Can You Skate In Doc Martens? Know The Actual Truth [2024]

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To solve any kind of major foot problem Doc Marten Boots are a name of trust for ages.

As this brand has shoes for every occasion, you might start to think if you can go skating wearing them. It got me thinking, and I took a long deep dive into this matter.


Along the search, I came up with facts and unknown information that was in the dark, and I wanna bring that to light.

In this article, you will discover the truth about skateboarding in Doc Martens and other related data to make your way a lot easier.

Keep reading to uncover all the dazzling factors.

Are Doc Martens Good For Skating?

Skating in Doc Martens is probably not the best idea. You can if you want, but you won’t be comfortable doing so in these boots.

You see, Dr. Martens are durable, and the materials are to give them the ultimate title of rough and tough. Skating includes a lot of movements, so while doing that, you need a pair of shoes that are flat, easy to balance and flexible.

But you won’t find those features in Doc Martens, do you?

You can get blisters, rashes and even toe pain while trying to skate wearing Doc Martens. Not so ideal to me.

In Reddit, I found several comments saying that if you skate in these shoes, it affects the performance, and gradually the shoe becomes unfit.

You can keep this piece of information in mind.

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Features A Skateboarding Shoe Must Have

So far, it is clear that you need specific shoes for skateboarding to maintain balance and give your feet the feeling of ease it deserves.

Let’s see the features a good skateboarding shoe must have:


For an ideal skateboard shoe, the material is very crucial and needs to be soft and stretchy.

While skating, a skater depends entirely on his feet and needs to move around in different directions for the sake of steering and paddling.

With a stiff and rigid shoe, that is not possible without hurting yourself.


To have a snug fit, I don’t have to tell you the necessity of laces.

While skating, you need to jump for different stunts. And for that, your feet need to be secured with your leg.

So, the lace should be soft but durable but soft enough to hold onto during skating. If they are not tied correctly, the shoe might fall off your feet and cause an accident.


When you are jumping, your feet need to land on a soft surface to prevent any harm.

Once I tried to skate with my sandals on, and while jumping, I got my legs twisted as my sandals didn’t have enough cushioning.

With proper and well-cushioned shoes, you can prevent any sort of injury.

Ankle Cap

Another must-have feature for skating shoes. It’s a rubber-made cap that protects the front of your shoe from getting dents and other damages.

An ankle cap is handy while performing kickflips.

Cup Soles And Vulcanized soles

You can choose between Cup Soles And Vulcanized soles, depending on your preference. Both of these kinds of shoes have their own advantages.

And all you need to do is choose.

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Why Are Doc Martens Not Suitable For Skating?

Doc Martens is the perfect presentation of a durable shoe. The materials that go into manufacturing these boots are one of a kind.

You need way softer materials for skating; otherwise, there is a possibility you might get hurt.

Let’s Find Out Why Doc Martens Are Not Suitable For Skating:

Chunky And Heavy

Doc Martens can protect your feet, but that’s not the case for skating. You need soft and lighter shoes here, and Doc Martens are the total opposite.

Causes Pain

The heavy and bulky materials of Doc Martens are not meant for quick movements.

You can stand and work hours in these but don’t think of jumping; this can cause leg injury and other complications.

Stiff Leather

The leather that is used to make Dr. Martens is very stiff and durable. And these provide the protection you need but not for skating.

You need stretchy and softer materials to perform.


Ruins Board Feel

It’s pretty important to feel the board while doing any stunts. I tried skating in Doc Martens and couldn’t feel the skateboard beneath.

Trust me, it ruined the experience for me, and I never repeated the same mistake.

Pure Rubber Sole

Doc Martens comes with a thick rubber sole. And no doubt, these do what they are meant to do.

But, this feature is not suitable for skating. The skateboard might stick to the sole, and that can damage the board.

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Are Doc Martens Good For Roller Skating?

Yes, Doc Martens are suitable for roller skating. And they even have their line of skateboarding shoes and boots.

Doc Martens Cavendish is an ideal example of it. It comes with a detachable wheel mechanism that you can use when you need them. And can detach them.

You can wear this version both as a casual and roller-skating shoe. So, why not give it a try?

How Long Does Doc Martens Last While Skateboarding?

Without any doubt, Doc Martens are the symbol of durability. These rigid boots are meant to last and serve a lifetime.

It depends on how long your boots will last and what type of activity you are doing wearing them. And if that is skating, the timespan will decrease for sure.

Doc Martens boots are generally good for work and long walks where you have to wear them to move.

But quicker movements like skating include jumping, spinning, and many other activities.  While skating, Ollie’s tricks involve sliding the foot up the grip tape, and Doc Martens is not the shoe you want to perform that wearing.

You can do ramp tricks like rock and roll, bonelesses and frontside grinds with Doc Martens on.

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Can You Use Doc Martens As Snow Skating Boots?

You can use Doc Martens as a snow skating boot as they have several winter boots that are manufactured for the harsh and cold weather.

These versions are waterproof, so your feet stays warm and comfy.

Doc Martens 1460 is a perfect example of winter boots. The leather has a waterproof protector added to it, and it’s insulated too.

The soles of these boots provide traction but still don’t do very well on an icy surface.

So, you need to keep that in mind.

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Bottom Line

Doc Martens is a trustable footwear brand that has expanded over the years and will keep doing.

But for skateboarding, these boots are not an ideal choice. Though they have their exclusive line for this purpose, most of the shoe models are the best as casual and work boots in general.

I hope I have managed to enlighten you with the information I collected.

If you have any further queries, write that down in the comment section and I’ll get back to you.

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