one place for too long.
  • At every minute, check whether you have got the expected result or not.
  • Remove the iron as soon as the creasing is solved and let the shoes dry.

After the pair cools down, extract the stuffing and be happy with your crinkle-free Vans.

Warning: The usage of a steam iron is somewhat risky. So, always maintain the heat level and be aware while working with it. Otherwise, your shoes will ruin.

Method 2: Rubbing Alcohol

You’ll need a shoe stretcher and alcohol for this technique.

Make a mixture with an equal amount of water and alcohol. Remove the lace and set the shoe stretcher inside the pair. Now, pour that mixture into a spray bottle and spritz it on the creased zone.

Gently scrub that area with a soft brush or clean cotton cloth for 10 minutes. Then properly dry the pair in a well-ventilated place, but not in direct sunlight.

When you’re done with the steps, store the shoes with the stretcher until the next time you wear them.

Method 3: Heating with Blow Dryer

It is the safest way to straighten a creased shoe. But it only works in case of minimal scratches. And you know that canvas Vans do not crease immensely. So, this strategy is perfect for them.


After, unleashing the shoelace, keep some pieces of old cloth or paper inward the footwear. Make sure, it looks fluffy and loaded with the stuff. Now, use a hairdryer on the creased shoe with the low heat mode on. While doing it, keep the dryer about 5–6 inches from the shoe.

Within a few minutes, the creases will vanish.

Wrap Up

Now, you know that Vans do crease like most other shoes. But the most interesting thing is you can prevent and mend it.

So, create crease-free Vans by following the fruitful methods from this content and walk into them the entire summer.

If you have additional queries regarding this topic, just leave them in the comment section without a second thought.

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