Do Clarks Wallabees Run Big? [Complete Clarks Sizing Guide]

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For their iconic thick soles and stylish designs, Clarks Wallabees have been a wardrobe staple since the 60s. But, while buying, people often get confused with their sizing, as some say they run big.


However, being a fan of Wallabees like me, you may also wonder do they really run big or not.

Be at ease! Because, after endless hours of research and using Wallabees routinely for 5 years, I’ve answered this long-asked question here in this article.

So, keep reading!

Do Clarks Wallabees Run Big?

Yes, Clarks Wallabees do run pretty big because of their iconic square toe-box design. Besides, most of their shoes are built with suede and leather, making them prone to stretching over time. So, to get the perfect fit with Wallabees, you should go a half size down from your regular shoe size.

Apart from being a classic silhouette, Clarks Wallabees are extremely comfortable as well. Also, the use of suede and soft leather upper makes Wallabees waterproof.


The iconic designs, comfy soles, and easy-going fit are all you need in your everyday footwear. But, when it comes to their sizing, it becomes tricky.

What I’ve found from my own experience with Wallabees is they tend to run bigger than others. The reason actually lies in the construction of these classy shoes.

As you will find in Wallabees, the toe box is square-shaped. That’s why the shoes are comparatively bigger at the front. And to your average feet, they may feel a little roomy around the toe area.


In addition to that, the brand uses soft and suede leather in most of its shoes. Since these materials have a high tendency of stretching, the shoes eventually stretch over time. Thus, your Wallabees may feel bigger as you keep wearing them.

So, to get Wallabee shoes that will fit you flawlessly, go with half or a full size down from your standard one.

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What Size Clark Wallabees Should You Get?

From their first release in 1967, Wallabee shoes are still gaining more and more popularity for their signature crepe soles and stitched upper design. But to get the absolute fit with these classy moccasin shoes, you must pay a lot more attention to the sizing.

And to choose the right size while buying Wallabees, consider the following measures:

For average feet

Though some find Wallabees true to size, they actually run big and are wider around the toe-box than other shoes. So, if you want a snug fit for your average feet, go at least half-size down with Wallabees. For instance, if you wear size 9 with other sneakers, buy 8.5 sizes of Wallabee shoes.

But for smooth leather Wallabees, you may consider going one full size down. That’s because they tend to stretch a little more than suede ones.

For example, if your usual size is 9.5, then go with the size 8.5 with smooth lathered Wallabees. This also works for folks between sizes, like, if you wear 9-9.5 with other shoes, get a size drop and choose 8.5.

For wide feet

Wallabees come with a wide toe and also stretch over time. That is why going half-size down with them also works for wide feet.

For narrow feet

Besides, if your feet are super narrow, going a full size down may help to get the fit you want. Well, worked perfectly for two of my friends.

Don’t buy bigger shoes

Buying Wallabees that are bigger than your normal size is a terrible choice to make. As said before, they run pretty big.

Apart from that, with only two eyelets, the laces can’t offer much security to your feet. So, while walking with big shoes, you might end up curling your toes to hold the shoes on your feet.

Overall, ultimate comfort is what you need with your shoes, no matter what the occasion is. So, to secure a comfortable fit, always try on your shoes before buying and also keep in mind what you actually need.

Moreover, to find the correct size for your feet, check out the size chart given below for Clarks Wallabee shoes. You can also measure your feet in centimeters and find out which Wallabee size are you.


How The Width Works With Wallabees

Despite getting the right length, sometimes your shoes don’t fit properly. You get a continuous stinging feeling, especially around the toe area, right? This happens because the shoes aren’t of the right width for your feet.

So, it’s actually quite important to get the right size as well as width while purchasing any footwear.

As for Wallabee shoes, they offer a range of widths from medium to extra wide for both men and women.

But, if you are only familiar with the US width standard, Wallabees width chart may seem a little confusing to you. That’s because they usually follow UK standards for width measurement.

However, the standards have already been cleared on their official website. For example, G for medium width, H for a wide fit, and XW for extra width. Though their XW stands for the US EE, you won’t find the EEE width in the Wallabees size chart.


But, if you wear EEE size for other shoes, I recommend you to go with XW. Without doing any hassle, this size will fit you perfectly when broken in, as you already know the shoe materials stretch with time forming more space on the shoes for your feet.

On the other hand, measuring the width of women’s Wallabees is pretty simple, as they’ve used US standards in this size chart.


By choosing the right width, you can ensure a comfortable and secure fit that will last you for years to come.

So, don’t be afraid to try something new – find the perfect width for you and enjoy your stylish and comfortable Wallabees.

Do Wallabees Run True To Size?

Though some say Wallabees run true to size, they actually run big because of their wide toe-box and stretchy material. So, it is often recommended to size down while purchasing Wallabees.

But, the sizing also varies with the socks you are planning to pair with them. If you wear thick socks with the shoes, then going with the true size won’t do any problem. Also, you can lace up the shoes tightly to get a more snug fit.

Yet, if your feet are narrower, only wearing heavy socks won’t help you to cover up the extra space of Wallabees wide areas. In that case, you must size down.

So, without worrying about how the Wallabees run, choose the size according to how wide or narrow your feet are.

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Parting Thoughts

Getting the right-sized shoes from Wallabee is quite complicated, as they use a different width standard than other American brands.

But, I hope this article has resolved all your queries about Clark Wallabee shoe sizing. And just carefully follow this guide to get the perfect fit from your loved Wallabee pair.

Also, don’t forget to leave a comment if you got more queries.

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