Ariat Groundbreaker Vs Workhog [Side-By-Side Comparison]

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Ariat has work boots for every criterion, whether for heavy duty or light. Among them, the Groundbreaker and Workhog got popular for their individual specialties.


As my brother has both these pairs, I have seen how these amazing work boots serve their purpose and what drawbacks they have.

In this write-out, I will elaborate on them to ease your work boot selection process.

So, stay tuned.

Overview of Ariat Workhog and Groundbreaker

Ariat Groundbreaker has set a new standard for comfy and light-duty work boots.

And though these are not so rugged as other models, the soft cushiony insole, water, oil-resistant structure, and four-row stitch pattern make them durable enough for rough outdoor work environments.

My brother has the “Groundbreaker 6” Work Boot, and they are going strong after one and a half years.


You can’t understand whether Ariat boots are good without trying them.

Furthermore, Ariat Workhog is an example of stability and durability. This model is perfect for heavy-duty work, featuring shock absorption and waterproof construction.

With this boot on, you don’t have to worry about getting your feet wet or any sudden accidents.

And as the break-in period is short, you can enjoy them sooner. My brother said he got extreme support and comfort wearing his Workhog Pull On Work Boots during hunting.

What Are the Differences Between Ariat Groundbreaker and Workhog Boots?

Every boot has its specific feature that sets them apart from other models. Even the same brand’s shoes feature different characteristics and purposes.

Though both Groundbreaker and Workhog are work boots, they have fine dissimilarities.ariat-groundbreaker-and-workhog-boots

Differences Ariat Workhog and Groundbreaker work boots have:

Comfort & Support

Comfort is a must-have feature for work boots. The Groundbreaker features 4LR technology for maximum shock absorption. And Ariat’s Advanced Torque Stability helps you to walk comfortably on rough ground.

You won’t have to think about your comfort and stability with those EVA midsoles. These absorb shock and provide enough cushioning.

Meanwhile, Workhog Ariat boots have an ATS Max footbed that fights against fatigue and provides excellent cushioning. These also move along with your feet’s movements.

The extra cushioning of the toe and heel areas eases the pressure points and gives that comfortable feeling.

Another feature that elevates Workhog’s comfort is the Duratread outsole. Its grip gives proper stability when you walk. And the Goodyear Welt construction makes sure you are stable in your work boot.

If you look forward to wearing your Ariat boots in a damp and slippery environment, check out whether Ariat is non-slip.


When it comes to the design, you can easily separate Workhog from Groundbreaker.

The Workhog boots come with a streamlined look along with notched side seams. My brother says the side pull straps make it easy to put on and off his shoes when in a hurry.

And the plus point, these straps give a statement of details.

On the other hand, Groundbreaker Boots comes with full-grain leather uppers. Also, the heel counter’s stitching details give a nice touch.

Another decorative feature is the pull straps at the instep, which is different from Workhog shoes.

Toe Box

Both Workhog and Groundbreaker feature roomy toe boxes for different foot sizes. Yet they are slightly different than each other. Let’s start with Groundbreaker.

This shoe has square toes, perfect for customers with wide feet. My brother is also one of them, and he loves the fact that it protects his feet from bumps during work.

He is quite clumsy. So, it’s a perfect fit for him.

And the reason he also got a pair of Workhogs is that their composite toe design is ASTM certified and meets the highest protection standard. Another fantastic thing about these toe boxes is their ergonomic shape which protects his feet from toxic chemicals.


Groundbreaker’s excellent DRYShield waterproof construction makes these boots perfect for wet work situations. Also, the Gore-Tex lining separates your feet from any outside moisture.

This is why my brother wears his Groundbreaker during rainy days.groundbreaker-waterproof

Now, Workhog boots are also quite good. Ariat Workhogs feature Waterproof Pro technology to keep your feet dry and damp-free during work.

Not only in summer but even in winter, these boots will protect you from snow as well. The membranes lock out moisture, and you get that crispy feeling throughout the day.

So, you can understand why Ariat boots are so expensive. Its features speak for themselves.

Price Range

Groundbreaker boots start from 139.95 dollars to 205.19 dollars. These are pricy for sure, but the features they provide are worth a few bucks.

Meanwhile, the Arial Workhog boot’s price ranges from $294.95 to $214.95. It’s clear that this model is more expensive than Groundbreakers.

So, check out the price points before your purchase and get your ideal pair within your budget.

Pros and Cons: Ariat Workhog Vs Groundbreaker

Whether it’s Ariat Groundbreaker or the rugged Workhog, there will always be a few drawbacks along with their outstanding advantages. But, as work boot selection is very sensitive, you must know every detail before buying.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and drawbacks of Workhog and Groundbreakers:

Ariat Workhog

  • »Completely waterproof.
  • »Full grain leather.
  • »Comfortable and soft insole.
  • »Arch support.
  • »Oil, slip, and puncture-resistant outsole.
  • »Composite toe.
  • »Not resolable.
  • »Requires work pants.
  • »The sole design washes away the classic western boot look.

Ariat Groundbreaker

  • »Uses latest technology.
  • »Classic style.
  • »Comfortable.
  • »Suitable for long hours.
  • »Available in both steel toe and square toe.
  • »Extra comfy insole.
  • »Slip-resistant outsole.
  • »Full-grain leather.
  • »Cemented sole is less durable.
  • »Less water-resistant.
  • »Not true to size compared to standard work boots.
  • »Heavy.


If you are looking for a rugged work boot with a tough toe protection feature, along with comfort, durability, and arch support, Ariat Workhog shoes will be a perfect fit for you.

And to get the latest technologies of Ariat’s, including comfort, high-quality leather upper, and comfy insoles, Groundbreaker becomes an ideal pair within the budget.

Or, like my brother, you can get both of them and wear them according to your workload on specific days.


Are Ariats made in China?

Ariat boots are made in China, Italy, Mexico, and Vietnam. The company has specific models made in other countries to lower manufacturing costs.

Who is Ariat Groundbreaker for?

Ariat Groundbreaker is for those who are looking for budget-friendly light-duty work boots.

What’s Ariat 4LR technology?

Ariat 4LR is Four Layer Rebound technology that provides proper stability and cushion for all-day wear during work.

Wrap Up

To combine a stylish look with comfort, Ariat work boots are second to none. Thanks to this brand’s design and versatile features, you can carry a cool yet functional look.

This article taught you all the outstanding features, differences, and drawbacks of Workhog and Groundbreaker boots.

If you have more queries, comment below.

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