Clarks Shacre Vs Wallabee [Know the Key Differences]

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Clarks is a brand that has casual to formal shoes and boots like the Shacre and the Wallabee. These models have various similar individual benefits like leather upper, comfy footbeds and still differ from each other.


I wear Wallabee, and my brother loves to pair his Shacre with formal outfits.

Through this write-out, I will clarify the different features between these two Clark models. So, stay tuned.

Personal Rating of Clarks Shacre and Wallabee

From my personal experience, I found both Clarks Wallabee and Shacre have similar sizes and fit but Wallabee is pricier. They are worth the money considering the materials and comfort.

All of my findings are given below through a picture representation. So, find the basics and start reading.clarks-shacre-and-wallabee-s

Clarks Shacre Vs Wallabee: What are the Differences?

There are many differences between Clarks Wallabee and Shacre shoes. These two modes vary in their materials, building method, price range, and fit. Knowing them properly will make your shoe selection process much more effortless.

Let’s find out the key differences between Clarks Shacre and Wallabee:

Building Quality and Materials

Clarks Shacre shoes are famous for their good quality materials and construction. These shoes and boots are made with skilled craftsmanship. Every small detail indicates how well they are made to provide you with a durable and comfy pair.

The building ingredients of Shacre are:

  • Rubber-made outsole.
  • Synthetic lining.
  • Zipper with robust construction.
  • Suede, Nubuck, and full-grain leather.

All these ingredients make Shacre boots supportive and suitable for regular use with the traction and stability they provide. One more thing, you can also wear them in harsh weather.

Meanwhile, Wallabee lace-up shoes have good build quality. The materials are supportive and durable. The whole shoe is designed to last longer.

Also, the stitching of these Clark’s moccasin shoes is pretty good. Moreover, the moccasin-inspired construction makes these shoes comfortable to walk in.

Let’s see firsthand what these shoes are made of:

  • Suede made upper.
  • Sheepskin lining.
  • Crepe Rubber Outsole.
  • Full-grain leather.
  • Recycled polyester laces.

For my summer casual wear, I prefer my Wallabee Cup Lo Grey. The simple and sleek silhouette, along with enough flexibility, is what I love about these slip-ons.


Fit and Sizing

The shoes of Clarks Shacre are made to fit true to your size. All you have to do is, take your foot’s measurement and buy the correct size. And you are all good to go.

However, if you plan to wear thick socks with your Shacre boots, go a size up than your regular boot measurement. Luckily, I wore a pair of thick socks on my trial and immediately learned this.

Again, Wallabee boots are also quite true to size. The complete toe bar makes them larger than your actual size. Because of the moccasin construction, this model has a slimmer fit. But the suede upper will give you that stretch to adjust your feet comfortably.

To know more, figure out if Clarks Wallabee runs big.


Without any doubt, Clark’s shoes come with top materials and building quality. Yet depending on designs and models, their price range differs. The lowest Wallabee shoe costs $35.99, and the highest price is $220.

Clarks Shacre’s price is $59.99, which is much lower than Wallabee boots. My brother is currently using the Clarks ShacreLite Mock and is happy with its price and performance.

Versatility and Style

Clarks Shacre boots have a classic and more formal look. So, you can rock any formal occasion wearing these Clarks.

Meanwhile, Wallabee comes with a casual and laid-back look. I am more into casual wear, so it’s a perfect pair for me. And the best part, I can dress them up and down depending on the situation without compromising my comfort.

Also, these versatile shoes are good for rough weather. So, you must know whether Clarks Wallabee is waterproof.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Wallabee and Clarks Shacre Shoes

Every piece of footwear, every model, comes with several advantages that make you wanna buy that pair. But every model has a few obstacles that you will have to face.

So, it’s better to know them beforehand and then purchase them.

Here are the pros and cons of Clarks Wallabee and Shacre shoes:

Clarks Wallabee

  • »Cushioned footbed.
  • »Flexible sole for comfort.
  • »Long-lasting.
  • »High-quality materials.
  • »Versatile for any occasion.
  • »Provides support.
  • »Ideal for prolonged wear.
  • »Wide feet friendly.
  • »Doesn’t require a break-in period.
  • »Quite expensive.
  • »Runs large.
  • »Difficult to maintain due to materials of upper.
  • »The outsole gets dirty quickly.
  • »Wears out quickly.

Clarks Shacre

  • »Extremely comfortable.
  • »Ortholite sockliner.
  • »Durable.
  • »Stable suede construction.
  • »Top-quality materials.
  • »Well cushioned footbed.
  • »Comfortable fit.
  • »Good traction due to rubber sole.
  • »Versatile and classic style.
  • »Not suitable for rough weather.
  • »High price range.
  • »Not water-resistant.
  • »Doesn’t have insulation on the interior.
  • »Not ideal for winter.

if you have or planning to buy Clarks Desert boots knowing how to clean them can enhance the lifespan of your shoe.


Clarks Wallabee boots are ideal for casual wear and will provide extreme comfort during long wear. And if you have wide feet, this model will solve your problem. And they also don’t need any break-in period.

So. if you want all these advantages, Wallabee is the one for you.

However, Shacre is also not bad either. These boots will provide you with stability and comfort. You will be able to get great traction for your walks and other activities. Also, to enjoy any formal event, Clarks Shacre is the ideal shoe.

Moreover, both of these shoes are known for their style, comfort, and durability. Either way, you are getting a good quality pair without any doubt.

So, choose accordingly and enjoy your Clarks journey.


Are Clark’s Wallabee comfortable?

Yes, Clark’s Wallabee shoes are comfortable with their cushioned footbed, high-quality materials, and flexible sole.

What is another name for the Wallabee shoes?

Another name for Clark’s Wallabee shoe is Clark’s moccasin shoe.

What is the nickname of the Wallabee?

Surprisingly, Wallabee’s nickname is The Bankrobber, which doesn’t go along the outlook of these versatile casual shoes. This unique nickname is because their sole makes almost no sound which was perfect for Jamaican criminals.

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