ASICs Gel Cumulus 23 Vs 24 [Which One is More Versatile?]

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ASICs cumulus is the finest pick if you wanna try versatile trainers gear.

But the most confusing part arrives when you have to select between their top two gems, cumulus 23 & 24. Leading a runner’s life, I’m already using a lot of ASICs collection, including them.


Here, I’ll discuss the differences and similarities between them that I noticed after using Cumulus 23 and 24. You’ll find all their benefits that clear your pondered mind for sure.

So, dive in!

6 Key Feature Variations Between Cumulus 23 & Cumulus 24

Cumulus 23 and 24 carry similar attributes because they belong to the same line, specially designed for sprinters. Apart from all their identical functions, they hold some distinctive variations of their uppers, soles, technologies, and other aspects.

Here, I’m going to express the major feature variation between Cumulus 23 & 24:

1. Upper

Cumulus 23 is designed with well-balanced padding upper that is equally effective and comfy. The padded interior of the upper work as a good moisture absorber and reduce tongue slide tendencies.

In 23, you will find a generous amount of plush in the collar and heel area, including noticeable foot lockdown.


Contrary, cumulus 24 try to use the sustainable recycled product to make their shoe iconic. These used materials help to decrease waste with carbon emissions. The engineered mesh upper offers good breathability with foot lockdown without creating any discomfort.

These cumulus versions include 3D space construction, which makes men’s and women’s shoes distinguishable.

Along with their significant feature, the technology also provides noticeable support in cumulus 24 total upper units.

2. Technology

Both Asics shoes include a correct amount of technology to emphasize their performance.

However, Cumulus 23 implemented Trusstic System Technology, which is missing in Cumulus 24. That technique mainly reduces the whole shoe’s weight and presents an airy appearance. It’s the main reason behind their weight variation. That’s why:

  • Asics Cumulus 23 carries 8.1 oz for women and 9.9 oz for men’s shoes.
  • Cumulus 24 carries 8.8 oz for women and 10.1 oz for men’s shoes.

3. Price

Depending on the price, both pairs show different colors. Asics Cumulus 23 asks for 57 dollars per pair, whereas Cumulus 24 demands $79 per shoe.

So, it’s a clear concept, if your budget doesn’t support you, choose the Cumulus 23, which offer a lot of top-notch feature within a minimal budget.

4. Heel Counter

If you check the heel counter of both cumulus shoes, you will find more height in cumulus 24 compared to 23. Not only that, but this updated model also includes a Meta Clutch Counter that arranges extra heel support.

The cumulus 23 pair loses the meta clutch counter, which mainly functions for stability and provides an excellent running experience.

5. Design

Design-wise, cumulus 23 & 24 hold pretty similar outlooks. But you will find numerous design variations when comparing both trainer gears.


24 has some perforated holes on the upper, making them extremely breathable; however, 23 lacks this feature. Along with the upper, you may find a lot of texture and design differences in the bottom.

On top of that, The brand logo is present in Cumulus 24 in several places, which sets them apart from the previous versions.

6. Outsole

Cumulus 23 incorporated flexible grooves to ensure maximum easy movement. The shoes include two different types of rubber outsoles, AHAR on the forefoot area and AHAR+ on the heel bottom. The dense rubbery forefoot sole increase flexibility with durability.

On the other hand, cumulus 24 added AHARPLUS rubbery outsole on the heel bottom, which offers limitless traction and support. The forefoot outsole is made with a New ASICS Lite rubber sole. This outsole carries less weight and offers stronger movement.

Similarities of Cumulus 23 and 24

As I have said before, cumulus 23 & cumulus 24 holds huge matches. After seeing the differences, it’s time to explore their identical similarities.

Let’s check out the similarities between Cumulus 23 & 24:

Gel & FlyteFoam Technology

Flytefoam technology is used in both cumulus pairs’ insoles to make them bouncy and plushy. These techniques offer the perfect amount of cushioning that is needed in running sessions.

The gel unit in the heel counter & forefoot area is the staple technology in every cumulus pair. This gel technology mainly improves shock absorption and decreases the running impact that creates in hard surface running. Along with these, it also increases the stability and cushioning attributes.

Sock Liner

Both cumulus 23 & 24, apply Ortholite X-40 Sock Liner, which emphasizes the moisture-wicking resources without compromising the cushioning.

Plus, this sock liner keeps your feet dry and makes them suitable for summer use.


The primary quality that sets both Cumulus apart from other shoes is comfort. Both 23 and 24 are ultimately comfortable without sacrificing traction and stability due to the FF insole and padded upper.

Size & Fittings

if you regularly wear Nike shoes, you will find Asics size is a little smaller than Nike’s. However, compared to other Asics pairs, your Cumulus pairs 23 and 24 run true to size.


Lengthwise, both cumulus pairs carry exact measurements, but their toe box is slightly narrow because running shoes offer snug fitting. So if you have wide feet, you should go with a size up.

You can compare your Asics size with your Adidas pair; both brand offer comparatively similar size charts.

I found these major unique traits in common that are shown in both cumulus pairs.

Cumulus 23 Vs Cumulus 24: Pros & Cons

Knowing all of their descriptive function analyses, you are aware of the features they use to create the ideal shoe. But it’s important to understand how the feature affects your life. Now, I’ll briefly discuss their benefits & downsides, so you can understand their offerings.

Let’s know the advantages and drawbacks of Cumulus 23 & 24:

Cumulus 23

  • »Trusstic system technology works for Lightweight attributes.
  • »Budget-friendly prices.
  • »Cushioned and comfortable padded upper.
  • »Included foot lockdown.
  • »Lack of breathability.
  • »Limited stable heel counter.

Cumulus 24

  • »Meta clutch heel counter offers maximum stability.
  • »Breathability.
  • »The sturdy rubber sole provides noticeable traction.
  • »Sustainability.
  • »High pricing.
  • »Heavier than the previous model.

Which One Suits You Better?

Selecting one pair from Cumulus 23 and 24 is just as critical as choosing between a trip to Thailand or the Maldives as both of the shoes and countries are beautiful and full of adventure features.

I advise Cumulus 23 if you wanna pick it for your starting running career. The shoe offers the best service while charging a small sum of money. I choose them not only for the services but also for their lightweight quality.

Apart from these features, this shoe also provides unlimited cushioning and padded interiors for easy movement.

On the other hand, if you want maximum support in your hard terrain, then just go for the Cumulus 24. Though they charge a little high, I found them worthy. The meta-clutch technology increases stability along with maximum heel support.

Additionally, it is the first pair of Cumulus shoes to have sustainable materials and a perforated upper for added comfort and breathability. In a nutshell, it’s the ideal pair of trainers that you need to have in your closet.

Final Statement

Asics cumulus 23 and cumulus 24 are the most versatile trainers shoe for their superior features. The 24 is a little pricey, but its qualities are outstanding, while the 23 has a more airy feel.

I hope the provided information will assist you in selecting the ideal pair for your next running program.

Share with me via the comment box which one you pick and how it works.

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