Dansko Vs Birkenstock [Battle Between Trendy Slip-Ons]

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Last summer, when I planned for Miami, I chose Dansko as comfortable slip-ons. Because I already use Birkenstocks due to my particular foot condition.


After wearing both pairs, I have enough information about their offered features and activities.

If you wanna buy one pair between these duos, read this article, where I’ll describe their every distinguishing factor and thoroughly compare them.

Quick Overview of Birkenstock and Dansko

Birkenstock and Dansko these two are being compared from the early 20s because of their similar innovation in making orthotic shoes.

Now, let’s know the short overview of Dansko & Birkenstock:

Story of Birkenstock

Birkenstock is an exceptional apparel brand for its fashion and function. This shoe brand was established in 1774 as a German footwear industry and was introduced globally in 1970.

After two and half centuries, Birkenstock is still categorized as a fashion trend. The headquarters are situated in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, and Saxony, Germany. Birkenstock is known for its specially designed cork footbed.

Story of Dansko

Dansko was founded by a couple, Peter Kjellerup and Mandy Cabot, in 1990. The inventor tried to make comfortable shoes for those who suffer from foot issues.

Danskos’ headquarter is situated in West Grove, Pennsylvania, US. This US-based brand is famous for its orthotic clogs & sandals.

Function Comparison between Dansko & Birkenstock

When you see some similar sandals from different brands, it’s obvious they carry distinctive features. Apart from the outlook, many things differ between Dansko and Birkenstock.

So, let’s know the function variations between Birkenstock & Dansko:

Manufacturing Materials

Birkenstock uses different types of leather to make their upper, such as full-grain, nubuck, suede, and oiled leather. Not only that, they include various types of synthetic materials to make Birkenstock vegan sandals. For example, they manufactured Birko-Flor suede, nubuck Birko-flor, and Birko-flor patent leathers.


Besides, They use cork footbeds which are sturdy yet good for foot health, and suede lining that ensures support. Recently, they incorporated the EVA sole to make their shoe comfortable.

Contrary, the Dansko use elementary yet functional materials to make their shoe iconic. They used leather and recycled webbing to make its upper and molded nylon for the buckle. The brand uses eco-friendly EVA soles (I’m green™) to make its footbed lightweight and bouncy.

Size & Fittings

Dansko and Birkenstock both sandals come true to size in length.

However, Birkenstock offers spacious toe boxes because of their different fittings. You must leave 10 mm between your toe and the sandal’s front edge and 5 mm in your heel edge.

On top of that, you can customize the upper with adjustable straps according to your foot shape.

Dansko, on the other hand, offers snug fittings with regular size. And in Dansko sandals, there are no width options for wide-fitted people. Yet, you can find wide lines in their clogs models.

So, if you have wide feet, Birkenstock is the best choice because it includes wide options in every model. 

Price Range

Regarding price, Both Dansko and Birkenstock are a little expensive because of their quality products. But I found Birkenstock more appreciable than Dansko. I used to wear two-strap Birkenstock Arizona, which asks for $130 per pair; meanwhile, the Dansko Dayna asks for $140.

But apart from these two models, you will find a similar price range in both brands, where the starting price is around $50, and the maximum price is below $150.

Style Variations

Both Dansko and Birkenstock have numerous style collections.

Here are the Danskos top-designed slip-ons: 

  • Sandals– The sandals are mainly those designs where you find both open heels and toes. 
  • Professionals– Professional models of Danskos are those with closed toes, but backs are open. 
  • Stapled– Stapled is similar to professional clogs. And these Dansko clogs are good for flat feet
  • Slip-ons– Mainly strappy sandals.
  • Heels– Open backs and closed toes with heels for those who want little height. 
  • XP– The XP offers ultimate support with its featured memory foam and rocker’s bottom.
  • XTR– Similar to XP but purposely produced for wide-feet people.

There are different types of Birkenstocks sandals, such as:

  • Arizona– The famous double-strap sandals of Birkenstocks.
  • Milano– Straps with closed back, which provide maximum support with comfort. 
  • Gizeh & Mayari– Mainly fashionable thong-style sandals with cork-contrasted footbeds. 
  • Boston– Clogs style slip-ons that have close-toe & open-back. 
  • Papillio– Little elevated heels with designer upper. 
  • Birki– Long-lasting, slip-resistant open back closed toe leather clogs.

As you can see, different types of designs exist in different brands.

While Birkenstock is famous for its strappy sandals, Danskos are recognized for their clogs. 

Color Options

Both slip-ons have tremendous color options. But the leather pairs of the Birkenstock only come in 2 or 3 shades, black & brown. However, they have enough vibrant color options in their EVA-soled sandals.

On the contrary, Dansko provides a minimum of 4 shades in every model. So, if you want elegant color strappy sandals to spice up your beach days, Dansko is the better option.

Dansko Vs Birkenstock: Pros & Cons

Regarding appearance, Dansko & Birkenstock offer appealing offerings. But both shoes have some downsides too. Let’s explore them as well: 


  • »Birko Flor material provides durability.
  • »Good for special foot conditions. 
  • »Wide line available for wide-fitted people.
  • »Adjustable straps offer perfect fittings. 
  • »Breathable and shock absorbing. 
  • »Lack of cushioning. 
  • »A stiff footbed of Birkenstock can give blisters. 


  • »EVA sole confirms the ultimate comfort. 
  • »Breathable. 
  • »Run true to size. 
  • »Lightweight. 
  • »Inappropriate for wide feet. 
  • »Less durable compared to Birkenstock. 


Naturewise, Birkenstocks sandals are robust and durable compared to Dansko. The brand always sincerely chooses materials that help to improve foot condition.

Moreover, the thick leather upper remains well-formed after rough use. Apart from these qualities, they also provide a bold yet casual outlook.

So, if you want any strong pair or have any foot issues, Birkenstock is a lifetime investment.

Conversely, when you need instant comfort and an airy feel, then go with the Dansko. Plus, you will find vibrant color options in Dansko with noticeable breathability. vibrant-color-options-in-dansko

So, now the choice is yours, both Birkenstock and Dansko are filled with top-notch designs and offerings. I hope you have enough information that you are searching for. Buy any of them between these duos; both support amazingly.

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