Bondi Sr vs Bondi 7 [Know What Differs in Both Hoka Shoes]

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Want to buy well-featured running shoes, then Hoka is the name.

But the problem starts when you have to choose one gem between Bondi 7 and Bondi Sr. Because both offer a balanced combination of shock impact and joint protection with their ultra-smooth cushioning ride.


Leading a runner’s life, and personally experiencing both beasts, I’ll share the dissimilarities and facts with you through this article.

So, let’s dive into the side-by-side comparison of Bondi 7 and Sr.

6 Key Differences Between Bondi Sr & Bondi 7

Hoka Bondi is the most famous trainers line in the Hoka brand. Among the total shoe range, Bondi Sr and Bondi 7 are popular for their exceptional features. For example, Bondi Sr is well known for their slip-resistant feature, whereas Bondi 7 offers the most lightweight appearance.

Let’s move out and know the differences between Bondi Sr & 7:

1. Material

The materialistic variation is the most visible difference that both Bondi 7 and Bondi Sr carry.

Where Bondi 7 incorporates the EVA foam, the Sr uses the heavier-duty rubber compound to make their professional pairs. That rubbery compound makes them suitable for intense running. material

Conversely, the EVA sole of Bondi 7 offers the lightest and most comfortable characteristics.

Not only Bondi 7 but most running shoes also include this material to make them ideal running pairs.

2. Price

When you wish to buy a new pair for your training program, the second thing that blocked your mind is the price. Because the maximum running pair ask a huge amount.

When you talk about Hoka shoes, they have a huge variety of pricing. And you can see Bondi 7 charges $129 to $160 retail price.

On the other hand, the exclusive Bondi Sr demands a $175 to $224 retail price, which is massive comparatively.

And this asking amount doesn’t suitable for everyone.

3. Support & Cushion

The most important criteria that we need most in a running pair, is the support the shoes offer. Luckily, both Bondi Sr & 7 propose maximum support during running.

However, the Sr pair incorporates the active foot frame, which works better for those runners who ask for more ankle support. The active foot frame also makes Hoka a good pair for flat feet.

Moreover, Incorporating ample cushioning technology of Bondi Sr feels more comfortable compared to other Hoka shoes.

Contrary, if you don’t need any extra support, Hoka Bondi 7 is an ideal option for any type of outdoor program.

4. Weight & Height

For the rubbery material of Hoka, Bondi Sr contains 14oz (0.53 kg) for men and 11.5 oz (0.43 kg) for women’s shoes, which is higher than the other one.

Because Bondi 07 carries only 10.7 oz (0.4 kg) for men and 8.9 oz (0.34 kg) for women’s shoes. Moreover, this lightweight running gear also offers extra height for every user. weight-and-height

So, If you’re facing some height issues, then the Hoka Bondi 07 is your secret weapon to make your crush impress.

5. Heel-to-toe drop

Both Bondi 7 and Sr come with the heel-to-toe drop feature, which works immensely.

And both of them offer a similar 4 mm drop in heel-to-toe height, however, the Bondi Sr provides more cushioning in the heel portion. That extra bouncing feature adds more heel support for those who ask for them.

Otherwise, who don’t need extra support, the Bondi 7 is suitable for them. 

6. Durability

Durability must be needed in a running pair, no one wants to change their training shoe often. So, when you opt for a well proportionate durable shoe, Hoka Bondi Sr is the pair. The sturdy rubber compound makes the Sr pair long-lasting compared to Bondi 07.

Don’t be frustrated because the weight-friendly Bondi 7 also offer a remarkable life and makes the Hoka shoes good for casual to heavy walking.

That’s all. These are feature-wise differences that I noted from my own experience. After considering all the judgments, I wanna say both Bondi pairs offer a noticeable appearance with their splendid attributes. 

Bondi 7 Vs Bondi Sr: Pros and Cons 

I’ve already elaborated on the feature-wise comparison of Bondi 7 & Sr in the previous segment. Now I’m going to share the advantages and drawbacks which will aid you in your decision-making process.

Here are the Pros & Cons of Bondi 7 and Bondi Sr: 

Bondi 7

  • »Limited heel support.
  • »Provide an extra height.
  • »Lightweight.
  • »True to size.
  • »Lots of color and design options.
  • »Looks bulky.
  • »Minimum lifetime.

Bondi Sr

  • »Ample cushioning technology
  • »Active foot frame.
  • »Slip resistant.
  • »Durable and long-lasting. 
  • »Cushioning heel support.
  • »Comfortable. 
  • »Pricey.

These are the upper hands that make both Hoka shoes exceptional. Though they hold some slightest drawbacks, with their advantages.

If you’re looking for other options for your running program, then the Hoka Clifton and Arahi, comparison can help you out but for now, let’s see which Bondi pair will be the winner for you

Which One Should You Pick?  

Both Hoka Bondi 7 & Bondi Sr are known as the best running shoes comparatively. And it’s tough to choose one pair between these duos, yet it’s possible if you decide which feature must be needed to fulfill your requirement.

If you eagerly wait for the best pair that will provide all the required features for intense running, then you have to pick the Bondi Sr. This one proposes ultimate cushioning factors with the active foot frame for support. Not only that but its rubber sole also offers a noticeable grip.

However, these professional Hoka shoes are a bit pricey compared to Bondi 7. 

If you have any budget issues, select the other one. Bondi 7 also offers the same features but in a limited way. But the lightweight and budget-friendly characteristics make them exceptional for me. Plus, they have many color options with extra height. which-one-you-should-pick

As I have already said, you should go for that pair which fulfills your desired demand. 

Wrap Up

I hope after reading this article and knowing the attribute differences, you’ve already chosen one pair from Bondi 7 & Bondi Sr. Both of them offer outstanding appearance with iconic advantages, so if budget supports you grab them both.

For extended information on Hoka running shoes, shoots a comment in the below box.

Up to then, bye!

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