Asics Gel Venture 7 vs 8 [Honest Review with Pros & Cons]

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Gel Venture 7 and 8 are two significant pairs from the Asics Gel Venture line. In general, buyers expect more favorable features and performance from Gel Venture 8 since it is the successor of Venture 7.


But is the latest one more efficient for racing and hiking, or is it just a misconception?

Well, let’s make a comparison between these two so that you can identify which one is the best performer.

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Short Overview of Asics Gel Technology

Asics silicone GEL™ technology has taken its running shoe features one level up. It was introduced in 1980 by the talented innovators of Asics. They implemented this tech, getting inspired by how the silicon gel layer protects an eggshell that fell from 18 meters above.

Three major advantages of this innovation include Gel-filled cushion, shock absorption capacity, and enhanced stability.

There are 3 categories of GEL™ performance technology, such as:

– Smooth transition-oriented Rearfoot tech.

– Shock-reducing Forefoot Gel.

– Multiple Gel layers for accomplishing different demands.

After the development of this favorable tech, a wide range of worldwide consumers desire to grab GEL-based Asics, including Gel-Venture, Gel-Kayano, Gel-Quantum, Gel Cumulus 23, and 24.

Key Differences Between Asics Gel Venture 7 & 8

Gel Venture 7 and 8 don’t differ greatly in features like stability, traction, durability, materials, and fit. They have only subtle differences in construction details, weight, price, and breathability.

Hence, I’m gonna explain these terms in detail and further mention the pros and cons. Then you will get a direct suggestion on which Asics you should pick.

Here are the key elements that vary between Asics Gel Venture 8 & 7:

1. Design

Perhaps, you will distinguish between Asics Gel Venture 7 and 8 at first sight. Because the model name is highlighted at the heel area, however,  the embossed pattern is different.

The word ‘Gel-Venture 8’ is printed on the pair in two rows. Whereas Gel-Venture 7 is written compactly in one row.


The latest one has 5 perforations at the edge of the forefoot, but there’s nothing like that in Venture 7. These small variations instantly help to recognize the shoes.

2. Weight

Weight is one of the important factors of running shoes because a runner remains greatly concerned about it.

A lightweight and responsive pair boosts the forward propel. Contrarily, a heavy set can diminish a runner’s pace.

Asics Gel Venture’s weight varies according to the model and gender. For example, Gel Venture 8 Men’s shoe is 355 gm, but its female edition is only 252 gm.

Women’s Venture 7 shoes are 247 gm in mass, while Men’s designs are 292 gm. That means Venture 7s are lighter than 8. Moreover, men’s shoes are heavier than women’s.

There is no midsole and outsole thickness variance in these shoes. Then which agent is responsible for adding the extra weight?

Well, it mainly comes from the additional cushioning of Gel-Venture 8, which will be tested now.

3. Cushion

To determine the comfort winner between Gel-Venture 8 and 7, several team members of RMKShoes were asked to wear these sets for a couple of weeks.

Their point of view chooses Venture 8 as the winner as it is relatively comfortable with dense interior cushioning and ORTHOLITE™ sock liner.

However, some of them were leaning towards Venture 7 due to its lightweight feel in a moderately padded pair.

4. Breathability

The members who took part in Asics Gel Venture shoe testing also reviewed that Venture 8 is more breathable than its predecessor. While Venture 7 leaves sweaty feet on hot summer days, its forerunner delivers a decent airy feel on the feet.

You may think this excessive well ventilation facility comes from the perforations on Gel-Venture 8. But I think this couldn’t make a huge impact.

Actually, the enhanced breathability results from the quality of materials. Its upper is made of leather and other synthetic fabrics, which contain fine air-penetrating holes all over the surface.

5. Price Breakdown

Luckily, the Asics price range is pretty budget-friendly. Gel Venture 7’s retail price is only $40.

On the contrary, The Gel Venture 8 sells for ten dollars more i.e. $50. Asics claims extra dollars for this piece due to minor changes in design, improved breathability, and advanced cushion.

GS editions are more affordable, these styles cost around $35.

Don’t know about the meaning of GS shoes? Then you may find it helpful to know what GS means in shoes.

Asics Gel Venture 7 vs 8: Pros & Cons

Gel Venture 7 and 8 are equipped with multiple user-friendly benefits. Besides, they also have some negative points for which a large portion of consumers are moving backward from this brand.

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages associated with Gel Venture 7 & 8:

Asics Gel Venture 7

  • »Medium responsive cushioning.
  • »Average traction with AHAR® Outsole.
  • »Simple in design & lightweight.
  • »Super affordable.
  • »Durable formation.
  • »Stable & supportive.
  • »Standard and wide-width options are available.
  • »Heating in summer.
  • »Not water resistant.
  • »Narrow toe box.

Asics Gel Venture 8

  • »Thick responsive cushion.
  • »Good grip.
  • »Breathable.
  • »Inexpensive.
  • »Long-lasting materials.
  • »Shock absorbent.
  • »Arch-supportive.
  • »Waterproof editions.
  • »Relatively heavy.
  • »Compact toe area.

Should I Get Asics Gel Venture 7 or 8?

There’s not much significant disparity between Asics 7 and 8. So you can take any of them for regular walks, short hikes, and trail runs.

Both of them provide nice downhill and uphill traction with Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR®) outsole. Their Rearfoot Gel® technology boosts smooth transition by alleviating high-impact shock.


However, if you prefer a little bit more comfort, go for Asics Gel Venture 8. Though its EVA midsole is similar to the 7’s, the inner side is better padded with adequate upper perforations. Consequently, you will find an airy and cozy shield all around your feet.

But remember that Venture 8 is weighty than Gel Venture 7. So, if your first priority is to get lightweight Asics, opt for the low-priced Gel Venture 7.

One more thing to inform you that Asics sizing is close to Adidas. Its toe box is close fitted. So be careful to determine the perfect size while ordering online. I would highly recommend visiting the nearby outlet and paying for the proper size.


Though Asics Gel Venture 7 and 8 are described as pro running shoes or excellent training partners, they aren’t perfect for this strong activity. Rather you can go for 3-4 mile walks and amateur runs with the pairs on.

After knowing their signature characteristics and dissimilarities, which one are you gonna buy?

Share your thoughts in the comment section, and feel free to ask any queries.


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